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  • Age16
  • Conditionburn contractures
  • Next Appointment 09/26/2019

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CURE in Ethiopia

The picture above is of CURE in Ethiopia. Everyone who serves with CURE in Ethiopia, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Dese. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Dese. When you give a gift through Dese's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Ethiopia. Have more questions? Ask us.

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When you partner with us monthly, we'll send you an email each month to introduce you to a different child who was helped because of your generosity. You can choose to follow their updates and send them get well messages. That means that each year, you're a part of helping 12 different children, beginning with Dese. We call it being a CURE Hero!

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Dese's Story

"There isn't anything I want to be except to be a doctor," says Dese. "I want to finish school and help everyone in need."
Dese has come to CURE Ethiopia with his father Setegn. Together, they are seeking help for an old burn contracture tha… Read more

"There isn't anything I want to be except to be a doctor," says Dese. "I want to finish school and help everyone in need."
Dese has come to CURE Ethiopia with his father Setegn. Together, they are seeking help for an old burn contracture that has healed incorrectly on Dese's neck. Setegn recalls that it had happened when Dese was very young and just learned to get around by himself. "The day was a holiday and Dese was running around, playing in the house. A boiled wot (something like stew) spilled all over his face and burnt his neck and shoulders." The family's first instinct was to take Dese to a traditional healer. The healer was able to help Dese with the pain, but his neck ended up healing in a way where Dese's jaw is connected to his shoulder by a tight flap of skin. The family had been to several different hospitals in the past, but no one could help them. They finally heard about us here at CURE Ethiopia from a previous patient of ours and they wasted no time in coming to our hospital. Dese lives with his parents, who are farmers, and his five siblings. He has four sisters and one brother. Join us welcoming Dese while he starts his healing journey!

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Latest Updates

Jun 20, 2019

Dese's wound from his surgery is healing so well! He can even move his neck freely now which is a HUGE deal and you can see it from that smile! Since he is doing so great, he has discharged and will continue his recovery from home. We will see him again for his next check-up. Please keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery! Photo of Dese

Jun 17, 2019

Dese has had his second operation and he did wonderful. The surgery went very well and Dr. Tesfaye did a wonderful job releasing the burn contracture on Dese's ear. Dese has been recovering in the ward since the operation and while it's not the most fun thing to be doing, he's doing a great job of it! Please keep praying that Dese keeps up his spirits and determination! Photo of Dese

May 31, 2019

Dese was all smiles today after hearing from Dr. Tesfaye that his neck is healing well! Dr. Tesfaye also scheduled Dese's next procedure for two weeks from now where will have another burn contracture released on his left ear. We will see him in two weeks for his admission! Photo of Dese

May 27, 2019

Dese's surgery went very well on Friday! Take a little look into his operation where Dr. Tesfaye did a beautiful job releasing all the burned skin pulling Dese's neck down into his chest. Dese is doing well. He spent the weekend healing up and the doctors have gone ahead and discharged him this morning! We need to keep a close eye on patients who undergo surgeries like this one so Dese will be going to a partner organization called the Mother Theresa Home where he'll stay until the end of his treatment! This allows us to keep the ward free for patients going into and coming out of surgery, while also allowing Dese to stay close and receive all the attention he needs to heal up properly! We'll be seeing him again in a few days for his first bandage change and check up! in the he is going to the mother Theresa home, where he will be saying until the end of his treatment. We will see him again in a couple of days for his check-up! Photo of Dese

May 24, 2019

"I'm in grade four now and the kids in my school make fun of my face. It really hurts my feelings and I cannot do anything about it," Dese admits to us. "I want to be healed and continue school like everyone else." School is tough for many people in Ethiopia which means many children are older than they would be in the equivalent grade to many other parts of the world. School is even tougher for Dese due to his condition, as he has pointed out. We're excited he's here at CURE Ethiopia and we get to work with him to make school easier in at least this one respect! Dese is going to be having his first operation on his neck today and we'll get this party started! Please join us in praying for him. Photo of Dese

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