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  • Age17
  • Conditionburn contractures
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Severine's Story

Severine was asleep, but unfortunately, his sleep was interrupted by pain. Pain that he later realized was coming from the fact that he was getting burned.

He had slept with a candle burning close to him. The lit candle fell on him, burnt h… Read more

Severine was asleep, but unfortunately, his sleep was interrupted by pain. Pain that he later realized was coming from the fact that he was getting burned.

He had slept with a candle burning close to him. The lit candle fell on him, burnt his clothes and started burning him. This incident left him with bad scarring all over his shoulder area and fused his upper arm to the side of his chest. The best hospital they could think of at the time, was one close to their border town home in Loitoktok. After two months of being in Tanzania, Severine was somehow sent to us here at CURE Kenya.

Severine has had to travel a distance of more than 350 kilometers on public transport to get to us. There is a clear desire to get treatment, one that even distance could not stop. Under normal circumstances locally, the kind of surgery that he needs would have to be done at least one year after the accident happened. But God in his sovereignty, orchestrated events to suit Severine. A visiting doctor, who specializes in plastic surgery is in Kijabe this week and has agreed to take Severine through surgery.
This is definitely God’s orchestration, He is certainly at work in all of this and we can’t wait to be a part of His work.

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Latest Updates

Nov 13, 2014

Severine was with us yesterday, we were happy that he did not have any complaints and that the graft has taken well, and the only thing that we were concerned about was his range of motion and movement at the shoulder. Thankfully ,that is something that he is willing to work on for the next couple of months until we review him again in February.

Sep 10, 2014

Severine came again for a graft revelation and dressing change, just like planned. The surgeon was VERY pleased with how his wounds are healing and how the grafts have taken. The staples were removed and the stitches will remain until they fully dissolve. Severine is back in the ward and is scheduled to be discharged tomorrow. Here are the latest pics of how he is healing up. • (Part 1) • (Part 2) • Photo of Severine

Sep 05, 2014

Sporting his father's button-up shirt, Severine was discharged from CURE Kenya today in another happy mood.• (Dad's T-Shirt) • He is excited about how his surgery turned out and we are so thankful for how much range of motion that he will have! We don't have to wait too long to see him again either because he is scheduled for his followup appointment next Wednesday. Talk to you all then and have a great weekend. Photo of Severine

Sep 04, 2014

Severine was feeling good today, even after a trip to the recovery room for a graft revelation. The doctors wanted to make sure the grafts had taken and both of them did! • (Graft Reveal) • (Graft Reveal 2) • That is great news! He was also thankful for the Get Well Message he received! • (GWM) • Photo of Severine

Sep 03, 2014

Severine did it "American style" today with a "TV dinner." • • It was NOT microwaved, processed food. Instead he ate some healthy food and was able to watch the news during lunchtime. He is doing great and we gave him a nice fishtail rubber band bracelet that one of our co-worker's mother made in the U.S. • • All of the kids in the ward got one and they loved them! Severine is scheduled for a dressing change tomorrow. We will let you know how it goes. Photo of Severine

Sep 02, 2014

Severine was feeling much better today. He was even more excited about life when he got two Get Well Messages! He loved them! In general news, his arm is currently being elevated to keep the swelling down and he is scheduled for a dressing change on Thursday. Please be praying that the multiple skin grafts will "take" and that his healing will be thorough. • • Photo of Severine

Aug 29, 2014

Well, today was the day and Severine got the surgery that will dramatically increase his mobility. The operation consisted of two skin flap transfers (the surgeons cut the top layers of skin and moved them to the areas that were left exposed due to the contracture releases. There were also two skin grafts that were transplanted. It was a VERY long procedure, but it is now over. Severine needs prayer due to the amount of pain that will soon set in and also prayer for the grafts to take in the new locations. Here is a six-part surgery collage. • (Part 1) • (Part 2) • (Part 3) • (Part 4) • (Part 5) • (Part 6) • Photo of Severine

Aug 28, 2014

One. That's how many days left until surgery that will hopefully change Severine's life for the better. We are excited for him! • • Photo of Severine

Aug 27, 2014

Severine was active again in the playroom today and mostly rode around on the tricycle. (He loves that thing) here is a quick collage of him and that killer smile. • • Photo of Severine

Aug 26, 2014

Severine is a cool kid. He loves to play and we had a great time today in the playroom as we built with LEGOS and hit a beach ball back and forth. (Check out the photos) • • • • • We noticed that his range of motion is severely limited in his left arm due to the burn contracture so we can't wait until he gets surgery to release that tight skin. Severine is scheduled for surgery on Thursday, August 28th. Photo of Severine

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