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Fraol's Story

“Fraol doesn’t use his right hand that much, sometimes he uses his thump and stump to hold stuff” Fraol’s mother Yeshi explains with a concerned look on her face.

When Fraol was just a couple of months old, he accidentally put his h… Read more

“Fraol doesn’t use his right hand that much, sometimes he uses his thump and stump to hold stuff” Fraol’s mother Yeshi explains with a concerned look on her face.

When Fraol was just a couple of months old, he accidentally put his hand in their family's cooking fire. His right hand was instantly burned. His family rushed him to the nearest medical center where he got treatment, but his burns healed in a way where the melted skin contracted his fingers into a permanent fist position. Fraol's family knows having a disabled hand can alter the entire course of Fraol's life so they immediately began searching for the specialized help needed for a condition like this. Thankfully during their search, Fraol's family came across a previous CURE Ethiopia patient and learned of the hope and healing we offer.

Fraol is here and about to start his healing journey. Since he is getting treatment at such an early age, he will not be exposed to bullying or discrimination in school or community that is often heaped upon those with disabilities. Join us in welcoming the family while they start Fraol’s healing journey!

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Latest Updates

Nov 23, 2020

As planned, Fraol came back for a casting today. He has been doing a wonderful job with his exercises at home, and today he got his first cast. The cast will help keep his fingers straight, and we will see him again next week when he returns for another cast change! Photo of Fraol

Nov 09, 2020

As usual, Fraol was walking and running around before seen by Dr. Tesfaye. His hand is healing well but he still needs some more physical therapy and casting to fully extend all of his fingers. For the coming two weeks, he will continue his exercises from home and then he will get a cast when he returns. Please continue praying for this young boy! Photo of Fraol

Oct 01, 2020

Fraol came back for his check-up today and he is doing great! The wound from his operation is healing well and it is time to start different physical exercises. He learned the exercises from our physiotherapists and his mom Yeshi will help him practice at home. We will see the little guy in a couple of weeks when he returns for another check-up! Photo of Fraol

Sep 09, 2020

Little Fraol had a bandage change. And while the bandages were off, the doctors were able to get a look at how things are healing up. Thankfully, they only had good things to say about his progress! Since Fraol is doing so well, he's been discharged to continue healing up at home. We will see him again next week when he returns for his next check up! Please keep on praying for this little guy! Photo of Fraol

Sep 07, 2020

Earlier in the morning, we found Fraol outside running around and hiding from his mom, Yeshi. She has been extra carful with him because he has little pins in his fingers which are keeping his fingers straight as they heal. Yeshi has a big job trying to make sure this little bundle of energy doesn't hurt himself by using his healing hand in ways he shouldn't! And like most kids, Fraol enjoys hiding from her and tries to do everything she tells him not to. This little guy is continuing his healing and having fun as he does it! Photo of Fraol

Sep 03, 2020

Fraol is doing a stellar job of healing up and was feeling good enough to venture outside to our playground today! His mom tried explaining to him that he was supposed to sit in the seats and she would push him, but he insisted on doing the pushing himself ... to each their own ... Fraol also had a wound cleaning and bandage change today which is why he is still here. Surgeries like Fraol's require close after care in order to make sure they don't get infected. Luckily, Dr. Tesfaye is one of the best doctors around so Fraol is in good hands! Photo of Fraol

Sep 01, 2020

We found little Fraol napping next to his mom (while still making sure to keep his hand elevated per the doctors orders). He is doing so well and spending most of his days resting up and recovering. But he still finds time to play around the ward with him mom Yeshi! Please keep him in your prayers as he continues his recovery. Photo of Fraol

Aug 31, 2020

Fraol's operation went super well! Dr. Tesfaye released all the finger and palm burns Fraol has on his right hand with ease. After separating the fingers, Dr. Tesfaye put in a pin to help keep Fraol's fingers in the corrected positions. Now, Fraol is back in the ward resting and recovering with all straight fingers! Photo of Fraol

Aug 28, 2020

Meet Fraol! He is a busy little guy who, earlier this morning, was running around the ward hiding from his mom and playing with the IV stands. He is getting ready for a surgery to released the burn contractures that are inhibiting his hand. Please keep this little guy in your prayers! Photo of Fraol

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