News & Stories Surgery Makes Aubrey’s Dream of Becoming a Doctor Possible

Surgery Makes Aubrey’s Dream of Becoming a Doctor Possible

Aubrey’s before and after photos show a dramatic change. But that’s only part of the story generous supporters of  CURE made possible.

When we met Aubrey for the first time, he told us: “I feel ashamed that I do not fit into my community with my friends. All I do at home is my homework assignments from school to pass the time.” For a seventh grader who just wants to fit in with his friends, this is devastating.

Aubrey’s condition made it painful to walk and kept him isolated from his community.

Aubrey has been living most of his life with a painful joint condition that causes his left leg to bend backward. In addition to pain, it brings him ridicule within his community. Despite this, Aubrey is committed to working hard because he has big dreams. He says, “I want to be a doctor, and I will always work hard, even though it is not easy for me.”

A referral to CURE Malawi means Aubrey will have a chance to pursue his dreams. CURE’s world-class surgeons were able to straighten Aubrey’s legs at no cost to his family. His recovery was aided by physical therapy and new friends made in the playroom. From CURE’s spiritual ministry team, Aubrey learned that he is loved by God and made in His image.

CURE’s dedicated surgical team performs Aubrey’s life-changing surgery.

On the day he walked out of the hospital, he said: “Thank you, CURE, for helping me to have a better leg . . . with love, care, and learning about God, I have so much peace . . . I can live my life fully, and I am ready to achieve my goal of becoming a doctor!”

After surgery and lots of physical therapy, Aubrey is on the road to achieving his dream of returning to school and becoming a doctor.

At home, everyone in his village testifies to what the Lord has done through CURE. His mom, Catherine, shares, “My heart praises God for what CURE Malawi did. I have peace and joy because we have seen the favor of God through Aubrey.”

Supporters of CURE make pictures like this possible! Aubrey can now walk tall and return to school.

Generosity from partners like you changed Aubrey’s life and impacted his community.

All medical and ministry care is provided at no cost to children and their families, made possible by the generous support of CURE partners and donors.

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