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  • Age12
  • Conditiona limb deformity
  • Next Appointment 12/01/2019

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George's Story

Little George lives with his mother, father, and younger sister in the largest slum in Africa. Fortunately, both his parents are working; his father is an artist and his mother a cook at the same school of which George attends. He is a polite, happ… Read more

Little George lives with his mother, father, and younger sister in the largest slum in Africa. Fortunately, both his parents are working; his father is an artist and his mother a cook at the same school of which George attends. He is a polite, happy boy who loves, no doubt seeing his father's profession, to color and draw. George had surgery at CURE some years ago on his right leg and is back for surgery on his left. While he is able to put some weight on his right leg, he is still unable to support his own weight and must be accompanied by his mother at all times. Their hope, as his mother said, is that, "God will bless him so that he will one day be independent and able to walk on his own."

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Latest Updates

Oct 25, 2019

“Please take me outside so that I can bask in the sun.” George humbly asked us this morning. First of all, he said please, then to top it all up, he gave us his amazing smile. Surely, can anyone say no to that? Your answer is just like ours, NO! So we spent the better part of our morning hanging out with George in the sun enjoying the warmth and talking about many things including planes and America. George says he’d love to go to America one day and learn how to speak English. He is doing well in terms of his recovery and he might even go home tomorrow! Photo of George

Oct 24, 2019

Today was a sad day for George. It is very rare to see him not smiling or crying but today he was in so much pain and he couldn’t hide it. Our nurses gave him some pain medication and when we asked him how he felt, he told us it was lesser than a few hours ago. Please pray for healing for George and that he may be able to shake off the pain. Photo of George

Oct 23, 2019

As George was waiting for his turn to go to the OR, he got something to keep his mind pre-occupied: a Bible coloring book! George really enjoys coloring and so when he got a full book he could colour, he was very excited! Please pray for George’s procedure. Photo of George

Oct 22, 2019

Cute little George is back at CURE Kenya this week for another procedure. The last time he was here, he had his right leg operated on and is now back to have his right leg done as well. George needs your prayers and we would love to invite you to pray with us for this amazing little man. Photo of George

Oct 09, 2019

Our sweet George came today and had his cast removed and his sutures taken out. He also went for x-rays and saw the doctor. Our friend will need to come for another surgery, this time on his left leg. Pray he’ll come soon!

Aug 21, 2019

George showed up to CURE Kenya in his fabulous new ‘wheelchair’ that he received last time he was here. It must feel so nice to have a comfy place to sit and it even has a shade that comes out above George’s head for when the sun gets a little too hot. George had his casts taken off, an x-ray taken, and he’s wearing more casts for another six weeks. We’ll catch him again at the beginning of October! Photo of George

Jul 12, 2019

George was catching up with his auntie on the phone today, a good pastime as he waited to go to the OR for a wound check. His stomach was empty as you can't eat before going to the OR, but that doesn’t mean his smiles were! We’re grateful for the healing God has brought George this week, including the healing of his wound. Healing isn’t the only thing George has received this week. He also got his new drawing book and a wheelchair of his very own (different than the one featured in the photo)! George will go home tomorrow. Please pray he smiles his way through the next few weeks before coming back for his check up! Photo of George

Jul 11, 2019

George told us today that he loves to draw. We could even see it in the way his face lit up when we asked him about the things he enjoys doing. We made sure we brought him a book and a pencil. The first thing we asked him to draw was Storyteller Elvis. We came back after an hour and voila, little George had drawn a little Elvis. We are happy that George can work with his hands and we hope that he uses that even in the future to bring glory to God. Photo of George

Jul 10, 2019

The ward can be really cold this time of year so we often find our patients bundled up in blankets and scarves. Today, we saw George and he seemed pretty cold so we decided to wheel him out to bask in the sun and feel the warmth. While outside, we asked George what today’s plan was. “I am waiting to go to the OR.” he told us. It's not a full on surgery, just a wound check and cleaning. By the time we were going back to the ward, George didn’t want to go and his cute smile almost convinced us to let him bask a little longer, but he needed to go to the OR. Please continue praying for George and this little procedure that he has to go through to be healed! Photo of George

Jul 09, 2019

George moved to the general ward today and he seemed happy enough with his new bed! His grandma was reading a Bible written in her mother tongue when we got to where George was. We asked her to read us a verse and translate it so we could understand. She was reading the story of Ananiah and Saphira. We spoke about how important it is for us to be honest in life and the importance of obeying God. All this time, George was listening to our conversation but not saying a word. “George, do you go to church?” We asked our little friend. “Sometimes we go together, but because he can’t walk it becomes very hard for me to take him every Sunday.” his grandma told us. George is doing well today and they both had a good night's sleep. Please keep praying that George is healed and that he recovers soon. Photo of George

Jul 08, 2019

It was breakfast time for George, and it was also friend-making time! Storyteller Elvis had been gone and when he met George, he had lots of questions for George - like if breakfast was tasty and about George’s friends. George is sticking around for a bit as we wait for some tests to come back about his wound. We have no doubts Elvis and George will become better and better friends as the week goes by! Photo of George

Jul 05, 2019

Today is George's first day after surgery. These kind of days come with good and bad things. The good things include the fact that OR butterflies have flown away and that continued healing is taking place. The bad things include some pain and probably just general post-operative discomfort. Let’s thank God for the good things and pray for the bad things to go away soon! Photo of George

Jul 04, 2019

Poor George is in such a condition that wheeling him in bed is easier than carrying him, so he was wheeled to the OR today. We’re so sorry for how he’s feeling, but grateful we could get him in for surgery to help clean his wound and also revise his current rush rods. Pray for him to leave CURE Kenya feeling better than when he came! Photo of George

Jul 03, 2019

Oh George! Our sweet friend has come back and brought his grandma with him too! Life has gotten hard for his family, but thankfully — grandma is taking care of George! Our sweet friend has also found himself in a situation that a lot of kiddos find themselves in when they have his condition: he needs another surgery due to his rush rods. He actually needs it soon because our sweet friend has got an open wound on his leg that could possibly turn into a bone infection if not treated soon. Please pray for him as we admitted him today for surgery later this week. Photo of George

May 14, 2014

George finally came through yesterday. His mother has not been feeling well and that is why they missed their scheduled appointment. Yesterday, he got his cast removed and an x-ray was done. The x-ray was reassuring as it showed good correction of his last surgery site. He is going to be watched by his mother from home for another three months and then he will come to us for a review in August.

Apr 30, 2014

George missed his hospital appointment last week, but we are still hoping that he will show up soon. We have not been able to get through to his mother on phone to find out what's up, but we will keep looking out for him and loop you in the minute we hear from them or see them.

Mar 24, 2014

George was admitted for a few days to switch out the rods in his right tibia. As always, he handled it like a champ, and after recovering for a few days, he got a fresh cast and was sent home! We're set to see him back here at the end of April! Photo of George

Feb 28, 2014

George visited us for his followup appointment and everything seems to be going well for him. He was eating a snack when we arrived to take a pic! We think it was some sort of peanut butter. YUM! Photo of George

Oct 14, 2013

George came back last week with his mom and friend. He was in significant pain after falling while playing with his sister. His arm has a small fracture and after x-rays, he was placed in a cast so that it may heal. Thankfully, he shouldn't need surgery for it. His legs are looking great and his casts came off two weeks early! He'll return in 4 weeks for review and we can't wait to see how he's progressed! Photo of George

Aug 29, 2013

George went through surgery to correct the rods on his leg that was hurting him. He was discharged and God willing we should be seeing him again for a review soon.

Aug 23, 2013

George is feeling great today!

Aug 22, 2013

George came back for his second surgery, which just happened! He's now in recovery at CURE Kenya. Learn more at

Aug 21, 2013

It is always such a joy to see George, but unfortunately he was in so much pain when we saw him today. Little guy has been complaining of pain since Monday so his mother and guardian brought him for an earlier review. On doing X-rays the doctors decided to admit him for a procedure which they will discuss. We will keep you posted, but meanwhile, please be praying for him. Photo of George

Aug 21, 2013

George Otieno has arrived at CURE Kenya. Learn more at Photo of George

Jun 06, 2013

George Otieno was discharged from CURE Kenya and is scheduled for a future follow up appointment. Learn more at

May 29, 2013

George's surgery went great! The surgeons straightened his leg by placing a rod in both his tibia and femur after removing and replacing parts of each bone! He is now in recovery at CURE Kenya. Learn more at Photo of George

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