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Xavier's Story

Xavier was with us a couple of months back. At the time, the doctors decided not to take him through surgery and instead decided to put him on serial casting. He is back with us and this time it is for surgery. Having been born with arthrogryposis … Read more

Xavier was with us a couple of months back. At the time, the doctors decided not to take him through surgery and instead decided to put him on serial casting. He is back with us and this time it is for surgery. Having been born with arthrogryposis - a condition characterized by stiff joints, there is still a place for continued physiotherapy, but the surgery that he has gone through while with us will go a long way in supplementing the physiotherapy!

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Latest Updates

Jan 18, 2019

Xavier got the 'sillies' as the doctor was examining him. He kept giggling as the doctor was helping him do some range of motion exercises. We had a chance to take a picture after the doctor was done and we are happy to share this smile with you. Xavier’s mum was encouraged to continue with physiotherapy and we will see our friend again in six months time. Photo of Xavier

May 02, 2018

“Do you need help?” Dr. White, a visiting doctor, asked Xavier today. “Everyone needs a little help sometimes.” Dr. White proceeded to give Xavier a hand with his coloring. Xavier had a bit of a cough today, so he wasn’t his usual smiley self. On top of which, his mom found out the bummer news that Xavier will most likely not have surgery on his right leg like she’d hoped. She thought that it would help him in his walking, but right now the best thing for Xav is for him to have his leg stay the way it is so it can assist him in feeding. Even if they did the surgery, his leg would probably go back to the way it is now after some time. Sometimes quality of life must be considered over walking. For now, Xavier will come back in a month and in the future, he may have surgery on his hands. Photo of Xavier

Apr 04, 2018

“That is rare,” George the physical therapist said. A lot of kiddos cry or at least feel scared during their cast removal, but not Xavier. He was giggling! Our boy has got a ton of joy, and we love to see it each time we see him. “He wants to stand,” his mom told us today. Unfortunately, the knee on his other leg is contracted, so he’ll need to have another surgery. He did his physical therapy today and we’ll see him again on April 25th, hopefully to find out more about when he can have his next surgery. Please pray that God will give him patience and continued joy as he waits to stand! Photo of Xavier

Feb 27, 2018

Xav went home over the weekend and we're so thankful for this because it means his healing is on track! We'll see him again on April 4th. In the meantime, pray for his healing to continue!

Feb 23, 2018

“I was told to have him lay on his tummy because of his waist which needs to be balanced in that way,” Mama Xavier told us when we asked why our boy was lying on his tum-tum. Xavier is well, he smiled when he heard us asking how he was doing. We are grateful to God for the progress and we pray that he feels better soon! Photo of Xavier

Feb 22, 2018

We caught up with Xavier just after he had left theatre so he was not in the best of moods. He was hungry and the anesthetic had not completely cleared from his system so he was still sleepy. Please dear friends, pray for Xavier’s healing and that the process is smooth. Photo of Xavier

Feb 21, 2018

Xavier is one funny boy! He smiles often and his smile is precious. This morning he was very happy when we visited him in the ward, he demanded that we take a photo and requested to see it! He spent a calm night and is on review by Dr Robert for asthma treatment. He commented that Xavier is responding well and can proceed for surgery soon. He is scheduled to undergo a left hip soft tissue release + long leg cast tomorrow - let’s pray for a successful surgery and recovery! Photo of Xavier

Feb 20, 2018

Xavier went for an X-ray and the results showed that the problem was on his left hip, and on his right knee. We spoke to the person in charge of physiotherapy and rehab and she told us that Xavier had uniquely discovered a way to feed himself by using his right knee to push his elbow up and in turn be able to put food in his mouth. The discussion now is whether to do the knee surgery and stop him from feeding himself or just leave it and allow him to feed himself. The physio guys found a tool that would help Xavier use his hand more and that's really nice. Dear friends, please pray that the Lord helps to shed some light for our group of specialists so that they can decide what will be the best thing to do for little Xavier. Photo of Xavier

Feb 19, 2018

Xavier had a good day today. His mum told us that the doctors were still deciding whether he will have knee surgery or they’ll work on his hands first. Xavier was supposed to be seen by a physiotherapist before the decision could finally be made. Pray as he waits for a decision and whatever it is, that it may be of help to him. Photo of Xavier

Jan 11, 2018

Xavier snuggled into his mom this morning when we saw him, maybe feeling a bit of shyness. It didn’t last long though! He wanted us to take his photo and then he wanted to see the photo. Our hearts are incredibly thankful that our boy is coming back for checkups faithfully now since after his first surgery we didn’t see much of him. This helps us treat him better. He’ll need another surgery next month – a hamstring release. He’ll come to CURE on February 18th for that surgery. Oh, and PS – the photo tells the story of Xavier trying to write with materials shared from a local pastor who came to help our spiritual team at clinic! Photo of Xavier

Dec 05, 2017

Friends, little Xavier picked up a cold when he came to the hospital, and so he cannot have surgery. We will see him early next year when we go for mobile clinic at his home town. Please pray for his recovery and for a safe journey home. Photo of Xavier

Dec 04, 2017

“Piga picha!” Xavier said to us moments before we took this picture. We were taking a photo of someone else near Xavier’s bed, and Xavier wanted in on the action too and that’s one way to ask someone in Swahili to take your photo. Xavier was absolutely filled with giggles this morning, and we brought them out with some peek-a-booing. Our guy is back for a surgery on his right leg, and we think it might happen today. Please pray all goes well for him and especially that he would heal quicker from this surgery than his last surgery. Photo of Xavier

Sep 21, 2017

Xavier is very cute, especially when he calls his mum. He calls her, Mama Xavier. At clinic today we might have had a good five minutes laughing because Xavier is really funny and very cute. He was trying to imitate someone looking through the camera viewfinder, hence this very interesting picture of him. Xavier needs surgery but has not been scheduled yet because his mum needs to sort out her Hospital Insurance details. Please continue praying that the process is not very complicated for Mama Xavier. Photo of Xavier

Jul 19, 2017

Xavier showed up today at the hospital and yes, this time round, we were sure to catch a photo of his lovely smile. He got his cast removed and got himself a pair of brand new braces. His mother, Metrine also had some questions with regards to Xavier's hands and knee joints which also have contractures. Dr. Mialu explained to her that, because of the nature of his condition (arthrogryposis) multiple staged procedures were necessary and the feet were just the first step. When the feet are completely healed which should be soon, they would come back for a knee procedure. Matrine told us that she had been very faithful with physiotherapy and promised to keep up the good job. We will see him again in a few weeks time when we visit Nakuru, their hometown for a Mobile clinic. Photo of Xavier

Jun 07, 2017

We saw our Xavier today! We didn’t catch a photo of him, and we are REALLY sorry! But, we are thankful to report that he got his cast off and was fitted for his orthotics. He’s coming back on July 19th. Please pray that Xavier will be able to come back to pick up his orthotics so that he can continue in his healing process!

Apr 21, 2017

It’s Friday morning, very bright unlike other days. Rays of sunshine reflect in the ward. We went to the ward to see how Xavier was faring and to deliver him his get well messages. Guess what? Xavier was happy! He was actually singing songs of praise! By his style of presentation, it was apparent that he was not in any pain. We were happy together and enjoyed every moment of our stay together in the ward. His mother was delighted to see Xavier reciting a song for us, and we watched from a distance as Phoebe, one of our pastors, continued to paint Xavier's cast. “I'm excited to see my son happy today and humbly receiving get well messages from people who I don't know but are concerned about my son's condition. God bless you,” she told us. Xavier will be discharged today and we will be glad to see him again on June 7th! Photo of Xavier

Apr 20, 2017

Xavier finally got a new cast. AGAIN! And the good news is that he will probably be going home tomorrow. FINALLY! Thank you for keeping our boy and his sweet mama in your prayers. He’s happier today, and his mother must be so relieved to be going home soon. We’re looking forward to a happy Friday for Xavier and his mama tomorrow! Photo of Xavier

Apr 19, 2017

Today when we went to Xavier’s bed, he seemed like he wanted his photo taken. His mama adjusted his clothing and got him all ready and then we started snapping! We took some photos over the ledge of his ward cubicle, and Xavier kept telling us “kuja, kuja” which in Swahili means “come, come.” We finally stopped snapping and went back to his side to show him his photos. His mama asked us, “Do you think he will walk?” And we told her that we prayed so! As we talked, his mama continued, “All things are possible with God.” Oh friends, please be praying that Xavier WILL walk someday because all things REALLY are possible with God! Photo of Xavier

Apr 18, 2017

Oh, our POOR Xavier! He got himself new casts, and then they had to split them again! His sweet mama continues to love on him and support him through his discomfort, and we’re thankful for her. We're still not sure what they will do about his hands, but maybe we'll know more soon. Please be praying for our guy to heal up soon and pray for him and his mama to somehow find something good in this uncomfortable situation! Photo of Xavier

Apr 17, 2017

When we saw our little guy this morning, he was waving his arm in the air. We thought maybe he was waving at us, but later discovered that maybe he was just curious about our camera. We took his photos, then showed them to him and let him touch the camera. Later, we caught his mama taking photos of him with her phone and he was loving it! He seems to be doing better today than he was when we last updated him. His mama has asked for his hands to be splinted because he has limited use of them currently. It sounds like physical therapy exercises might be better for him, but we’ll find out more tomorrow. Please pray over this with us friends, and also thank God for the fact that Xavier seems to be feeling a bit better! Photo of Xavier

Apr 13, 2017

We went around the ward to see how Xavier was faring. We found him in bed. He was in pain and could not smile for the camera today. He was placed in a posture that will reduce the swelling of his legs but the posture was not pleasing to him, it’s the best to prevent further swelling though. We delivered his get well messages to him and his mom and although Xavier could not understand them, he looked at the photos people have sent him in the messages. His mother was happy to witness people who are miles away, praying for her son. As Xavier is recuperating in bed, he is set to go for recasting and then be discharged. We won’t be at the hospital tomorrow to update him, but we wish him well, and we hope that the pain will reduce and his usual smile will be restored! Photo of Xavier

Apr 12, 2017

Xavier has a wonderful mama! He’s been experiencing some discomfort today. In fact, yesterday or today they had to split his cast to help ease his pain. They often do this if there’s swelling going on. But Mama Xavier has been a trooper. When we caught Xavier with a pencil but nothing to write on, we brought him a paper to write on, someone else shared crayons, and Mama Xavier helped him write his numbers. When we caught up with the two of them later, Mama Xavier was holding a sleeping Xavier’s leg, helping him be more comfortable. We’re thankful for her kind and thoughtful heart! Pray for these two, especially for Xavier to be more comfortable. Photo of Xavier

Apr 11, 2017

As you can tell, we were a little late to the party! When we got to the operating room, Xavier was already being casted post-surgery. But we’re glad we can share with you a little tidbit of information about doctors as a result of our being late - doctors don’t only operate. They do casting too! Xavier’s surgery went well, but when asked about the surgery, the doctor said, “It was tough, real tough.” Because this is a repeat surgery, there is a lot of scar tissue buildup and this made surgery difficult. But we’re thankful Xavier’s in the good hands of our doctors! Really keep Xavier in your prayers, friends. He’s got a long road of healing ahead of him, and if he’s to heal properly, he will need to come for his checkups. We think this has been a struggle for his family in the past and that could be part of the reason why he had to repeat his surgery. Photo of Xavier

Apr 10, 2017

Xavier is back! We're sorry we haven’t been able to update you on Xavier’s recovery from the surgery he went through two years ago. A little recap on what has been up with this young man... The surgery wound healed well, however, the condition has recurred and he now needs a revision of the procedure. He is back in the hospital with us and it seems like Xavier is already loving his stay at CURE. Today we caught up with him having fun in the playroom. He was having so much fun that, when his mother came to pick him from the playroom to go take his lunch, he was very mad at his mum. We’re delighted to have him back at the hospital and all his energy, but we're praying that this time around his feet correct for good. Photo of Xavier

Nov 27, 2014

We tried serial casting, but had to resort to surgery to get this little guy straightened out. Please pray for his recovery!

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