Our Mission

Luke 9:2 tells us that Jesus ‘sent them out to heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God.’ In response, CURE’s mission is to reach and heal more children living with disabilities like clubfoot, bowed legs, cleft lips, untreated burns, and hydrocephalus. We do this through a global network of pediatric surgical hospitals that serve children.

Since 1996

5.3+ million
Patient Visits

Surgical Procedures Performed

Decisions for Christ

Our Core Values

Being Christlike

CURE values reflecting Jesus with compassion to those we serve.

Being Childlike

CURE values a child’s passion for life and dependence on God in how we think, live, and love.


CURE values doing what we say and saying what we do.

Restoring the Broken

CURE values taking action in responding to the physical and spiritual needs of those without voice and resources.

Intentional Relationships

CURE values collaborative partnerships that cultivate trust and authenticity.

How to Heal a Child Every Month

There are thousands of vulnerable children waiting to receive surgeries. As a CURE Hero monthly donor, you will be introduced to a child every month who is in the hospital. You can send messages to the children assigned to you, encourage their faith, and hear about their progress. Because of your generosity, these kids will be able to walk again, smile again, and go to school again. And, they will hear about Jesus and how much He loves them.