News & Stories How CURE Treats Windswept Condition to Change Lives

How CURE Treats Windswept Condition to Change Lives

Go behind the scenes with Zambia’s Medical Director, Dr. Lastroni, to see how CURE treats children with windswept legs—helping them run for the first time!

Watch the video above for an inside look at how CURE successfully treats windswept legs with Dr. Giorgio Lastroni, Medical Director at CURE Zambia, and be inspired by the life-changing transformation generous donors like you make possible for children like Maryanne.

What Is Windswept Legs?

Windswept legs is the combination of bowed legs and knock knees in which one leg tilts inward while the other bows outward, making the legs look windswept. 

If left untreated, windswept legs can cause significant issues with walking. Eventually, abnormal pressure on the joints can cause pain and early arthritis. Children with disabilities in the areas CURE serves also often experience social discrimination. 

Here’s the good news: Because of CURE’s generous donors, world-class surgeons like Dr. Lastroni can perform the surgeries children need to walk free from conditions like windswept legs. 

Every day at CURE, we give kids a new lease on life—kids like  Maryanne, who had extreme difficulty walking most of her early life due to her severe windswept legs. But because of the support and generosity of our donors, she had surgery at CURE Kenya and is now seemingly unstoppable as she runs disability-free into her future.

Maryanne’s painful windswept legs made it difficult to walk. Today, after surgery from CURE, she can hardly stop running!

Here are three ways you can learn more and help kids heal with CURE: