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  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Benson's Story

Benson made his first trip to CURE when he was just a day old. Three weeks ago, Eunice, Benson’s mother, delivered her second born child in a hospital near CURE. The moment she saw her son, she knew something was wrong. His wrist joints didn’t … Read more

Benson made his first trip to CURE when he was just a day old. Three weeks ago, Eunice, Benson’s mother, delivered her second born child in a hospital near CURE. The moment she saw her son, she knew something was wrong. His wrist joints didn’t look normal, and his right foot looked strange. She was referred to CURE by a doctor at the hospital where Benson was born and here she received further consultation regarding her son’s condition.

Eunice and Benson’s dad, Kamau, wasted no time. The day after his delivery, they came to CURE. They were informed that the reason their son’s limbs looked the way they did was because he had a condition known as arthrogryposis. This is a condition characterized by joint contractures in at least two parts of the body. The clubfoot and other joint anomalies are a result of this. They were told to come back after three weeks so that Benson could start the clubfoot correction procedure. After six months, they will also start correcting the joints in Benson’s hands.

It’s our hope that as Benson goes through his journey toward physical healing, he and his parents will also experience God’s love and spiritual healing through each one of us at CURE. Please join us in lifting up this cute baby in prayer.

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Latest Updates

Feb 28, 2019

See the cast Benson’s wearing? It’s been there helping Benson’s little foot move back into the proper position, but it’s done it’s job and now -- out with the old, in with the new! Benson is making progress, and we’re hoping that the new cast will do just as good a job as the last one. Please pray for this over the next couple of weeks before Benson and his mom come back! Photo of Benson

Feb 14, 2019

“He’s really trying to resist me,” Marygoretti told us as she held Benson’s foot during his physio assessment. Benson came back to be measured for his braces, but one of our orthopedic workshop guys wanted Benson to be checked because one of his little feet has actually started to travel outwards. He can start wearing a new brace on his left foot immediately, and then a couple of casts on his right foot will hopefully sort him out and an brace can be made for that foot as well. Please pray that casting is all that he needs! Photo of Benson

Feb 06, 2019

Goodness, it’s been ages since we’ve last seen our boy, but his smile hasn’t faded! Head down, head up. Head down, head up. Sweet and possibly shy little Benson played a tiny game of peekaboo with us around the time we snapped this photo of him. But Benson also spent his waiting-for-the-doctor-time wandering around the OPD, playing around the reception and just being his cute self. He hasn’t been wearing his orthotics and in fact - he needs bigger ones. His mama needed to sort some things, so they’ll hopefully come back soon to be measured for new orthotics! Please pray that he’ll get his orthotics soon to help his little feet keep moving where they want to go without any more surgeries! Photo of Benson

Mar 13, 2018

As we were walking to our office, we caught up with a sad, tiny person. It was Benson! He’d just come from getting hand splints from physio, and he wasn’t so sure about them. “Sorry, sorry, sorry,” his dad kept telling him as he held him close. These splints will hopefully give Benson more flexibility since his arthrogryposis limits his hand movements. They are very foreign and odd feeling for him though, so please pray they don’t feel this way for long. We’ll see him on April 10th when hopefully he’ll be more happily adjusted to his new hand accessories! Photo of Benson

Feb 28, 2018

Benson would smile at us and then look up at his dad and grin a big one! He’s not so sure of us getting close though. We love our little friend down to his tiny orthotics. We would have liked to hold him, but he didn’t seem to like the idea, so instead we smiled at him and talked to him and his dad a bit. He’s doing well and did some physio today. He also visited our workshop, and they’re going make some splints for him. He’ll come back to pick them up on March 13th. Hopefully we’ll see him again then and maybe become less long-distance friends! Photo of Benson

Oct 25, 2017

Today while in our outpatient clinic, we heard someone call for Benson, and we were so surprised! We hadn’t expected to catch our adorable little friend today at the hospital, but we’re so happy that we did! Benson is doing so well. Look at him standing! We got a report from the doctor about him. Because of his arthrogryposis, he will have delayed milestones as he develops. However, he’s doing great and is making great progress, which is fabulous news! Now, we’ll wait for him to walk and go from there. Benson doesn’t have to come back until January 24th. Maybe by then he’ll have taken his first steps! Photo of Benson

Aug 02, 2017

Look at Benson able to stand on his feet and smile like there is nothing in the world to worry about! Isn't that what we believers call the joy of the Lord? Benson’s joy was infectious when he came into CURE today. He had his cast removed and was fitted with AFOs. He was very excited because his his legs felt lighter and he tested them out by jumping! We are grateful for all God is doing in our kids through all of you who are praying and contributing towards their treatment! Photo of Benson

Jun 22, 2017

We saw Benson yesterday and he is doing well! His cast was taken off and measurements for his new shoes were taken. He was then re-casted and asked to come back after six weeks when the time will be right for him to use the shoes. Benson was here with his dad and he was as calm as always. Also, because it was kind of cold, he was dressed in very warm clothes! Please continue praying with us for all the processes Benson has to go through and for his healing in the long run. Photo of Benson

May 16, 2017

Benson's mama got a lovely mother's day present, she got to take Benson home over the weekend! So although we didn't get to say goodbye and that's a bit sad, we imagine that his mama was very happy! Please enjoy a photo of a happy Benson from last week... And don't worry, we'll see him (hopefully happy) next month on June 21st, so that's not too long to wait. Photo of Benson

May 12, 2017

We found Benson being a bit naughty today. He kept crying, making his mum very uncomfortable and frustrated. When we pointed the camera at him though, this is the wonderful smile he gave us - so cheeky! Benson is doing well and except for a few times when he is in pain and cries a bit, he is generally a happy and playful baby. Please continue praying for his quick recovery! Photo of Benson

May 11, 2017

Today we got to capture some photos of this precious, cute, happy baby before he was taken back for his surgery. His name is Benson. We had a sneaking suspicion that he might not be just any Benson. We wondered if he was OUR Benson, the sweet little baby who came for clubfoot casting, but then didn’t continue due to the fact that he didn’t have clubfoot, but another type of limb deformity. And guess what? Upon further investigation, we discovered that he WAS our Benson! He’s bigger and older, but still a cutie. Please be praying that this surgery will be just what he needs and that he will heal up quick! Photo of Benson

Nov 15, 2016

Our little boy Benson came back! Do you remember last time when we discovered that he wouldn’t be able to go through the regular ponseti method of casting? Well, today he began his physical therapy. Marygoretti, our physical therapist, worked with Benson’s parents and showed them how to do exercises with Benson. In the photo, Benson’s mom is trying it out. Benson held strong during therapy and made a few precious little baby noises. Eventually though, the tears and the crying won out, and Benson told us all about how he didn’t like doing therapy! Marygoretti told us, “I don’t like to make such small babies cry… It’s good that children are so forgiving!” Benson might not know it now, but these exercises are so good for his tiny body. He will come back next week on the 22nd for more therapy. Photo of Benson

Oct 17, 2016

Today was a very long day for baby Benson and his parents! They spent a lot of their day waiting. And waiting. And waiting! They were seen by the physiotherapist, a doctor, and eventually, after he got out of surgery, by one of our orthopedic surgeons. If only we could have brought them chocolate or lattes for their waits between being seen! In the end, here is the consensus for Benson - he doesn’t have clubfoot. It looked like clubfoot, but it’s actually another kind of limb deformity caused by his joint condition, arthrogryposis. So, in three weeks, on November 15th, he will come for rehab, and then on December 4th, he’ll be seen again by a doctor. Eventually, Benson may need surgery, but his little body needs to get stronger first. Please pray for healing for Benson and wisdom for the doctors! Photo of Benson

Oct 10, 2016

“How long will it take for the foot to fully correct? ... What about the hands? ... Why?” Eunice, Benson’s mom, had so many questions today when she brought Benson to CURE, and understandably so. It’s this mother’s first time to see or hear of clubfoot. She has her fears of what might become of her son. Peter, one of our physical therapists, was more than willing to patiently explain to Benson’s parents the step by step process of correction. Benson had the first cast applied on his tender little leg today, and he was so calm through the whole process. He is such a brave baby. We can’t wait to see the transformation of his foot over the coming weeks. Photo of Benson

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