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posted by Brant Hansen

Brant & Sherri

Brant & Sherri

I love CURE.

But the reason I got involved with CURE, originally, was because I loved our listeners.

I wanted them to not just hear about Jesus but to see Him in action. CURE does exactly what Jesus did: They heal and proclaim the Kingdom of God. It just makes so much sense. They run hospitals in developing nations around the world, serving children spiritually AND physically.

So here’s what a relationship with CURE can do for your radio ministry:

  1. Provide compelling “featured ministry” content, both audio and for the web, that connects.
  2. Give your listeners a FRESH and VERY personal way to engage with the poor (including options that don’t involve giving money).
  3. Give you a dynamite, emotionally powerful “Mother’s Day” promotion that is “turnkey” for you and your promotions staff.
  4. Offer amazing hospital visits for you and your listeners to places like Ethiopia, the Dominican Republic, or the new Tebow CURE Hospital in the Philippines.
  5. Even give you a great daily radio show! (Well, if it’s NOT great, that’s my fault…)

I’ve heard CURE called the “best kept secret in the world.” What they do is remarkable, but these kids shouldn’t be a secret anymore. We’d love to join with you in telling the world, together.

To learn more about CURE partnership opportunities, contact Paul Goldsmith at 312-772-6781 or or

Why Does WordFM Partner with CURE?

Resources for YOU

Purpose for your P1’s

From fundraisers to promos to content, CURE connects your listeners to “the least of these” around the world, giving you a shared mission with your biggest fans.


Professional Pledge-drive help

Our resources for share-a-thon support—from charitable premiums to professional on-air tools—can give you a fundraiser like no other.


Proven Programming

Lisa Williams is often known as “God’s Radio Girl.” Her connection with listeners is magnetic and her amazing gifts have brought encouragement and hope to millions. Lisa describes her daily show as, “Fun, honest, often spiritual, sometimes silly, always authentic conversations. Exploring life and, ultimately, what is better.”

The Brant Hansen Show is utterly unique. Brant is quirky, deep, nerdy, and joyful. His producer, Sherri, is brilliant, patient, and hilarious. According to Brant, “Our goal is simple: We want to remind people, with as much joy and creativity as we can muster, just how GOOD God is. People are burdened with both busy-ness and guilt. If we can take some of that off someone’s shoulders… well, that’s like fresh water to people.”


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