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  • Age3
  • Conditiona bone condition
  • Next Appointment 01/20/2021

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Yididiya's Story

“She was supposed to start school this year but couldn’t because of her leg problem. I just want her to be healed and start her education”. Mengistu, Yididiya’s father, told us.

Little Yididiya and her father Megistu are here seeki… Read more

“She was supposed to start school this year but couldn’t because of her leg problem. I just want her to be healed and start her education”. Mengistu, Yididiya’s father, told us.

Little Yididiya and her father Megistu are here seeking help for Yididya’s leg problem. She was only a year old when it all started and it has plagued her ever since. She had accidentally fallen and broken the lower part of her left leg which allowed an infection to enter into her bone. Her family had taken her to their local medical clinic right away but were turned away being told there was nothing the clinic could do. Out of desperation, they turned to their local traditional healer, but nothing seemed to work.

For years now, Yididiya has suffered with her infected leg. It causes her pain, is swollen, and periodically erupts in bouts of pus coming out of sores that develop, starting from inside her leg and seeping out. Unbeknownst to them at the time, part of Yididiya’s bone had died inside of her leg further complicating Yididiya’s condition as her left leg became significantly shorter than her right. It has not been an easy time for either Yididiya or her family.

Thankfully though, they finally heard about us here at CURE Ethiopia when they went to a clinic for Yididiya’s little brother. “We didn’t know this kind of place existed. If we had known, we would have brought her here sooner!” Exclaims Megistu. He continues “I’m so glad I have found a place that would help me heal her and help her run around like the other children”.

Now that Yididiya is here, we will be able to removed the dead bone and clear out the infection, allowing new and healthy bone to grow in it’s place and removing this plague from Yididiya’s life! Please join us in welcoming her and getting her back on track, both in school and in her life!

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Latest Updates

Oct 14, 2020

As usual, Yididiya came back with her father Megistu for another check-up! She is doing wonderfully, and the cast she had on for the past six weeks has been removed. Now, she is free to walk! The other good news is the discrepancy between her legs is very little at the moment, and she doesn't need any support. She has another check-up in three months, and we will see her again! Photo of Yididiya

Sep 04, 2020

"Look! The frame is gone!" Yididiya excitedly greeted us this morning. She is understandably overjoyed about having her frame remove and only having a cast on now. The doctors discharged Yididiya no long after this sweet interaction and we will see her again in a couple of weeks when, Lord willing, she will be ready to have her cast off! Photo of Yididiya

Sep 03, 2020

Little Yididiya is back at CURE Ethiopia and getting ready to finally have her frame taken off! You can't tell it because she's still waking up, but she's pretty excited. Her frame did it's job of providing support while her bone healed. Now that her bone is healed, the frame will come off and she'll have it replaced with a cast for a short period of time. Please keep this sweet child in your prayers! Photo of Yididiya

Jun 24, 2020

Little Yididiya came back for her check-up today. She is doing great and as she was told, she has been walking with her frames on. Doing this helps strengthen her bone and speed up her healing progress. She will continue her healing from home and we will see her again in a couple of weeks when she returns for her next check-up! Photo of Yididiya

May 18, 2020

After a solid weekend of recovering, Yididiya got the all clear from the doctors to go home today! She's excited and even dressed up a little in her flower headband. Please be praying for her as she continues recovering at home and we'll see her back in a few weeks for her check up! Photo of Yididiya

May 15, 2020

Yididiya is healing up well and feeling good enough to begin exploring a little bit. As we asked her about what adventures she was going to get up to, she said "the nurses gave me a shampoo, soap, and comb too and my dad is going to wash my hair!" She's got a long recovery ahead of her with her frame on so it's these little things (and the love of a great dad) that get her through! Photo of Yididiya

May 13, 2020

Sweet little Yididiya is feeling so much better today! Thank you so much for your prayers and get well messages. She was sitting up and tucked into some food. She was even up for a little balloon volleyball with her dad in between the nurses and doctors checking on her! Photo of Yididiya

May 12, 2020

Yididya isn't feeling so hot just one day after her big operation. Nurse Sammy and the rest of the nursing staff are doing a great job of taking care of her though and they'll help her get through this. She is getting all the help she needs and she is resting well. Please keep on praying for this little one as she powers on through this! Photo of Yididiya

May 11, 2020

Dr. Teddy, Yididiya's doctor, is feeling much better, healthy and back to work. Little Yididiya was the first one to the OR this morning and she did great in there! She had the dead bone taken out and a bone graft taken from her hip and applied to the bone in her lower leg. This will help facilitate new bone growth to replace the extracted dead bone! Finally, Yididiya had a frame put on her leg to provide support while her bone is growing back! Please keep this little girl in your prayers for a speedy recovery! Photo of Yididiya

May 08, 2020

Unfortunately, Yididiya's surgery got postponed until next week. Her surgeon, Dr. Teddy, is out sick today which does indeed happen to doctors from time to time. It's not what we had planned, but for Yididiya, it means more time to hang out with her dad and play on the swings. Just listen to that giggle! https://youtu.be/Pcx7puCcX3o

May 07, 2020

Yididiya is a little bundle of joy and giggles and we are so happy she has found her way here to CURE Ethiopia! She's got a severe limp because of a dead bone inside her left leg that we're going to help her take care of to get her back on her feet, running around, and starting school! Photo of Yididiya

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