A Good Father Trusts in the Lord: Sunday’s Story

“God is a good father, he is always there even when things go wrong,”- Sunday started.

Sunday fell in love with Sauya. He asked her to marry him, and God blessed them with four healthy children. “All the other kids are healthy as can be, and I would say we were one happy family,” Sunday said. So, when Sauya was due to give birth to their fifth child, they were not prepared for what the doctor told them.“The CT machine operator told me that our baby was fine but had a rather unusual swelling on his head, and it’s really big.” Sunday recalls.

The doctor told them that if they had come earlier for their scan, the pregnancy could have been terminated. “No,” Sunday quickly reacted, “this is a life we are talking about. I wouldn’t even think of ending the life of a child God has given me just because of my fear for their future. God knew him even before he was formed in his mother’s womb.”

Even as a local pastor, Sunday struggled to accept that there was something wrong with his unborn child and be strong for his family. Thankfully, Aston, a beautiful baby boy, was born but with a swelling on the back of his head. “When Aston was born, people were surprised at the swelling, but all I could see was a miracle,” Sunday told us.

The doctor immediately referred them to the CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda, where Aston was soon scheduled for surgery. Since Sauya had a C-section, she was unable to make it to the hospital, and it was up to Sunday to take care of Aston. “It was an amazing time with Aston. We got to bond really well, as we waited for mommy to come and join us,” Sunday said.

Unfortunately, there was a bit of a problem when Sunday arrived at CURE Uganda. Aston had jaundice, a condition common in premature babies. His liver wasn’t fully developed, showing its deficiency through the yellowing of the skin. So Ashton’s surgery was delayed. In response, Aston was given morning sunbaths by his father every day.

At the time of Aston’s admission, the hospital Spiritual Center had organized a time for prayer and fasting. News reached the ward and a few patients and caregivers joined, including Sunday. “I could not miss out on such a great opportunity to thank God and make my petitions known unto Him,” Sunday spoke. After the prayer and fasting, CURE surgeons found a window to work on little Aston. Praise be to God — his surgery was successful!

Sunday and Sauya at CURE Uganda with baby Aston.

While in the ICU, Sauya was attending to Aston when one of the nurses administering treatment commented, “You have such a good husband.” Sauya simply smiled and replied, “Indeed, I am blessed to have him. I do not know what I would have done without him.”

A few days later, Aston was taken to the general ward where he was stabilized, and they were discharged. A few weeks later, Aston’s head started to swell again, and Sunday knew exactly what to do. He raised some money and transported Aston and Sauya to CURE Uganda as he stayed home to look after the other kids. After Aston’s surgery, Sauya called Sunday with concern for their son. “I told her that, God gave us Aston, and he will take care of him — do not worry, do your part and God will do the rest.”

As a pastor, Sunday is very much inspired by his experience of the love of God in his life. He remembers the time when he was bewitched, and God set him free through the power of prayer and his word.

Sunday gave his life to Christ after his deliverance, and his wife Sauya, who was a Muslim, did not take the gospel seriously, but they were bound in love. She later was convicted of being a witness to what God had done in her husband’s life, and she gave her life to Christ too. 

“I am so honored to be serving God. I feel unworthy though. I want to be the best father my kids will ever know,” Sunday told us.