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Meshack's Story

“I know you are going to operate on his leg to correct the problem it has,” Sabina, Meshack’s mother told us, when we asked her if she had understood what the doctors were doing.

Details didn’t matter--she was willing to do whateve… Read more

“I know you are going to operate on his leg to correct the problem it has,” Sabina, Meshack’s mother told us, when we asked her if she had understood what the doctors were doing.

Details didn’t matter--she was willing to do whatever was best for her son. When we first met Meshack he had just woken up, was hungry, and not allowed to eat until his surgery day was decided. He was not a happy baby and was screaming at the top of his voice. Sabina, however, easily calmed him down for the doctor to examine him. Later on when he had been fed, we got to see his sweet side. He is a very playful baby with a cute smile and will try to grab anything within reach.

Meshack was born with clubfoot on his right foot and another anomaly known as amniotic band syndrome on the same leg. Sabina, a mother of seven, was a bit surprised by the shape of her son's foot when she gave birth to him. She took him to a local hospital where they thankfully were able to correct his clubfoot with serial casting. But they referred him to CURE for his other anomaly. Sabina took him to our Kitale mobile Clinic where he was examined by our doctors him and advised to come to Kijabe for surgery. This week we are enjoying the company of this sweet baby as he awaits surgery. We are praying for a smooth operation and healing process so he can get back to playing with his many siblings!

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Latest Updates

Feb 21, 2018

Oh our poor friend Meshack! We seem to catch him at the end of clinics which means we don’t get to spend much time together to become better friends. Our poor guy wasn’t so sure of us when we saw him today, and although we’re not a doctor, we wonder if he fears them and thinks that we ARE them. Meshack is going to need another surgery soon, so please be praying God prepares his little heart for MORE doctors (if that’s what he’s afraid of)! Photo of Meshack

May 17, 2017

It was good to meet Meshack again in the clinic, but today he rather looked sad and cried when we asked his mother whether he was sick. She told us that he is afraid of people. Well, we tried to make all sorts of jokes to make him happy and he did respond well in time! The best part of the day was to see him stand on his own and guess what? Meshack walked! We were all happy to witness him walking! Due to some inconveniences though he did not go home with the orthotics that was expected but they were promised to get them at our next clinic on July 12th! Photo of Meshack

Mar 08, 2017

Meshack came to clinic today! We said hi to him and his mama while they were at clinic, but didn’t really realize he was a CUREkid. How embarrassing! Thankfully, we realized just as they were leaving and caught up with them for a tiny moment and got to snap some photos of the both of them. Meshack is such a handsome little dude, can’t you see? Oh, and guess what? From what we understand, he got measured for an orthotic today. Hooray! We’re looking forward to seeing how big he is on May 17th when he comes back for clinic. We’re also looking forward to seeing him walk hopefully! Photo of Meshack

Oct 26, 2016

Our little friend is now all grown up. in fact he now is able to run! His feet have healed very well. Today, Dr.Mitei who reviewed him told Sabina, his mother that the progress was great and informed her that we would need to wait a few more years for his webbed toes in his right foot to develop before any procedures can be done to correct that. It was such a joy seeing this precious boy today. We look forward to seeing him again in six months time! Photo of Meshack

Jul 20, 2016

Sometimes it can be a long and tiring wait when there is a lot of patients waiting in line. Kids get bored and restless and hungry. Not Meschack, after several experiences of that, his mother, Sabina came armed with snacks for Meshack. We caught up with him outside enjoying a banana as he waited to see the doctor. His foot is doing very well, his second cast was removed today and he was given a foot brace. We look forward to seeing him again in October when we visit his home town again. Photo of Meshack

Jun 28, 2016

We miss Meshack last week, but we were able to read the notes from the physiotherapy team. His cast was removed, they measured him for his AFO braces, and a new cast was reapplied. They will make the AFO and we should see him wearing it the next time we see him in Kitale, July 20th!

May 12, 2016

Meshack and his mom received prayer before he went in for surgery. He wasn't a very happy camper while he waited, but his mother was trusting and strong. The procedure to correct his clubfoot went smoothly, and as always, Dr. Kinyua gave us a thumbs up as he pointed to Meshack's corrected foot. Seeing kids transformed is a pretty joyful thing around here! We'll let you know how Meshack is feeling in the morning as he rests. Thanks for following! Photo of Meshack

May 11, 2016

Look who came for surgery! Meshack and his mamma joined us last night, where they are awaiting his procedure scheduled for tomorrow. His mom, Sabina, tried to get him to smile for the picture, but he was far too interested in the sucker he was eating, well, the sucker that was stuck all over his sweater! We love Meshack and we look forward to seeing his transformation continue tomorrow. Please join us in praying for him! Photo of Meshack

Nov 18, 2015

We met Meshack at clinic today! He was in the company of his mother and they both had lovely smiles on their faces, as always. The doctor was happy with his leg, it has healed very well. Doctor Maina who reviewed him, also told his mother that now they should start planning on coming back to CURE for surgery number two to correct Meshack’s clubfeet. It was such a joy hanging out with them today. We look forward to hosting them again soon at CURE. Let’s pray for them, as they plan to take the long journey back to CURE Kenya. Photo of Meshack

Sep 18, 2015

For the first time this week, we found Meshack asleep during the day. “Half the night he was up playing and making noise for everybody in the ward,” his mother told us, explaining why he was asleep. When he woke, he went in for a dressing change and then was able to go home shortly after. We look forward to seeing this happy baby again in November at our clinic in Kitale. Photo of Meshack

Sep 17, 2015

This is a typical scene for Meshack and his mother. Even just a day after surgery, he is laughing and smiling and playing all the same. He reaches for anyone and then, inevitably, back to his mother. With a camera and a smile in front of him, he can’t even hold still he laughs so hard! We are so thankful he is doing well today. Meshack’s mother does not understand English, but we were able to translate his get well message and it’s much appreciated. Keep checking in as this baby recovers! Photo of Meshack

Sep 16, 2015

Smiling and playing, Meshack headed in for surgery. Surgeons made incisions in the leg to remove the amniotic band tissue. If left untreated, the bands can eventually cut off blood flow circulation. We are thankful Meshack was able to come for surgery at such a young age. Doctors finished with stitches and bandages and now our precious baby is on his way back to his mamma. Photo of Meshack

Sep 15, 2015

We had a lot of fun spending time with Meshack as he and his mother wait for surgery. He will hold out his arms, willing to be held by anyone, and we learned how much to loves to play with hair - by pulling hair! What a sweet boy—we hope he goes in for his procedure tomorrow so he can get the healing underway! Photo of Meshack

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