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  • Age16
  • Conditiona joint condition
  • Next Appointment 01/22/2020

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Adem's Story

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up!” Adem shares with excitement.

Adam comes from a family of six, and he is the second child for his parents. His father passed away when Adem’s mom, Fatuma, was three months pregnant with him. She g… Read more

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up!” Adem shares with excitement.

Adam comes from a family of six, and he is the second child for his parents. His father passed away when Adem’s mom, Fatuma, was three months pregnant with him. She got remarried right away because it is custom to marry the brother of the deceased husband. So, Fatuma married Adem’s uncle and she has three boys and one girl with him. When Adem was born the family was so shocked and sad because he was born with clubfoot and the condition was all new to the family. Adem’s cousin, Ahmed, heard about an opportunity to receive free surgery on the radio in the capital, and so they came to Addis Ababa. Upon reaching the hospital, though, they were told the free surgeries were only for cleft lip and palate cases. Fortunately, the hospital was helpful and told him about CURE hospital and to come to us. Because of the way he walks, kids at school called him monkey and made fun of Adem, but he is such a strong kid. He still goes to school and loves learning! Please join us welcoming Adem and his family while they start their healing journey!

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Latest Updates

Jan 28, 2019

Adem was at CURE Ethiopia hospital for our 10th year anniversary celebration! He is doing great! He is walking well with and without his crutches. Dr. Tim told him that he was strong enough not to use them! He told us he is back in school and he likes it, we will see him again in a year for another check-up! Photo of Adem

Oct 18, 2018

We gave Adem's uncle a call the other day to say we missed them and to ask if they were planning on coming in for their appointment. It was scheduled for late August but unfortunately they didn't make it. We weren't able to connect with them yet, but we'll keep trying and will let them know to come back as soon as they can!

Jun 25, 2018

Posing for the camera like a boss! Adem went back home over the weekend and he will continue all of his exercises from there! We will see him and how much progress he has made at the end of August when he returns for his check-up. Please keep praying that he will be diligent with the exercises so that his core muscles will strengthen and help him be able to walk with good posture! Photo of Adem

Jun 20, 2018

Thumbs up! Is what Adem showed us while doing his physical exercises. He really does deserve a thumbs up, he has been working very hard and doing his best to improve his walking! He is making great progress each and every day and we are so very proud of him! Photo of Adem

Jun 18, 2018

We found Adem with one of our physiotherapists, Ashenafi, doing different exercises to help Adem strengthen his core muscles. Adem is being such a brave boy through all this, he is determined to walk upright! Please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Adem

Jun 06, 2018

"I am all healed now, I can walk and I look better too. From now on I will walk better and work hard," says a determined and thankful Adem after hearing all of your get well messages you've sent him. Thank you all for being part of his healing journey and for making him feel special! Photo of Adem

Jun 04, 2018

Look at Adem walking without any support! He was walking with a crutch yesterday, but today he is walking without any support and is pretty proud of his accomplishment. Thank you for cheering him on with your support and encouragement! Photo of Adem

May 31, 2018

Adem is back and he already has made another friend, Semahegn! He is doing a good job with keeping up with his exercises but he has had back pain so he will be here in the hospital learning more exercises to help him get stronger and walk pain free! Photo of Adem

Mar 14, 2018

Adem will be going back to Alemachin House today but he made sure to spend some time with his pal, Dalak. Wheeling Dalak around helps Adem practice moving and working on his posture. We'll miss him being around but really look forward to seeing his progress when he returns in a couple of months! Please keep those prayers coming for him! Photo of Adem

Mar 09, 2018

Adem is determined in his commitment to healing and was doing some physio exercises with Ashenafi this afternoon! His body is getting much stronger but he still needs to work on strengthening his gluteal muscles. To help with this, Ashenafi showed him some more exercises he can do on his own over the weekend. It's inspiring to see Adem keep up with his strength training and putting in the work it takes to heal. Thank you for doing your part to keep him encouraged through your get well messages and prayers! Photo of Adem

Mar 05, 2018

"Thank you so much for all the prayers and help," responds Adem after hearing all the get well messages he has received. One of our counselors, Tewodros, helped in translating them for Adem. He was so happy to hear all the encouragement and support from everyone and it made him very happy! Instead of walking with a walking frame, he has started using his crutches. He has been faithful in practicing with them, your encouragement has been motivating him to keep going! Photo of Adem

Feb 28, 2018

Adem is walking well with his new AFO(Ankle foot orthosis) and is excited to be practicing! He spent most of his day doing his physical exercises, walking, and watching movies! We asked Addisu, another child in the ward, what he does with Adem and he told us that every single day in the morning they get up and do their physical therapy exercises together before having breakfast! We're thankful that they have each other - physical therapy is hard work and being able to do that together makes healing more fun! Photo of Adem

Feb 23, 2018

Adem and his family are doing well. He started walking with a walker with the help of a physiotherapist and by himself for an hour a day. “Before I would fall trying to walk, but now it’s much easier. It’s easier for me now. I like being able to practice walking upright. I want to one day to be able to walk without my walker, but I cannot yet,” says Adem. In addition to using the walker, Adem has has a 10kg sand bag placed on his bottom while laying on his stomach three times a day for an hour each time. This is to help with his posture because he has had to walk bent over for so long. Before, his hands were rough and calloused from using them to walk, but now they are soft and normal. “I am really pleased with Adem’s progress so far. The family calls twice a day, I told them he started walking with a walker and they say really? It’s hard for them to believe. They are amazed. They are very eager to see the change they are hearing about,” Ahmed says with a huge smile! “I’ve seen improvement daily in how well he uses the walker!” he continues. Ahmed is Adem's cousin and caregiver here at the hospital and has been by his side. Ahmed then calls the family and we can hear their joy and excitement through the phone! “They are so delighted, though they haven’t seen him by their eyes yet, they feel light, he’s been born again. I can’t imagine what they will feel when they see him," says Ahmed. “When he comes home, walking on his own feet, I don’t know what I’ll say. I thank God and everyone who has had a hand in his journey so far.” says his mother relayed through Ahmed over the phone. We're thankful to be able to share his progress with you and the impact that healing is having already for this family - thank you for being a part of it also through your support and prayers! Photo of Adem

Feb 20, 2018

Adem is back at our hospital with us to practice walking! He is doing very well and is continuing to heal. He will stay here for a couple of weeks doing different physical exercises. We're looking forward to sharing his progress with you! Photo of Adem

Dec 15, 2017

Adem went back to the Chesire Home to continue his healing! We will see him in a couple of weeks for another checkup. Please keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery and safe return back to us! Photo of Adem

Dec 12, 2017

Adem was resting in bed and ready to go in and have his bilateral cast change this morning! Photo of Adem

Dec 06, 2017

Adem is having fun at the ward. Most of the kids in his room speak Oromigha like him, and it is so easy to play with them! He is healing and enjoying his time at the ward! Photo of Adem

Dec 04, 2017

Here are a couple of pictures from Adem's surgery! He is doing great, and is recovering well. Thank you all for your prayers! Photo of Adem

Nov 29, 2017

Adem had his triple arthrodesis today, and he did great in there! Now he is resting at the ward with his two perfectly straight feet. Please keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery! Photo of Adem

Nov 27, 2017

Adem is in the hospital for his operation. He is doing great, and he's getting ready for his clubfoot surgery! Photo of Adem

Oct 25, 2017

Adem was so playful today! Before leaving the hospital he was making faces and playing with his neighbor, Abdi. We will see him at the end of November for an admission. Please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Adem

Oct 24, 2017

Earlier in the morning we found Adem on a wheelchair soaking in the beautiful sun. He is in the hospital for a dressing change, and it seems that his foot is healing well! He will return to the Chesire home tomorrow and stay there until his second surgery. Photo of Adem

Oct 13, 2017

Adem was feeling more comfortable and having fun before going to the Chesire Home where he will be staying for the next two weeks because he lives so far from the hospital and he needs a couple of more surgeries. We will see him on October 23rd for an admission to have a cast change. Please keep Adem in your prayers! Photo of Adem

Oct 10, 2017

We’ve loved seeing Adem’s personality blossom as we’ve spent time with him. Throughout surgery prep, he was chill and calm and gave us a fist bump and a high five. You could tell that some of the surgery prep was uncomfortable with the necessary poking and prodding, but we know it’s all worth it. Adem had his first stage of foot reconstruction, and soon we’ll get to not only see our boy’s personality blossom, but also his physical transformation blossom! He’s doing great post-surgery and will hopefully get to leave the hospital on Friday! Friends, please pray for Adem’s continued healing! Photo of Adem

Oct 10, 2017

We were able to meet Adem in his village! This is a photo how he walked last week and today he will have a foot reconstruction on one of his feet to help him have one straight foot first before we tackle the second one. He will have a couple of more surgeries once he heals from this one. Please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Adem

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