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  • Conditionburn contractures
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Bezunesh's Story

“I love school so much and I want to be an accountant when I grow-up”! proclaims Bezunesh.

Bezunesh has come to CURE Ethiopia seeking help for her burn contractures. She was burned when she was just three years old. She had been at home … Read more

“I love school so much and I want to be an accountant when I grow-up”! proclaims Bezunesh.

Bezunesh has come to CURE Ethiopia seeking help for her burn contractures. She was burned when she was just three years old. She had been at home playing and tripped, pulling a burning lantern onto herself. The burning oil spilled all over her, badly burning both of her legs. Her right leg took the brunt of the fire. “We took her to a hospital at the time of the accident but the help she got didn’t help to heal her leg instead her right leg bent and healed that way”. Yerbe, Bezuneshe’s mother, shard with us. Bezunesh never visited any other hospital after that, but recently, the family heard that there might be help for her. They started asking around and eventually went to a hospital in another city. This hospital wasn't able to help but did refer them here to us at CURE Ethiopia.

Bezunesh is in the eighth grade now and enjoys learning. “I get so tired if I walk long distance and my school is a far from our home. I’m always tired after walking to school". Bezunesh, shared with us. We're excited to get to work on Bezunesh's leg and hopefully make it a little easier to get around and achieve her dream of becoming an accountant!

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Latest Updates

Mar 03, 2020

Bezunesh is so excited and dressed up, ready to go back home! She's been with us for the past four months and she's progressed to where she can now continue her healing from home! She is walking well with her crutches and we will see her again in three months when she returns for her check-up! Photo of Bezunesh

Feb 26, 2020

Look at Bezunesh braiding her friend Genet's hair and doing a beautiful job! She is enjoying her stay in the ward and making a lot of friends during her stay. On a medical note, she is doing well and continuing her physical exercises. Photo of Bezunesh

Feb 19, 2020

Bezunesh was doing her daily physical therapy routine where she was, as usual, getting a little help from her mom Yerbe. Yerbe is always next to her helping and supporting Bezunesh in every way she can. We love that healing is a family affair. It's not just the patients who are transformed by healing, but families, and communities! Please continue praying for everyone involved. Photo of Bezunesh

Feb 13, 2020

Bezunesh is working at healing up and she is doing a wonderful job. She's keep up with her physical therapy and has a great attitude about it. She does a couple of exercises to strengthen her knees and then walks around with the help of her crutches. Keep on praying for her! Photo of Bezunesh

Feb 07, 2020

Bezunesh had a little visit to the clinic and was seen by Dr. Tesfaye. He told her she is making great progress and she should continue with her physical exercises. Then she was on her way back to the ward to do just that! Photo of Bezunesh

Feb 03, 2020

Today we found Bezunesh with all of her friends being creative and enjoying her day. When she's not making crafts, she's practicing her physical therapy exercises and slowly getting better! Photo of Bezunesh

Jan 27, 2020

We found Bezunesh taking a little break from her physical therapy. She is continuing her healing and showing great improvement with her walking exercises too! Keep on praying for her! Photo of Bezunesh

Jan 17, 2020

Taking advantage of the beautiful day, Bezunesh and her mother Yerbe were outside braiding Bezunesh's hair. Yerbe did a wonderful job with the braiding and Bezunesh's hair looks beautiful! Health-wise, Bezunesh is doing well and continuing her healing! Photo of Bezunesh

Jan 13, 2020

"Thank you all so much for thinking of me and God bless you all!" says Bezunesh after hearing all the get-well messages she has received from all of you. One of our counselors Chaltu read the messages to Bezunesh and her mother Yerbe and they were so happy to hear from everyone. Thank you all for making their day! Photo of Bezunesh

Dec 30, 2019

Bezunesh has healed up so well that the doctors made the call that she's ready for her next operation to release the burn contracture on her right foot! The surgery went well and please join us in praying for her as she heals up! Photo of Bezunesh

Dec 18, 2019

Everyday Bezunesh walks for hours doing her best to strengthen her leg and she is doing a wonderful job! She is making good progress and doing great! Thank you for your prayers! Photo of Bezunesh

Dec 12, 2019

Today, we found Bezunesh after her exercises, heading back to the ward. She spent most of her day exercising, and she is doing a wonderful job! The exercises will help with the healing process. Thank you for your prayers for Bezunesh! Photo of Bezunesh

Dec 06, 2019

"It feels so unreal," Yerbe, Bezunesh's mother told us. "Everything feels like a dream, I still cannot believe the burn contracture she had is gone, and she can stretch her leg without any problem too!" Bezunesh is continuing her healing and doing a wonderful job with her exercises. Photo of Bezunesh

Nov 29, 2019

We found Bezunesh with her friend Genet in the physiotherapy room. They were taking a break from their walking practice and playing with a doll! Bezunesh is making progress and doing great with her exercises! Photo of Bezunesh

Nov 13, 2019

After her operation Bezunesh used to spent her time in bed and in her wheelchair but this week she started walking with crutches! It's a big transitions and she is doing a great job! Photo of Bezunesh

Oct 31, 2019

“I’m so happy”! Yerbe, Bezunesh's mother, tells us. “I haven’t seen her leg out of the cast yet but I can already see how straight it is and I’m so grateful. I used to be so sad seeing my daughter suffer, but not anymore!" Photo of Bezunesh

Oct 25, 2019

Today Bezunesh had a dressing change and our doctors found the wound from her operation is healing well. Overall, she's showing good progress, but with this said, she still had to have another cast put on to replace the one we took off. It's a long process, but Bezunesh is handling it all with a wonderfully calm air around her! Photo of Bezunesh

Oct 24, 2019

Bezunesh is doing well and enjoying her stay in the ward. Today we found her out of her bed and outside playing with her friend Aberash! Tomorrow she will have a dressing change and we'll check on the healing progress of her leg. Please keep on praying for her! Photo of Bezunesh

Oct 14, 2019

Bezunesh is taking it easy and staying in bed resting today. She told us, she had a little pain now and then, but other than that she had a restful weekend. She is continuing her healing and doing well. Please continue praying for this young woman! Photo of Bezunesh

Oct 10, 2019

Bezunesh's surgery went great! Dr. Tesfaye did a wonderful job releasing the burn contracture that was forcing her knee to be bent like it was. She'll need another operation to release the burned skin messing with her foot, but that will happen a bit later. Until then she will continue her healing in the ward. Keep her in your prayers for a speedy recovery! Photo of Bezunesh

Oct 08, 2019

We found Bezunesh in bed eagerly waiting for her turn to be called to the operation room. Today she is having her burn contracture release on her right leg. Please keep this young girl in your prayers for a success surgery and a speedy recovery! Photo of Bezunesh

Oct 04, 2019

Bezunesh told us she is eager to finish her treatment and go back to school! She is having her first operation next week which will release the skin keeping her knee in the bent position. Please keep this young girl in your prayers! Photo of Bezunesh

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