News & Stories Send a message to a child in a CURE hospital

Send a message to a child in a CURE hospital

Send a message to a child in a CURE hospital

Have you ever felt unsure and nervous about starting something new? Our CUREkids have those unsettling feelings many times throughout their stay at the hospital as they face many new experiences such as being admitted, being scheduled for an operation, going into the operating room, and trusting a new community of people.

In these new situations, CUREkids (children being treated at CURE hospitals) can become afraid and need to hear kind words that will bring back their smiles and positive thoughts. Many times, at our CURE hospitals we have children that just need to hear you are praying and thinking about them to keep them strong for the new experience that lies ahead that day. 

In Malawi, it is common that if one family member is at the hospital undergoing an operation, the whole family feels low. This is to recognize that the whole family is in it together-sharing the suffering and anxiety. Encouraging messages not only help the patient but the entire family as well! 

At CURE, we are blessed to have a program that provides a way for you to send real-time messages to individual children at our hospitals. Through this program, our Storytellers interact with patients and guardians to encourage them while they are in the hospital waiting for or recovering from surgery. One of the ways our Storytellers encourage the children is through reading them your messages. 

Not only can CURE co-workers reach out to the children in the ward — you can as well!

You can follow a child’s healing journey from start to finish at a CURE hospital and send them encouraging messages along the way. These messages make a big difference for children like Trinity, a teenage girl who was treated at the CURE Children’s Hospital of Malawi.  “I feel so loved and cared for when I hear people around the world are praying for me. Each day, I wait to read and hear more from people praying and wishing me the best,” Trinity shared with us. (Trinity is pictured above)

Some children at CURE hospitals, like Trinity, have lengthy stays to ensure proper recovery. During this time, CUREkids often begin missing home, and your connection to them through get-well messages makes them feel supported and part of a bigger community that cares for them.  

“One of my favorite things is when I get to hear there are people out there who are praying for me, sending me verses to read when I feel low, and my life has been changed with every kind word I get,said Flora

What we communicate to our patients has a huge impact on their life. Words are powerful and encouraging messages from you can brighten a child’s day just when they need it most!  

Messages from you are delivered to CUREkids in the hospital by our Storytellers. Some children are able to read English and read your messages on their own. While some of our kids have your messages translated to them, or have the message read to them if they are very young. Whatever the way they receive the message, they are always surprised and grateful that people around the world are praying and caring for them.

Mphatso sees his name on a get well card sent to him from CURE supporters.

Thank you for loving and caring for vulnerable children being treated at CURE Children’s Hospitals. If you would like to send a get-well message to one of our CUREkids in the hospital right now, click the button below.