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One surgery at a time.


CURE International is a Christian non-profit organization that operates a global network of eight children’s hospitals providing world class surgical care and intentional spiritual care to children living with treatable disabilities.

Across the CURE network in 2021:

84,000 +

12,000 +
Surgical Procedures

19,000 +
Decisions for Christ

Kids are in CURE Children’s Hospitals now!

Follow a child’s story, encourage them with get well messages, and see the impact your gift has. You can champion healing for kids every month by becoming a hero monthly donor!

Chris Tomlin


“Kids right now who can’t walk, they’re being carried, who can’t go outside because their faces look different…they get to be kids again. Because of CURE… because of you and me and everyone else involved, kids will be kids again, and be able to walk and run.”

CHRIS TOMLIN, Music Artist

See Your Impact

Worldwide, there are over 100 million children with disabilities in places where services are not available or affordable. Your prayers and financial support bring hope to the most vulnerable, helping children with disabilities reach their full potential.



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Doreen | Malawi | Bowed Legs

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