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Nayli's Story

“I want to go to school just like my brothers”. Nayil told us.

A couple of years back there was a fire in Nayil’s house when she was inside with her siblings. Unfortunately, she was asleep at the time and while the others were able to … Read more

“I want to go to school just like my brothers”. Nayil told us.

A couple of years back there was a fire in Nayil’s house when she was inside with her siblings. Unfortunately, she was asleep at the time and while the others were able to run out, she was trapped and suffered severe burns to her left arm and torso. Her family has been to many different hospitals seeking help for Nayil's burn contractures, but they were turned away time and time again. Nayil's family is not a rich family so all the traveling was beginning to cost more than they could afford and they made the difficult decision to quit their search for treatment. But as is often the case, in this darkest moment is when they finally found hope. A previous CURE Ethiopia patient saw Nayil and was able to share with her and her family that she could be treated here!

Nayil comes from a family of farmers and is the third child of four as well as the only girl. All of Nayil's siblings go to school, but because of her burns, she is unable. Once she's healed, that's the first thing she says she'll do!

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Latest Updates

May 01, 2020

Today is finally the day! Naylis is all packed up and ready to head out, but not before one last balloon volleyball game with some of our CURE Ethiopia staff! We'll see her again in two months to see how her arm has healed! Photo of Nayli

Apr 30, 2020

Nayli had yet another wound cleaning and bandage change in the OR today. Dr. Tesfaye said her arm is finally at the point where she can go home and she'll be heading out tomorrow! The thought of finally leaving got Nayli in a special mood and she was walking all around the ward taking photos of everything with her dad's phone. Photo of Nayli

Apr 29, 2020

Since Nayli lives so far away from us here at CURE Ethiopia, she has to stay with us until she's at a safe spot in her healing process to go home meaning she has no more risk of infection or complications for where her burn contractures were released. It's a long process, but Nayli always has the biggest smile in the ward and has gathered a fun little group of friends which help keep her entertained. Photo of Nayli

Apr 28, 2020

Nayli's big discovery today is that she can lift her left arm above her head! This is something she hasn't been able to do since before her arm was burned!!! She's super excited about this discovery and her joy is infectious. Join us in praising the Lord for this! Photo of Nayli

Apr 27, 2020

Another week, another wound cleaning for Nayli. We caught up with her here right after she got out of the OR. Dr. Tesfaye cleaned her wounds and replaced her bandages. These regular cleanings and changes are crucial to make sure her arm heals up properly and infection free! Photo of Nayli

Apr 24, 2020

During Nayli's bandage change the other day, Dr. Tesfaye made the call that she's going to need a small skin graft which means Nayli wasn't able to make it home in time to celebrate with her family. She's got a good attitude about it and while her dad is sad they don't get to be with their family, he knows getting this life changing treatment for Nayli is more important than any holiday! Nayli is heading in for her skin graft today which is a rather small (but still important) procedure. Please offer up a little prayer for her today! Photo of Nayli

Apr 22, 2020

We made a mistake and were projecting our own excitement for Ethiopian Easter onto Nayli last week. Nayli and her family are Muslims and her dad is quite anxious to get them home before Ramadan starts tomorrow. Dr. Tesfaye is giving Nayli a bandage change later today and promised Nayli's dad that he would see what he can do. When it comes down to it though, Nayli's healing comes first and when she's reached a safe place in her healing process, then she can go home. Photo of Nayli

Apr 21, 2020

Unfortunately we were a little over optimistic about Nayli going home for Ethiopian Easter over the weekend. She needs to stick around a little longer for some bandage changes and wound cleanings in order to help her arm heal up as well as it possibly can. We're sad she didn't get to spend Easter with her family, but we're selfishly happy we get to spend more time with her here! Photo of Nayli

Apr 16, 2020

Nayli's got a bandage change today and we wouldn't be surprised if she heads home over the weekend. It's Ethiopian Orthodox Good Friday and Easter this weekend and we would love for her to get to celebrate Easter with her family! Photo of Nayli

Apr 15, 2020

With the second surgery down, Nayli has bounced back and is already her smiley self once again! Photo of Nayli

Apr 14, 2020

Nayli's operation was a stunning success! Dr. Tesfaye released the burned skin that had been keeping Nayli's elbow from extending the whole way and, after that, her arm was wrapped up in a bandage and she was returned to her dad in the ward! Please be praying for her as she begins healing up once again. Photo of Nayli

Apr 13, 2020

So during Nayli's bandage change last week, the doctors were so pleased with how she's doing, they scheduled her for her next operation. She's been admitted to the ward and she'll be getting surgery to release the burns around her elbow this time. Please be praying for her as she gets ready for round two! Photo of Nayli

Apr 10, 2020

Nayli is back for her check up and she is doing great! She had her surgical site cleaned and her bandage changed and was sent on her way again. Even if it was just for a short time, it was a joy seeing this little one! Photo of Nayli

Apr 03, 2020

Good news for Nayli, sad news for us: Nayli was discharged! The doctors say there's no reason she needs to stay at the hospital and she can continue her healing from the comfort of her own home, surrounded by her family! We'll miss having her and her big smile around, but we'll be seeing her when she comes back for her next wound cleaning and bandage change!

Mar 31, 2020

Two pieces of big news and one piece of small news today. Big news 1: Nayli got moved from a small annex ward down to the main ward over the weekend! Big news 2: Nyali had her first bandage change today. Since her arm is still pretty tender, the doctors brought her into the OR and put her to sleep so they could get in there and clean everything thoroughly without causing any pain. And the small news (and maybe it's actually big news) is Nyali is finally feeling well enough to be up and about and she is making friends left and right. We love seeing her beautiful smile shine more! Photo of Nayli

Mar 26, 2020

Nayli still hasn't started moving around so she just has to watch the other children playing. Not ideal, but she's spending her time resting and chatting with her father Jemal! Please keep praying for a speedy recovery! Photo of Nayli

Mar 25, 2020

Nayli is bed bound for the moment as she recovers, but she doesn't seem to mind too much. She's in a corner of the ward surrounded by people who all speak her language and the little community that has formed (and a few mobile games) keeps her smiling! Photo of Nayli

Mar 24, 2020

Nayli's surgery was a success! Dr. Tesfaye did a beautiful job releasing the burn binding her arm to her chest. Even though she has a lot of bandages around her chest now and a little pain from the operation, she is so happy she can lift her arm and touch her hair for the first time in years! Please keep this sweet child in your prayers for a speedy recovery! Photo of Nayli

Mar 23, 2020

"I don't know" says Nayli when we ask her what she wants to do in the future. Her first goal is to start school and then take things step by step from there. She is here at CURE Ethiopia with her father Jemal and they're getting ready for her burn contracture release surgery. Please keep this young girl in your prayers! Photo of Nayli

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