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Photo of Rosemary
Rosemary from Zambia2 days ago

Rosemary was discharged today! Now she goes home and waits for her leg to heal before she comes and shows it to us at review.Thank God for this miracle!

Photo of Rosemary
Photo of Justine
Justine from Zambia2 days ago

Justine has been discharged. He will be back soon for review after he spends some time recovering at home. That you for your prayers and encouragement!

Photo of Justine
Photo of Christine
Christine from Zambia2 days ago

Christine was discharged to go and recover from home. She will be coming for reviews soon. Praise God!

Photo of Christine
Photo of Natarino
Natarino from Malawi2 days ago

Natarino is doing well today! His eye looks a lot better and he was laughing in bed this afternoon! Unfortunately we had to drag him and his dad away from the interesting training going on in the ward - the nurses and staff are doing emergency training with a dummy so there was lots of running around and doing CPR on a dummy - so he could get his cast changed! His feet are coming around nicely so hopefully he should be ready for surgery next week!

Photo of Natarino
Photo of Loveness
Loveness from Zambia2 days ago

Loveness went for surgery today. Although she was a bit resistant at first, she finally agreed to go. They performed an MUA on her and fit another cast on her leg. She is now happy, smiling, and resting in the ward!

Photo of Loveness
Photo of Mounkaila
Mounkaila from Niger2 days ago

Our man stopped by for his follow up appointment today and is doing great! His foot is adjusting nicely and we'll see him in month for another check up!

Photo of Ahmad
Ahmad from Niger2 days ago

We were able to read Ahmad a few get well messages today and we sneakily turned on our webcam so we could capture some of his reactions! Thank you all for your continued love and prayer for this guy!

Photo of Ahmad
Photo of Souraya
Souraya from Niger2 days ago

When Souraya's making this face and running at you, you know you're in trouble!

Photo of Souraya
Photo of Abdoul
Abdoul from Niger2 days ago

Abdoul gets to go home today! But not before he got an instax print (polaroid) to take home with him!

Photo of Abdoul
Photo of Mathias
Mathias from Niger2 days ago

Mathias got a video get well message from the CUREU chapter at East Carolina University that we were able to show him! (We sneakily turned on our web cam to get his reaction)

Photo of Chisomo
Chisomo from Malawi2 days ago

Chisomo was back yesterday! Poor mommy Fayiness said that she walked from beyond Limbe (4 miles away) and she was really tired from walking. She arrived late and Thandy says she looked really tired, so he gave her some Kwacha to take a bus back. Because CURE's services are free, the only expense for the family is travel, but sometimes even a short 25 cent bus ride is expensive for the kids we help. Fayiness is excited that Chisomo's feet are starting to come around though - please be praying that Chisomo won't need too many more casts so she doesn't have to travel here too often!

Photo of Chisomo
Photo of Haoua
Haoua from Niger2 days ago

We got to sit down with Haoua this morning and read her a few of your get well messages! Unfortunately she snuck home before we could grab a photo. With this said, she'll be back in a few weeks for a check up to see how things are healing!

Photo of Donata
Donata from Malawi2 days ago

Donata is very, very ticklish - we love chasing her around pretending to be the tickle monster because she thinks it's a riot! She also loves having her photograph taken, and sticking out her tongue!

Photo of Donata
Photo of Nafiou
Nafiou from Niger2 days ago

We had the chance to show Nafiou a video of the crowd at a Lauren Daigle concert praying for him the other night which he loved! He's also going through the pre-anesthesia consultation today which means, assuming everything goes well, Nafiou will be going back into surgery next week!

Photo of Boniface
Boniface from Malawi2 days ago

Meet the newest physiotherapy intern, Boniface! He's been EVERYWHERE today - mostly he's been playing in the physiotherapy department with Calvine since there's a ton of toys in there! He wandered into the physiotherapy office with his toy car, silly boy! Please be praying for him, it looks like he has a bit of a sneeze and a runny nose!

Photo of Boniface

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