In the United States and in 13 countries around the world, our co-workers are the face of CURE to children and parents, friends and partners. They bring our core values to life. The way we see it, all CURE co-workers are on mission with God and each other to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to those in our care.


Jonathan Ligero

Spiritual Director / Philippines

Dr. Tihut Teshome

Pediatric Anesthesiologist / Ethiopia

Emanuel Mayaki

Spiritual Director / Niger

Dr. Ousmane Hamady Issa

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon / Niger

Dr. Evelyn Mbugua

Executive Director / Kenya

Dr. Stefano Bolongaro

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon / Ethiopia

Dr. Firaol Dandena

CURE Network Research Coordinator and Quality and Patient Safety Manager

Martin Chipimo

Operations Manager / Zimbabwe

Dr. Elsa Calvez

Orthopedic Surgeon / Philippines

Dr. Bill Hennrikus

Consultant Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, Philippines

Dr. Eileen Hennrikus

Safe Care Administrator, Philippines

Dr. Bicheng Yong

Consulting Surgeon / Malawi

Dr. Orlando Basilio Jr.

Medical Director / Philippines

Dr. Micah Tan

Orthopedic Surgeon / Philippines

Dr. Tongai Chitsamatanga

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon / Zimbabwe

Edith Mutsatsa

Nurse Manager

Dr. Dixon Chaponda Tembo

Anesthesiologist / Zambia

Anamy Simbajon

Finance / Philippines

Dr. Mbonisi Malaba

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon / Kenya

Simon Peter Nderitu

Finance Manager

Nelson Muoki

Development Manager / Kenya

Faith Gondwe

Human Resource Manager / Zimbabwe

Dr. Collen Msasanure

Doctor in Charge / Zimbabwe

Andrew Betteridge

International Owner's Representative & Project Engineer / Zambia

Martin Mulongo

Operations Manager / Zambia

Dr. Humphrey Oketchi

Neurosurgeon / Uganda

Dr. Tirunesh Busha

Anesthesiologist / Ethiopia

Susan Kampeni

Head of Nursing Services / Malawi

Chimwemwe Chimbatata

Spiritual Director / Malawi

Dr. Uli Seeberger

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon / Niger

Dr. John Mugamba

Senior Neurosurgeon and Head of Training / Uganda

Dr. Philemon Ogeto Nyambati

Pediatric, Orthopedic, and Spine Surgeon / Kenya

Dr. Thomas Sough

Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon / Kenya

Dr. Federico Sibona

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon / Kenya

Dr. Fasto Yugusuk Ladu

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon / Kenya

Kevin de Smidt

Head of Technology / US

Peter Cowles

Executive Director / Philippines

Fred Wangwa

Spiritual Director / Uganda

Terence Kombe

Spiritual Director / Zambia

Greg Forney

Head of Advancement / US

Jorum Mugari

Spiritual Director / Zimbabwe

Ruth Wangui

Human Resource Manager / Kenya

Anamy Simbajon

Finance Director / Philippines

Romel Rudyard Lucentales

Facilities Director / Philippines

Lotis Galoa

Human Resource and Administrative Director / Philippines

Tandulenji Zimba

Head of Administration and Human Resources / Malawi

Daouda Souley

Finance Controller / Niger

Veronica Nimene

Nurse Manager / Niger

Ireen Muzeta Zimba

Quality and Infection Control Manager / Zambia

Dr. Joseph Maweja

Medical Officer / Zambia

Catherine K. Malisawa Simusamba

Financial Controller / Zambia

Juliane Hachaambwa

Nurse Matron / Zambia

Stephen Chishmba

Project Manager / Zambia

Metesabia Mamo

Human Resource Director / Ethiopia

Debebe Leta

Program Manager / Ethiopia

Sara Kahsay

Nursing Director / Ethiopia

Abinet Takele

Finance Director / Ethiopia

Petwa Akol

Operations Manager / Uganda

Irene Abelo

Finance Manager / Uganda

Esther Namale

Human Resources Manager / Uganda

Annet Kirunda Akol

Nurse Manager / Uganda

Tapiwa Tapererwa

Head of Finance / Zimbabwe

Jonathan Simpson

Executive Director / Zimbabwe

Dr. Laurence Wicks

Orthopedic Surgeon / Ethiopia

Dr. Jean-Claude Theis

Head of Orthopedic Services / Malawi

Dr. Tesfaye Mulat

General Plastic Surgeon / Ethiopia

Dr. Sarah Hodges

Deputy Director and Consultant Anesthesiologist / Philippines

Dr. Andrew Hodges

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon / Philippines

Dr. Karim Hagbe

Medical Consultant / Niger

Dr. Yodit Enkossa

Pediatrician / Ethiopia

Bryony Schultz

Director of Operations, CURE Distribution Center / US

Ester Gauran

Nursing Director / Philippines

Frida Kabaso

Executive Director / Zambia

Rose Baco

Director of Hospital and Field Work Operations / Philippines

Stacey Korecki


Dr. Rick Gardner

Chief Medical Officer

Brant Hansen

CURE Advocate/Radio Presenter

Elly Chemey

Executive Director / Malawi

Dr. Sindula Tshoma

Anesthesia Medical Officer / Zambia

Dr. Cyril Ilho Moyo

Orthopedic Surgeon / Zambia

Dr. Giorgio Lastroni

Medical Director / Zambia

Dr. Andrew Amata

Anesthesiologist / Zambia

Dr. Emmanuel Wegoye

Medical Director / Uganda

Tim Erickson

Executive Director/Uganda

Dr. Shelley Oliver

Medical Director / Niger

George Găvruș

Executive Director / Niger

Dr. Anthony Nesoah

General Surgeon / Niger

Dr. Diane Nahimana

Anesthesiologist / Niger

Dr. Kaiser Raphael

Anesthesiologist / Malawi

Ezekiel Milelu

Head of Finance / Malawi

Dr. Samuel Maina

Medical Director / Malawi

Dr. Nicholas Lubega

Orthopedic Surgeon / Malawi

Dr. Joseph Theuri

Medical Director / Kenya

Victor Mose

Spiritual Director / Kenya

Dr. Paul Mang’oli

Orthopedic Surgeon / Kenya

Dr. Mwemezi Kaino

Anesthesiologist / Kenya

Dr. Tewodros Tilahun Zerfu

Orthopedic Surgeon / Ethiopia

Mesfin Taye

Counseling Director / Ethiopia

Dr. Tim Nunn

Medical Director / Ethiopia

Dr. Mesfin Etsub

Orthopedic Surgeon / Ethiopia

Adey Abate

Executive Director / Ethiopia