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Jesse's Story

“We noticed that his leg had a problem when he was two days old, but it’s not until we came to CURE several years later that we found out what the exact problem was," Ruth, Jesse's mother told us. "The hospital where I delivered from kept us th… Read more

“We noticed that his leg had a problem when he was two days old, but it’s not until we came to CURE several years later that we found out what the exact problem was," Ruth, Jesse's mother told us. "The hospital where I delivered from kept us there for two months, just giving him medication. They told us he had some kind of arthritis. When we were finally discharged, they sent us to a physiotherapist who we went to for follow-up for a few years. We finally sought counsel from a different physiotherapist when we saw that not much progress was being made. He told us that exercise could not solve the underlying problem, so he sent us here where the doctor told us that his hip joint was dislocated and needs surgery to put it back in place."

Now, Jesse has come again. Our sweet friend recovered after his last surgery at CURE but then his hip started misbehaving, resulting in yet another surgery for him. "I told him Jesus would heal him this time," Ruth said. We're not sure how Jesse feels about all of this, but we know the day his surgery happened he was entertaining himself, making clicking noises and playing in the playroom.

"It's because of the pain," Ruth explained to us. That's why Jesse needs another surgery. If it weren't for the pain, Jesse might not even be having another surgery. Though he walks a bit different, it's really not so bad! Please pray for him. Pray that Jesus would indeed heal him -- for good this time, and that the pain would also completely subside!

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Latest Updates

Jan 17, 2019

“If he was having pain, I would be worried,” physio George explained to us today of Jesse. Jesse’s got a bit of a limp going on, but thankfully -- no pain. Therefore, George doesn’t need to be worried and neither does Jesse. Jesse is a kid -- he loves playing. And his mom told us he loves jumping too. He’s able to function even with his limp. He’s got a bit of a leg length discrepancy, so that contributes to the limp. He was assessed for a shoe raise and once Jesse’s mom brings a shoe to them to raise, they’ll make him one. He’s schedule to come for physio in March, so we’ll catch Jesse at that time if not before! Photo of Jesse

Dec 06, 2018

Jesse not only got to practice physio today, but also a new handshake taught to him by Joel, CURE Niger’s Storyteller who is visiting CURE Kenya! Jesse is doing so well, his limp is getting smaller, and he needs to come back in a month for another physio appointment. Please be praying that when he comes back in a month, the limp will have become so small that it will have disappeared! Photo of Jesse

Oct 04, 2018

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,” Jesse would say as he counted how many exercises he was doing during his PT session today. Jesse’s parents are so involved in his care and healing, from coming with him to appointments, to doing exercises with him, to helping him put his shoes on after his PT. They love their son and hope for the best healing for him! Jesse’s walking is still a bit restricted but as he continues with his PT, he’ll gain muscle strength and walking will become easier! Please pray Jesse will do all he can to gain that strength fast so that when we see him in mid-November, he’ll be walking like a champ! Photo of Jesse

Sep 19, 2018

“He was awake all night!” Jesse’s mom told us. “He was waiting for the morning.” Jesse was beyond excited about finally, FINALLY getting his cast removed for good and either sleep just evaded him or he wanted today to come real bad! Regardless, today is here, Jesse’s cast is off, and he’s thrilled! He had an x-ray taken and learned some physio exercises to do at home. He’ll also come back in a couple weeks for more physio. Praise Jesus for the joy that God gave to Jesse and even the family that surrounds him -- today it included mom, dad, and not one but TWO uncles! Photo of Jesse

Aug 09, 2018

We noticed Jesse’s hair is getting longer when we saw him today. “He can’t go to the barber,” his mom told us in reference to Jesse’s current condition. He’s still in his hip spica cast which means life is just generally harder for him, including trying to sit in a barber’s chair. He got a new cast today which means it’ll be a little longer before he gets that haircut, but we’re hoping that when he comes back in six weeks, he’ll have his cast off and for good! Please pray he’ll be okay for a few more weeks! Photo of Jesse

Jun 20, 2018

“He thought he was getting his cast off today,” Ruth told us as Jesse lay on a bed in the ward. Thankfully that was more comfortable than his spot in the outpatient space as he waited. The doctor ended up seeing him upstairs and giving the good news that he’s healing well but the not so good news (for Jesse) that he’ll have to wait another month to have his cast changed in theatre. Jesse brought his parents AND his uncle today. We love that Jesse has such a fabulous group of people around him who love him. Even the day he left the hospital a couple weeks back, his dad came with an uncle or two to pick Jesse up. Please pray that the people around him will distract him enough for a few more weeks of cast-wearing! Photo of Jesse

Jun 08, 2018

Jesse gets to go home today and it’s just as exciting for us as it is for him and his mum! This is what Ruth told us after she read Jesse’s get well message, “It’s beautiful, very encouraging!” Friends, thank you so much for your encouraging words to our patients! Jesse will also take home some medicine to help him reduce the itchy feeling he’s having and for his pain. Our sweet friend also has a cough and if it doesn’t go away, he’ll need to see a doctor about it. Please pray that it goes away soon and that he feels better! Thumbs up for going home and for healing! Photo of Jesse

Jun 07, 2018

“Look, look, look!” Jesse kept saying in Swahili. “I don’t know what he’s watching!” Ruth told us. The guy in the bed next to Jesse had shared his phone with Jesse, and Jesse was watching a video. Ruth told us that Jesse had been in pain during the night and was asking his mom who had said to put his cast on him. Thankfully, meds helped him sleep, and he’s doing well today. It sounds like tomorrow will be his going home day! Photo of Jesse

Jun 06, 2018

“He’s uncomfortable,” Ruth told us of Jesse today. Thankfully sleep had taken over and made him rather unaware of his discomfort. He’s itching under his cast and he wants his cast taken off! Unfortunately, that’s not possible yet. “Distract him when it is itching,” one of the physio’s told Ruth as they discussed Jesse’s discomfort. “This is just a season,” Ruth told us after this. And it really is! This is just a drop in the bucket of time that is Jesse’s life. Please pray that this sweet boy will somehow start seeing it that way! Photo of Jesse

Jun 04, 2018

Yesterday was Jesse’s day… his surgery day! There were lots of surgeons around, including some of our most experienced - Dr. Theuri and Dr. Mbugua. Jesse was in such great hands! This surgery was meant to simply put his hip back into place and then place a rod and screws so that the hip will stay nestled in its proper place. Please pray with us that this is all the major surgery Jesse will need to find himself completely healed! Photo of Jesse

Jun 04, 2018

Moments before this photo happened, we were walking down the hall only to run into Ruth and look behind us to see Jesse hot on our trail, his mom’s ringing phone in hand. Clearly his hip doesn’t slow him down too much and we’re thankful! He’s been experiencing some pain in his hip though, so we’re also thankful that he’ll soon be healed of this! Please keep him in your prayers this week. Photo of Jesse

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