News & Stories Finding neglected child health conditions with mobile clinics

Finding neglected child health conditions with mobile clinics

Finding neglected child health conditions with mobile clinics

Most of the children that CURE Children’s Hospitals treat come from rural villages and do not have access to specialized medical care. Because of this, conditions that should be treated right away are often neglected causing more significant problems for the child. Neglected broken bones and clubfoot are conditions that affect a child’s mobility and ability to play with their friends.

Patients in rural villages are often referred to medical clinics, which can be 10 km (6 miles) away or even more. One could argue that 10 km is not a long distance to go to seek medical attention, but if the sick person or their caretaker lacks the means or money for transportation, they will have to travel by foot. 10 km is a long distance when the person traveling is unwell, has mobility issues, and has to walk to get medical attention. Add to that hazardous road conditions, with hills, broken bridges, and rocks, and it becomes clear why people put off seeking healthcare. When it is the rainy season, parents focus much on preparing the fields and ensuring that the family has enough food for the year. If they have a child with a medical concern, it would be extremely difficult to seek help and get treated in good time.

When there is a heavy downpour of rain, the road conditions get worse. The car wheels sink into the mud, and sometimes the driver and passengers have to get out and walk. And when the car reaches a narrow path with other vehicles coming from opposite directions, it becomes a tough game. It is not uncommon for someone to tumble over the side of the road into a farmer’s field! 

CURE mobile clinics are designed to stand in the gap and reach out to these families where they live. Our mobile team often has to travel days ahead and find a place to lodge. In the following days, our spiritual and medical teams meet with local church groups, group village headmen, and health centers to bring awareness about the services CURE hospitals provide. These meetings help us to find children in need and reach them with help.

Instead of waiting for parents or caregivers to come to us with their children, we get in the car and go to their villages and homes to meet them! Through our CURE mobile outreach program, we have been able to reach thousands of children with both physical healing and spiritual Impact. You can take part today in supporting CURE mobile clinics and reaching more vulnerable children in need.