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  • Age8
  • Conditiona bone condition
  • Next Appointment 10/01/2020

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Mohammed's Story

“I want to be a soccer player when I grow-up!” proclaims Mohammed.

Two years ago Mohammed was involved in a car accident where he badly hurt his foot. It makes walking hard and still hurts him to this day. His family took him to several … Read more

“I want to be a soccer player when I grow-up!” proclaims Mohammed.

Two years ago Mohammed was involved in a car accident where he badly hurt his foot. It makes walking hard and still hurts him to this day. His family took him to several different hospitals for treatment and while they tried a few different options, nothing really worked. “The last hospital told me they have to amputate his foot but I said no and started asking around to find other options”. Kasew, Mohammed’s father shared. Thankfully, they heard about CURE Ethiopia from another hospital and we met them at one of our mobile clinics near their village.

Mohammed is the youngest of six and has two brothers and three sisters. His mother stays home taking care of the children and his father is a daily laborer. He is in grade one and loves playing soccer with his friends! Please join us in welcoming the family while they start their healing journey!

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Latest Updates

Apr 27, 2020

After almost two months here at CURE Ethiopia, it's time for Mohammed to go home! We caught up with him and his new crutches (no more stealing walkers!) at the gate as he was all dressed up and ready to go! We will see him again in a couple of month when he returns for his check-up. Please keep on praying for him as he recovers at home. Photo of Mohammed

Apr 23, 2020

Today, Mohammed "borrowed" his neighbors walker and was using it to scoot around the ward. We love seeing this guy get back a measure of independence! Photo of Mohammed

Apr 22, 2020

Mohammed had another bandage change today and this time he got the cast removed from his right leg and a much smaller bandage for his left leg! Visually this is a HUGE step forward and he's been going around the ward showing everyone all day! Photo of Mohammed

Apr 21, 2020

Last week we mentioned how Mohammed likes to explore the hospital while riding on his dad's shoulders. Well this morning we found him doing just that as his dad was on the phone! Photo of Mohammed

Apr 15, 2020

With the bandage change over, it's back to goofing around with friends in the ward! Mohamed has also started a new thing where instead of using a wheelchair to get around the ward, his dad has been putting him on his shoulders and just walking around that way which Mohammed LOVES! Photo of Mohammed

Apr 14, 2020

Another week, another bandage change for Mohammed. At this point in the game, he's not even phased by them anymore. In other news, we're continually impressed by the patience and dedication of Mohammed's dad Kasew. In a culture where fathers don't always take that much of an active role in their kid's lives, we love the bond these two have! Photo of Mohammed

Apr 10, 2020

As you can see, the cast change was no big deal for Mohammed and he's already back to his little, spunky self! The weather is super nice today so he and his dad opted to hang out outside for a while. Photo of Mohammed

Apr 09, 2020

Today is Mohammed's first cast change after the flap separation. The doctors are going to change the bandage on his left leg as well as take the cast off his right leg, clean the surgical site, and then put another cast on. Mohammed will be asleep for the whole ordeal and, honestly, he's a little pro at this whole "going to the OR" thing by now. But still, please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Mohammed

Apr 08, 2020

This little man is back to full force and is loving having both his legs back. He's sitting with them spread as far apart as possible to make up for the last few weeks! You can see his left leg, which donated the tissue flap, wrapped up in a bandage and his right foot, which received the tissue flap, wrapped up in a cast. Please keep this little guy in your prayers! Photo of Mohammed

Apr 07, 2020

Mohammed is still hooked up to a few machines and the nurses are keeping a close eye on him (he's only one bed away from the nurses station), but he's doing real good. His energy is a little low, but his dad is making sure Mohammed rests and is letting him listen to some music on their phone. Overall, a good day! Photo of Mohammed

Apr 06, 2020

Last week, the doctors estimated it would be another week before they could remove Mohammed's flap and they were spot on. Mohammed went back to the OR and had his flap removed! The tissue from his leg has grown onto his foot and taken to it enough that the doctors detached his right foot from his left leg and Mohammed has them separate for the first time in almost a month. As you can see in the photo, Mohammed is back in the ward waking up from his surgery and we can't wait to see what he thinks of the progress! Photo of Mohammed

Mar 30, 2020

As part of Mohammed's last operation he had a procedure called a "flap" which is kind of like a skin graft, but instead of just transferring skin from one location on the body to another, the doctors are transferring skin and tissue to essentially rebuild Mohammed's foot. To do this, they had to sew his right foot to the tissue donor site on his left leg. This is allowing the tissue to grow onto his foot while still being kept alive from his leg. It's a complicated procedure with the possibility of infection which is why he's going back into the OR so often for bandage changes and cleanings. The doctors estimate Mohammed will need another week before we can release the flap and his foot can be free again! Photo of Mohammed

Mar 26, 2020

One of our nurses, Hanna, was doing her afternoon rounds checking on all the kids. Mohammed was one and he's an old pro at this process now. He knows just how to help out Hanna in order to make the process as quick and easy as possible. After getting his temperature and checking his blood pressure, Hanna confirmed Mohammed is doing great! Photo of Mohammed

Mar 25, 2020

Mohammed is such an energetic boy! This is him after his bandage change today, his second for the week. Dr. Tesfaye took off Mohammed's bandages, cleaned all the surgical wounds, and put on another bandage to help his foot continue its healing. Mohammed is doing well and enjoying licking his nose in the ward ... ? Photo of Mohammed

Mar 23, 2020

Another week, another trip to the OR and Mohammed's face says it all! Thankfully, today's visit is just for a bandage change and for the doctors to check how his foot is healing. Photo of Mohammed

Mar 19, 2020

We're continually impressed with this little man's attitude. He's one day out from surgery and having a hard time keeping food down, but he's just as playful and silly as ever! The nurses are keeping a close watch on him and he's been instructed to stay in bed so we have no doubt he'll be back to 100% in no time. Photo of Mohammed

Mar 18, 2020

Mohammed has had his second operation! He had a contracture release on the bottom part of his right foot, the surgery will help him to walk more comfortably. It all went well and he is recovering and resting in the ward. Photo of Mohammed

Mar 13, 2020

On our walk around CURE Ethiopia, we found Mohammed with his friend Habtemariam, playing on their wheelchairs and enjoying the beautiful morning. Mohammed is doing wonderful and is still recovering well from his operation! Photo of Mohammed

Mar 12, 2020

Dr. Tesfaye was on his ward rounds checking on the children there, and Mohammed was one of them. He is doing well and his foot is healing from his operation! Please continue praying for him! Photo of Mohammed

Mar 11, 2020

We found Mohammed in bed playing with his toys and resting. He was thankfully in a good mood this soon after his surgery which tends to be a sign he's recovering well! Keep this young boy in your prayers for a speedy recovery! Photo of Mohammed

Mar 10, 2020

Mohammed's operation went well! He had the little toe on his right foot amputated since it was mangled in a way where it caused him intense pain when he walked. Now, once he heals from his surgery, he will be able to walk pain free! He is doing well and resting in the ward. Please keep this young man in your prayers for a speedy recovery! Photo of Mohammed

Mar 09, 2020

Mohammed had a good weekend hanging out with the kids and mentally preparing himself to go to the OR. Turns out today is the day and Mohammed was all smiles as he waited his turn. Please keep this young man in your prayers! Photo of Mohammed

Mar 05, 2020

“Most of the time my foot is numb and I always have to limp when I walk, I want everything to change and to walk without problems” Mohammed told us. Well the good news is he is on his way to walking easily now that he is here at CURE Ethiopia with his father Kasew getting ready for his operation! Photo of Mohammed

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