This father never lost hope and led the way to healing

Emmanuel is a 14-year-old boy who suffered from pneumonia when he was younger, which affected his bones and brain. Ephantus is his father, and their relationship is one to be admired. Ephantus brought Emmanuel to CURE Kenya after struggling for many years to find help for his son. 

You could hear the pain in Ephantus’ voice when he was telling us about the difficult journey he has been through with his son. “I tried everything I could think of!” Ephantus told us. From changing hospitals to searching for rehabilitation programs, it has been a difficult road. Emmanuel’s bones were easily breaking, and it was hard to explain why. Ephantus searched everywhere for a doctor who could explain why his son was ailing but was unsuccessful.

Emmanuel was healed of his pneumonia, but it left him with a deformity. He was unable to stand up straight, and it was a struggle for him to walk. As he grew older, his bones and tissues became harder and physiotherapy didn’t help him. Ephantus lost hope, but he did not lose faith. Because of the effects of pneumonia on Emmanuel’s brain, it meant that life would never be the same for him again. He regressed, while his friends continued excelling in school. 

Ephantus found out about CURE Kenya from a friend. “I can only say that it was God’s timing that I learned about CURE when I did,” Ephantus exclaimed. He was told to give us a visit and decide for himself whether he wanted to proceed with treatment. When Ephantus listened to the doctors at CURE, he heard things he had never heard anyone say before and was convinced that his son would finally get help. Further, he was fascinated by the fact that CURE puts God first in everything! When Ephantus brought his son to CURE Kenya for admission, he saw before and after pictures on a wall showing children’s transformations. He was amazed to see such huge changes and this helped him believe that he was in the right place. 

Emmanuel is scheduled for surgery, and Ephantus is thrilled! He prays that his son will come out healed. He also wants to use his story with CURE to encourage other people with children living with disabilities to not lose hope. “I am very happy about this opportunity for my son to be treated. I am going to use his pictures to tell others that there is help out here and that the children don’t need to grow up with a [treatable] disability!”

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Elvis Lemaiyan

My name is Elvis Lemaiyan from Kenya. I love taking photos a lot, and I really enjoy the company of kids because they say the most amazing things and they have the purest of hearts. Working at CURE is like a match made in heaven for me because I get to interact with kids and take their pictures. I studied Film Production in college, but I developed a bias toward photography in my first year and have been shooting since then. I am also a soccer player and a huge fan of the same. Most times I play as a striker, so you can see: all I do in life is shoot.​​

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