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  • Age9
  • Conditiona limb deformity
  • Next Appointment 02/26/2020

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Esther's Story

Esther was with us a while back. At the time, both her legs had some sort of evident deformity. They looked rather mild and the doctors did not want to subject her to very severe surgery at the time since the condition looked very easily addressabl… Read more

Esther was with us a while back. At the time, both her legs had some sort of evident deformity. They looked rather mild and the doctors did not want to subject her to very severe surgery at the time since the condition looked very easily addressable. So instead, they took her through a minor surgery, followed her up until she was off the casts and on to some plastic braces. But with time, it was observed that even though her left foot responded well, the right foot had a mind of its own. This time though, the doctors are not taking any chances and so the surgery that she has gone through for her right leg is more complex. As I talked to our doctor who had done the surgery, asking if this surgery would solve the problem once and for all, his answer was a confident “YES!” We are trusting that this is it and we hope for cooperation from Esther and her mother in regards to following up all post surgical instructions.

Here is Esther's original story:

Esther was born with bilateral clubfoot and immediately her mother begun her on serial casting. With time, the condition improved greatly but somehow it left some residual deformity. Thankfully, the residual condition is treatable at CURE, and Esther has already gone through a successful corrective surgery. She is well on her way to healing now, and all we can do is thank God for having crossed our paths.

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Latest Updates

Aug 28, 2019

This is Esther, running our way to see the photo we’d just taken of her. This sweet girl will need another surgery on her foot eventually, but that doesn’t stop her from running to wherever it is she needs to be! For now, her brace was adjusted in our workshop and we’ll see her again in a few months! Photo of Esther

May 30, 2019

Esther turned our playroom into a salon today, and played with a visitor’s hair! We snapped photos, but when she saw one or two of them, she told us something that sounded like: “Delete!” She knew what she wanted and she wanted photos of her with this teddy. Esther is healing and so much so that with dressing changes done elsewhere every so often, she won’t need to come back to CURE Kenya for a few months. We’re grateful for this! Photo of Esther

May 15, 2019

Mid-May has come, and Esther is back! She’s got the tiniest wound on her foot which will need some continued care, including when we see her in two weeks time. In the meantime, she’ll be wearing her new orthotics. Her mom really wanted her to wear her orthotics from the get go, but her shoes were too small. So, Esther hobbled along in them and eventually tried jumping! Her mama will carry her on her back and hopefully soon get new shoes. The correction on at least one of her feet doesn’t seem to be as good as the doctors might have hoped, but let’s see what wearing orthotics does for our girl. Pray for her! Photo of Esther

Apr 24, 2019

A few weeks ago we commented on how Esther’s progress was not going so fast. Well, time flies and Esther’s progress is starting to as well! She had her cast removed and she finally had her orthotic measurements taken. And, once she wears her newly placed cast a little longer, she’ll come for that orthotic she got measured for. We’re excited to see her mid-May! Photo of Esther

Apr 01, 2019

Esther was scheduled to come today for a check up and cast change. She hid her face as her cast was being taken off and this helped her not to fear the cast cutter or inhale any dust. Her wound isn’t completely healed, but she is doing okay. She needs a new cast which she will have on for a month before she can come back and have her ankle foot orthotic measured. Progress is slow, but going well! Photo of Esther

Feb 13, 2019

Consider this a 'to-be-continued' status update. Esther's dad came to CURE Kenya to continue working toward getting Esther the surgery she needs. There are some things that need to happen still, but -- we're so happy that her family is pursing their daughter's need and in a few months, that need will Lord-willing be met!

Nov 14, 2018

“We were not very good at attending clinic for reviews because of many reasons so recently I noticed that Esther’s clubfoot had recurred. That is why we are back,” Esther’s mum explained to us. The last time Esther and her mum set foot in CURE Kenya was two years ago and sadly, circumstances haven’t allowed them to be able to come for clinics. Esther needs a new procedure done and her mum is hoping that God will be able to provide for them. Please pray for Esther and her mum as they plan to come back at a later date for surgery! Photo of Esther

Nov 04, 2016

Today we were at a mobile clinic that met in a church. There were lots of kiddos and their parents who came. They lined the pews, waiting patiently to be seen by our doctors, among those waiting was Esther. We didn’t catch many smiles from her today, but it’s okay! Unfortunately, she is going to need another surgery. The foot that Esther didn’t have surgery on before (except a tenotomy) now needs some correction. We now need to wait for her to come for surgery. Please pray she comes soon! Photo of Esther

Jun 06, 2013

Esther Wangeci was discharged from CURE Kenya and is scheduled for a future follow up appointment. Learn more at

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