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Josephine's Story

Tickling Josephine’s little left foot, hoping to establish a good rapport, seemed helpless. The more we did it, the more she ignored us. It was a shocking that a child of three years would resist that. It was only when her father Anton explained… Read more

Tickling Josephine’s little left foot, hoping to establish a good rapport, seemed helpless. The more we did it, the more she ignored us. It was a shocking that a child of three years would resist that. It was only when her father Anton explained to me that his little girl was being treated for malaria that it made sense why even laughing seemed like such a struggle. Josephine was born with part of her right limb missing and clubfoot on her left. Her father could not afford treatment for her at the time so Josephine stayed home and adapted to her condition. “From time to time, God would send people our way who were willing to help us and through their help, she has gone through surgery to give her a proper stump on her right leg. Later someone sponsored her artificial limb,” Anton told us. “I have seen the hand of God,” he testified. How they got to CURE Hospital in Kenya is another testimony all together, and though Josephine will not go for surgery immediately so the malaria gets treated, Anton is at peace knowing that God is orchestrating all events in his daughter’s life perfectly. His assurance was and continues to be in God. “We will wait on Him, to heal her of the malaria, to allow her to go for surgery and even for her healing after the surgery.”

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Latest Updates

Sep 12, 2017

Josephine came over to say hi to us this morning at the clinic, and she’s as precious as ever. She saw the doctor, and he told her she doesn’t have to come back for a YEAR! That will be September 11th, 2018, folks! We caught Pastor Philip and Josephine chatting, and we asked him later what they chatted about. He said, “She lost her [prosthesis buckle] at school and we were talking about that… I told Isaac, who is the head of the physiotherapy department here [at the hospital where we hold the clinic].” Once Josephine gets a new buckle, they will bring it to Isaac and he’ll sort it in the way of helping put it on her prosthesis. We’re thankful for the collaboration between CURE and other hospitals. They make it possible for our patients to be seen at the CURE mobile clinics, and also help with physiotherapy. The less traveling our patients have to do, the better. And praise Jesus that Josephine won’t have to do ANY traveling regarding CURE for a whole YEAR! Please pray for a fantastic next year for our girl! Photo of Josephine

Jul 11, 2017

Before we even discovered Josephine was Josephine, we had already smiled and played a bit together. She’s such a fun girl to play with. Shy, but sweet and smiley. And she really has a lot to smile about because she’s doing well! In fact, the doctor wondered if she could maybe be weaned off of her orthotic. Marygoretti, our physical therapist, thought it better to wait because Josephine’s scar is stiff and needs to be stretched first. She gave Josephine and her dad some exercises to do, and when we see them at clinic on September 12th, Lord willing, she’ll be closer to being ready to say farewell to her orthotic! Photo of Josephine

May 24, 2017

We're not sure how our girl is doing because we didn't seem to see her at clinic. We're not sure if she came and we missed her, or if she just didn't come at all! But, we're hoping that she and her family are feeling just as joyful and healthy as when we met earlier this year. We'll hopefully catch up at the next clinic on July 11th.

Jan 17, 2017

Josephine was happy to see a lot of her CURE friends at clinic today, she was, as usual, in her best smile and in the company of her father. “The new year is great, we are all alive and that's all we need to give thanks to God! We are happy to be here." Josephine’s father had those encouraging words for us when we met. It’s always a pleasure catching up with these two. Josephine is healing very well and we won't be seeing her again until the 16th of May. We will surely miss her, but we give praise to God for her good reports. Photo of Josephine

Oct 25, 2016

We got some time to hang out with our lovely friend Josephine, today at mobile clinic. As always, she was accompanied by her father. Josephine is healing well and everything is looking good. All she has to do is keep wearing her foot brace for a little bit longer. She had some exciting news for us - a few days a go, she went for an interview to join grade one and she passed! In January, she will be joining primary school near their home. It was a delight catching up with her as always and we look forward to chatting with her again In January and hopefully she will have some exciting experiences to share from her new school. Before she left, she posed for this photo with one of her CURE friends, Purity. Photo of Josephine

Jun 09, 2016

Josephine showed up at the hospital yesterday evening in the company her father. She is here to get fitted for a prosthesis. It’s was just amazing seeing her riding on her father's shoulders looking like a queen as they moved around the hospital! It was such a delight hosting this duo for the night. Josephine will soon be rocking a new prosthesis! We all look forward to seeing her in her new leg. Let’s keep them in our prayers as they travel back home and as her other leg continues to recover! Photo of Josephine

May 17, 2016

It was a hot day in Kisumu, but Josephine came for her appointment with a smile on her face! She eventually used her get well messages as a fan to cool herself off - they were encouraging AND practical! She got her cast removed and was reviewed by Dr. Nyambati. Josephine is healing very well and was able to get measured for her foot brace. She should be able to pick it up next clinic, but meanwhile they went ahead and reapplied the cast to continue keeping her foot straight. Her recovery is going as planned (yay!) and we’ll see her again in Kisumu, July 19th. Please keep praying for her! Photo of Josephine

Apr 01, 2016

She’s on her feet today! Although Josephine wasn’t exactly thrilled about getting up on her casted foot, she was willing. Later, once she was able to rest again, she managed to greet us quietly and smile. Josephine will likely leave over the weekend, but we are so grateful that she’s one step closer to full healing. Thank you for following this little one with us. Photo of Josephine

Mar 31, 2016

There’s that smile we’ve been waiting for! Josephine is healing very well, sleeping good through the night and not in any pain. Unfortunately, she can’t get up to play just yet. She is supposed to elevate her leg today, start walking tomorrow, and then hopefully leave over the weekend. We were able to encourage her dad today with the get well messages and see them both smile. Photo of Josephine

Mar 30, 2016

Josephine came to CURE and finally got to go through surgery! She is getting in lots of sleep as her father watches closely over her. We are so thankful that they have been faithful in prepping for surgery and are on their way to final healing. We hope to see her awake tomorrow and get to capture her beautiful smile. Thank you for following! Photo of Josephine

Mar 08, 2016

Good news! Josephine's hemoglobin count is finally high enough for her to be scheduled for surgery! We met her at clinic today and her father told us that they met with a pediatrician as advised, and she was given medication that she has faithfully been taking. She will be coming in on the 20th of this month for surgery. Let's pray that her HB levels will remain high. Here is a short video showing how well she has adapted to walking with her prosthesis.

Jan 12, 2016

“I made sure she took every bit of her medication,” Josephine’s father told us today at clinic. We met our sweet friend Josephine today at Kisumu Clinic, but unfortunately her hemoglobin count is still very low even after taking medication to boost it. Our doctors referred her to a pediatrician for more specialized check-ups on what could be causing such low hemoglobin. Let’s continue praying for this sweet girl. Photo of Josephine

Nov 24, 2015

Well, after our nursing staff reviewed Josephine, they found she has a low hemoglobin count. Hemoglobin, or HB, is a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout the body. When levels are low, surgery can be extremely dangerous. Our doctors say this could have something to do with the malaria that she suffered from some time back, but she will need at least a month before a procedure. We discharged them and plan to meet her at our next Kisumu clinic on January 12th. Please pray that her levels would go back up during this time! Photo of Josephine

Nov 23, 2015

This lovely girl is back at CURE this week and she is in the company of her father. Her big day in the operation room is tomorrow. Today, she took time to play with other kids in the playroom. When she was bored with the toys, her father took her for a walk, and hand in hand, they walked round the hospital. Let’s pray for her as she goes for surgery tomorrow . Photo of Josephine

Nov 17, 2015

We have missed a few of Josephine’s follow ups and we apologize for that. Just a brief update on what has been happening in this girl’s life. She got her prosthesis and has learned how to use it well and now even walks without support! Her surgery wound from the clubfoot correction surgery has healed and she has started using foot braces. However, earlier this year, she started developing problems; muscular imbalances in the same foot and it started to curve. The doctors, during her last visit here in July, advised that she come back to CURE for a surgery to correct the foot. Today, she showed up at clinic with her dad, to book a date with our surgeons. We had fun hanging out with this sweet girl and we look forward to seeing her again on Sunday when she comes for the surgery. Let's pray for them as they prepare to come back to the hospital for the second surgery. We will keep you posted. Photo of Josephine

Dec 02, 2013

She came for clinic with her daddy, her healing has been going on well and there were no new concerns. Lets pray for her schooling and even the process of getting the prosthesis. God willing, we will catch up with them in the next year. Photo of Josephine

Oct 08, 2013

Josephine Masila was discharged from CURE Kenya and is scheduled for a future follow up appointment. We are hoping to see her when we visit her home town of Kisumu mid next week. Let us be praying for her as she continues to heal up while at home. Photo of Josephine

Oct 08, 2013

Josephine went through a successful surgery known as a PMR or proximal, medial release, which involved loosening tendons on her little foot that were causing the clubfoot. The team that did the surgery was happy with the correction post surgery and we are now praying for her to heal up well. Photo of Josephine

Oct 03, 2013

Josephine is finally done with the malaria medication she has been taking. She still looked dull in the morning but we hope that we will see a more jovial Josephine by end of today. Other than that, we thank God that her temperature is now on normal range and hopefully she will be good to go through surgery tomorrow.

Sep 30, 2013

Josephine is here! She's recovering from malaria before she has surgery, which will hopefully be tomorrow. Learn more at Photo of Josephine

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