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Sharifa's Story

“We must now be strong, it is only the beginning.” Sharifa’s words pierced us, surprised that after ten years of searching for help she has called this moment “the beginning.”

While her mother’s look of concern moves from nurse … Read more

“We must now be strong, it is only the beginning.” Sharifa’s words pierced us, surprised that after ten years of searching for help she has called this moment “the beginning.”

While her mother’s look of concern moves from nurse to nurse as she overhears them discussing the amount of type-O blood in the hospital, Sharifa executes her words confidently, telling us, “God is on our side. We must not hope, we must know that.” After going to five different hospitals since turning nine, none of which had a treatment plan for her ever worsening scoliosis, a friend told her in 2013 about CURE in Kijabe and that they may be able to help. So, without calling ahead and without hesitation, Sharifa and her mother Aisha boarded a bus for the rough 12-plus hour journey from their hometown of Mombasa to CURE.

Last week they again made the journey, but our spine surgeon wasn't back in the country, so after returning home and now once again traveling to Kijabe, she listens in the waiting bay as the nurses tell her they’ll need to withdraw more of her precious blood before surgery. “We have only time,” her mother says.

As a patient, Sharifa is supported by both her mother and brother, by her side at all times, there for her when she is “tested in faith by God”, seeing that test as “a reason to give more glory to God instead of questioning his love for her.” They are happy to care for her as she finally, after years of searching, undergoes the spine surgery that will keep her condition from worsening. As a young woman, Sharifa’s greatest difficulty has been with her self-esteem, but constantly positive, she knows better than to look at others and compare herself to them or see her life as “unfair,” for again, it is only a test she will pass with flying colors.

As an aspiring doctor, Sharifa asks us to video record her surgery so that she can later watch it – and peering through the curtains into the hallway leading to the operating rooms she tells us, “There is a secret world only doctor and patient get to experience. I wonder what kind of instruments they have, who is in the room, and how the doctor performs under pressure.” Though her breathing sometimes rushes into her in a way almost shocking those nearby, she is not surprised by it, for her mom informs us that she “sees the mechanism inside her body and in her mind.” Sharifa further explains, “My spine forces my lung into contracture and my body, realizing it needs that most important air, forces a strong breath into me.”

Sharifa and her family are Muslim, but they do not see a line between us and them, their Him and ours, they see only the love God has for all of us, the love He empowers us with, and that in order to give Him the glory He deserves, we have only to give out the love He has so graciously allowed us to give.

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Jan 23, 2015

Can you believe this girl is up and walking around?! Here, one of our resident doctors helps her on a walk around the playground from the ward, no short distance for someone who has just had major spinal surgery, and they talk about her desires to be a doctor. Sharifa and her mother head home today by public bus on a long journey to Mombasa where they'll be welcomed by her brother and father. Photo of Sharifa

Jan 22, 2015

Sharifa is doing much much better today. Though swollen, she is in good spirits considering the surgery she just went through. We viewed her surgery video and while it was graphic, she was strong and focused on all that occurred. Sharifa also received a wonderful get well message from the US today, for which she was sincerely most thankful. Here is her spine as it is now, two rods in place, helping straighten her spine and keep it from getting any worse. Photo of Sharifa

Jan 21, 2015

It's not often we see extended family come to check on their relatives, but Sharifa's family is different. Here her mother and aunt check on her, struggling and in some pain from the two rods placed along her spine which will not only keep her condition from worsening, but help some to correct what scoliosis has done. In addition to her aunt Sharifa has by her bed today her father, another aunt and uncle, and tomorrow she'll be greeted again by her brother, all here to see her through this difficult time and knowing well that with God, she'll recover quickly and have only a bright future to look toward. Photo of Sharifa

Jan 20, 2015

Sharifa's five hour long surgery left her with a spine that will no longer deform further, that will help her walk more upright, and that has truly shown what man can do with the help of God. Photo of Sharifa

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