News & Stories Kids Helping Kids: Local VBS Programs Fund Surgeries for 30 Kids!

Kids Helping Kids: Local VBS Programs Fund Surgeries for 30 Kids!

Kids Helping Kids: Local VBS Programs Fund Surgeries for 30 Kids!

What happens when you help local churches connect with children in need of surgical care at CURE’s hospitals around the world?

Lives change on both sides of the globe.

This summer, churches around the United States partnered with CURE as part of their summer VBS programming. CURE provided each church with a mix of print and video resources—both fun and educational—to help kids learn about God’s call to heal the sick and share the gospel.

Chapelstreet Church in Illinois partnered with CURE through their summer VBS program.

Kids had the opportunity to pray for and send get-well messages to children currently receiving care at CURE hospitals for treatable disabilities like clubfoot, cleft lip/palate, knock knees, bowed legs, and hydrocephalus.

“The kids at Crossroads Bible Church learned to demonstrate God’s love through encouraging kids at CURE hospitals this summer,” shared Hannah VanderVelde, children’s director at Crossroads Bible Church in Michigan. “They were engaged with [the stories of children served at CURE] and thoughtful with how they responded.”

CURE is helping churches who want to inspire their youngest members with a passion for missions and serving the needy in Jesus’s name.

“CURE has captured our attention because they impact children physically and spiritually,” says Bruce McEvoy, Pastor of Local and Global Impact at Chapelstreet Church in Illinois. “The surgeries are a tool to communicate the good news.”

In VBS programs across the country, kids like Lydia could send get-well messages to patients like Catherina recovering at CURE hospitals.

CURE’s materials offer a fun and engaging way for pastors and leaders to help children tangibly see and interact with the gospel message.

Partnering with CURE helps churches like Chapelstreet provide practical ways for their kids to minister to children in need around the world—in the midst of all the VBS fun!

“In our VBS program, we always try to do one day with a heavy focus on presenting the gospel throughout all we do. The story of CURE is a great tool to leverage and share the gospel,” said Wesley Schwartz, children’s pastor at Orchard Community Church in Idaho. “I don’t know many ministries that can help you visually see the gospel in action more than CURE.”

Children who attended VBS were invited to raise funds to provide the surgical and ministry care kids just like them need in low-income countries where CURE serves. Through lemonade stands, bake sales, and their own piggy banks—kids across the United States came together to sponsor 30 surgeries for children in need . . . and counting!

“We love the message of kids helping kids,” said Carolyn Tysdahl of Stravanger Free Lutheran Church in Garden City, IA. “We had a girls versus boys fundraising day, and the kids loved it! The videos [CURE provided] were great—a joy to see and hear the stories of the kids CURE serves firsthand, even from thousands of miles away.”

Collectively, more than $10,000 was raised from the pocketbooks of Chapelstreet’s youngest members—pictured here dropping their coins into collection buckets to go toward helping heal kids with CURE.

 CURE’s work each year providing surgical care and the love of Jesus to thousands of children with treatable disabilities would not be possible without our local church partners.

“We are incredibly grateful to the congregations, families, and especially to the kids who came together to help kids heal with CURE this summer,” said Justin Narducci, President/CEO of CURE International.  “It is a joy for CURE to help churches provide tangible, practical ways for their people to demonstrate the good news of Jesus to kids in need around the world.”

We love to see kids understanding God’s love—and expressing it through chalk art!

Learn more about how your church can participate in CURE’s VBS program.