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Isaac's Story

Falls happen all the time. Sometimes they are small, sometimes they are big. And sometimes, we don't get right back up on our feet as easily as we would like. Isaac was the victim of such a fall back in 2006 while playing with his friends at school… Read more

Falls happen all the time. Sometimes they are small, sometimes they are big. And sometimes, we don't get right back up on our feet as easily as we would like. Isaac was the victim of such a fall back in 2006 while playing with his friends at school. A wave of surgeries would try to fix his problem of pain and discomfort. Over the course of several different surgeries and different hospitals, he has arrived at CURE to get treatment for his femur bone right near his hip.

Isaac use to walk with just one crutch, but the pain and problem has advanced so much that he barely uses his legs anymore. Both of the crutches act like legs for him. He can be seen placing them far ahead of himself and then just lets his legs swing to that position. He advances by doing this over and over again.

But even with these current limitations, Isaac has dreams to become a mechanical engineer and to work on airplanes. We hope and pray that this surgery will be the last one he needs so he can go back to school, catch up in his studies, and pursue that dream of being a mechanic.

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Latest Updates

Apr 18, 2019

“Are you doing well? Is there a problem?” the doctor asked Isaac. “No! There is no problem at all.” Isaac responded smiling. Isaac's dad asked about a shoe raise that had been discussed earlier and the doctor said that it would be sorted during our mobile clinic. We will see Isaac sometime in August when he comes back for review! Photo of Isaac

Mar 18, 2019

Isaac hasn’t been feeling great lately and that's why he is here today to see the doctor. He has been complaining of pain for the past couple of weeks and his dad couldn’t really put his finger on what could be the problem. Isaac’s x-ray shows the screws in his leg might have moved a little which could be the source of his pain. The doctor who saw Isaac advised Issac's dad to get a lab test done to determine whether Isaac has an infection at the point where the screws are slightly loose. The next step would mean going back to surgery to have the screws put back to place. Please whisper a prayer for Isaac that his pain would go away and that this issue would be taken care of as fast as possible. Photo of Isaac

Jan 23, 2019

After some rough days spent in the hospital a few weeks ago waiting for multiple theatre-goings, Isaac went home and came back to CURE Kenya today. The doctor gave him some not-so-rough news - after six weeks, he should be able to start using crutches! Isaac shares his smile even through trials, but now he can also share it through his victory! Please pray for continued healing for the next six weeks until he comes back so that he’ll truly be able to start using crutches! Photo of Isaac

Jan 07, 2019

“Today!” Isaac told us this morning when we caught him eating his breakfast bread. Yep -- today is the DAY! After weeks spent in the hospital and over Christmas no less, Isaac and his dad are heading HOME! Thanks for showering our friend with get well messages over the weekend. He’s read them and will now go home confident that he’s got friends like you all who love him and pray for him. We’ll catch him and his dad again in just a couple weeks! Photo of Isaac

Jan 04, 2019

From what we’ve gathered, Isaac has basically gotten hardware placed in similar locations as before on both hips. The poor guy came to have hardware removed, but alas, things have gone differently than expected. While we’ve been feeling for Isaac and all the time spent in the hospital at Christmastime, we’re so thankful because today we found out that both his mom and his sister came to visit during the holidays AND on Christmas day, they ate chicken and special rice called pilau. Isaac and his dad are loved by their family and CURE Kenya is sharing their own love by spoiling them with holiday food. You've also been sharing your love through get well messages like the ones we shared with Isaac today. We're thankful! Keep them coming so we can cheer Isaac up as he heals! Photo of Isaac

Jan 03, 2019

Before Christmas, we left Isaac waiting to have a surgery from a fracture that happened while he was in the hospital. Now, after the new year, we once again found that Isaac was waiting for another surgery. This morning, we bumped into his dad and were surprised to discover that they were still here! After Issac’s surgery number two, he fractured his bone yet again! His condition is so fragile and it makes life more complicated. We caught Isaac and his dad coming from X-ray after today’s surgery (number three) and we are now praying for no more fractures and only healing and home-going. Could you pray for this too? Photo of Isaac

Dec 21, 2018

Life is a little more complicated sometimes than we'd like it to be… Isaac came for hardware removal this week, but from what we gathered, it was also discovered at some point -- probably from an x-ray -- that he’s got a broken bone. So, he’s on traction and on Monday he’ll go to theatre for them to sort out his broken bone. It’s Christmastime, so this is bummer news. Please pray that Isaac will be able to celebrate like he said he would regardless of his location and that he’ll remember the Jesus that we’re celebrating! Photo of Isaac

Dec 20, 2018

We caught up with Isaac for just a bit this morning before we had to leave on a trip, and we're so sorry we can't share a photo, but we would love to ask you to pray for him. Yesterday, he was experiencing some pain and we're not sure if it's over yet. We'll update when we can, but in the meantime, pray that the God who is healing Isaac will also take away his pain.

Dec 19, 2018

“We will celebrate!” Isaac told us of his Christmas plans. And when we asked about what they’ll eat, his dad told us, “Kuku.” No, we’re not crazy and they’re not either! Kuku is the Swahili word for chicken. Christmas in Kenya looks different… there’s less of the white stuff and turkey and more of getting together with friends and family and eating meat -- often barbecued goat roasted over a fire! So while there isn’t snow or turkey, there IS meat and family! We might not get to wish Isaac a Merry Christmas on the day, but when we see him next in a few weeks, we’ll get to wish him a Happy New Year! Photo of Isaac

Dec 18, 2018

And so he waits… Isaac was meant to go for surgery yesterday, but alas, he was moved to today. Thankfully -- he found entertainment in his (or his dad’s) phone this morning. We’re all for getting outside and playing and various other forms of entertainment, but when you’re stuck in the hospital in a bed, phones are a lovely distraction! And who knows - maybe Isaac will grow up and be an engineer who builds phones one day! In the meantime, let’s pray that the Engineer who we know loves Isaac and understands what’s happening to him (that’s Jesus) will be able to engineer things for him in a way that he heals fast! Photo of Isaac

Dec 17, 2018

God has given us the privilege of touching the lives of so many kiddos at CURE Kenya. Week in and week out, we have from ten to thirty kids coming for treatment along with meeting kiddos out on mobile clinic. Because of this, we can only remember so many of those precious ones we meet! Today, when Pastor Philip saw Isaac and Job’s dad, he was thinking that Job was here. But, surprise! It’s Isaac! Thing is, Isaac remembered Pastor Philip, but Pastor Philip was having a hard time remembering him! They’d met back into 2015, so it was a while ago but that didn’t stop the two of them from having a great talk and sharing about life. Although Isaac’s condition used to bother him some, he’s accepted it and will be going to high school next year! And… “He wants to be an engineer in the future,” Philip told us. The two of them also spent time praying together. Please spend a little time praying for Isaac as well. He’ll have the equipment in his hips removed today. Please pray for nothing but smooth sailing from now on! Photo of Isaac

Oct 17, 2018

Isaac's dad made a trip to CURE Kenya today and we later learned from someone that Isaac is going to need surgery -- maybe in December. He needs his hip plates removed. As he waits, pray he won't feel nervous or worried. Instead, pray that he will know that he is in Jesus' hands and that he is well taken care of!

Feb 06, 2018

“Job is the comedian in our family, there is never a dull moment when he is around.” - Isaac. We were lucky to catch Isaac and his brother Job at clinic last week. They looked so happy talking to each other and playing games on a phone. Isaac is doing well. He told his dad that he wanted the plates taken off after the doctor said that it's now okay to have them removed. He is in class 8 and is preparing to sit for his end of primary school exam. We wish him the best of luck and we pray that he is not distracted until he completes his primary school education! Photo of Isaac

Oct 06, 2017

Friends, we saw Isaac at the clinic yesterday and we were amazed at how much he has grown. He was brought to the clinic by his father who had to go get him from school. Isaac is doing well, he is enjoying school and all the interactions there. Since he is in boarding school, he has learnt so many life skills and that's a very positive thing to hear. Isaac needs a back brace for support and in this picture you can see him watching keenly as Evans, an Ortho tech, takes his measurements and records them so that the back brace can be made back at our brace shop. Photo of Isaac

Feb 02, 2017

We caught up with Isaac and his brother, Job, as they were having a sweet snack. We got to chat with their dad as the boys ate their suckers. He’s a nice guy! The boys were kind enough to pose for a photo together with their candy. Isaac is doing so good that he doesn’t need to be checked up on until August 31st! Please keep him in your prayers that all will be well when we see him in August! Photo of Isaac

Nov 24, 2016

Isaac was reviewed today at Machakos clinic. He told the doctor that he was experiencing some pain on his right leg near the hip joint. From the X-rays, it looks like he had another fracture not so ago which is already healing. Dr. Mailu advised them to give it time to heal then we will review him on the next clinic in February before any further course of action is decided on. However, should the pain get worse before then, they should come to CURE. His other complaint was that his shoes are getting smaller by the day but, we thank God that he had measurements taken for new ones and they will be sent to him before Christmas! Photo of Isaac

Jun 23, 2016

Well it’s good news for Issac today. His bones have healed well since we last saw him, and Dr. Mailu has told them he can wean off of one crutch. “We don’t need to be seeing him so often anymore,” he added as he wrote their return date. Issac won’t have to come back until November (Thanksgiving Day) So let us give thanks for that! Photo of Isaac

Mar 31, 2016

“I don’t have much planned for the holiday, so I will just do a lot of reading,” Isaac told us. Today happened to be his last day in school this term. He passed by clinic with his dad, on their way home, he was happy to be going home. They brought with them a recent X-ray scan of his legs and after Dr. Mbonisi reviewed them, he found that he had a fracture that was already healing well. He advised him not to bare so much weight with his leg and he was encouraged to continue using two crutches so the fracture could heal well. Hopefully in June when we see him again, the fracture will have completely healed and he won't have any new incidences like that. Keep him in your prayers please. Photo of Isaac

Jan 28, 2016

We hooked up with Isaac today at Machakos mobile clinic. He is back on his foot and doing great! He told us that he really enjoyed spending Christmas at CURE and was grateful to all who encouraged him and wished a Merry Christmas. He was in the company of his dad and Job, his younger brother. We will be seeing him again on the 31st of March. Keep him in your prayers! Photo of Isaac

Dec 23, 2015

While many kids are enjoying Christmas break, Isaac is undergoing this. Surgeons have gone in and removed the plate so they could replace it with a different size and move it lower down in his hip. We are praying this helps Isaac the way we all hope. Even though this is a less than ideal holiday for Isaac and his family, he never hesitates to smile. We love him and are praying for him as he recovers over the next few days! Photo of Isaac

Dec 21, 2015

Isaac is finally back in the hospital. He showed up yesterday night in the company of his father. Today, he was reviewed by the doctor and will be going in for surgery tomorrow. He really hopes that he can get discharged by Thursday so that he can get back home and join the rest of the family for Christmas. Let's pray that his procedure tomorrow will be a smooth one and that his wish of being home for Christmas will come true! Photo of Isaac

Aug 27, 2015

“I feel like the metal is scratching me from the inside, but it's not painful at all.” That was Isaac’s answer today when the doctor asked him how he was feeling. The doctor, after examining him, established that thankfully his feeling was more psychological than medical. It's been a while since we saw this young gentleman, but his leg has healed well, and now Isaac is ready to go through the surgery for his right foot. The doctor told his father they should plan to come to CURE as soon as possible. Let's continue praying for them as they plan to come back to Kijabe. He was in the company of his small brother Job, and he assured us that he is taking good care of him. Photo of Isaac

Nov 21, 2014

Isaac is doing well today and we grabbed a pic of him and his dad watching a great B-quality movie apparently called Mr. Bond (yeah, it was a total knockoff of 007) But the movie was funny and Isaac and his dad seemed to enjoy it. He also started to walk on crutches today and can do so as long as he does not apply weight to his cast. He is scheduled to be discharged tomorrow. Photo of Isaac

Nov 20, 2014

Here is Isaac's completed surgery collage. When you click on this photo, it should bring you to the photos that we put together for his entire surgery. This collage will give you a better idea of what went down and the sophisticated process that was his surgery. He is back in the ward now and we visited him today. He is smiling and doing very well. If you would like, you can send him a Get Well Message, we are sure he would love the encouragement! Photo of Isaac

Nov 19, 2014

Isaac went in for surgery today to have his femur bone realigned into a better position. It sounds easier than it was. Basically, the part of the femur bone that fits into the hip socket was at an incredibly distorted angle. The doctors had to cut the femur bone, realign it and then fix it back with a plate and screws. While we are working on a surgery collage for this little guy, here is a moment we saw as we were heading back to the OR. Isaac left his crutches where you must change your shoes (for cleanliness reasons) and then got into a wheelchair. We would really like for this to be more than just an allegory to this surgery. We want it to be literal! Please join us in praying for our little guy. Photo of Isaac

Nov 18, 2014

Isaac arrived at CURE Kenya to get another surgery on his femur bone. See, Isaac has been treated before at a few other hospitals before coming to us at CURE. It has been a long journey but we are hopeful that we will be able to address the problem and Isaac will not need any further surgeries. Photo of Isaac

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