April 2021 Prayer Guide

Easter brings HOPE

Greetings and welcome to this month’s prayer fellowship. Your devotion to pray for and with CURE is never taken for granted. Thank you.

The Easter season reminds us of familiar stories in the Bible like the triumphal entry, the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection. However, this is not where the story ends. There is the big lesson tying all these stories together – HOPE.

God weaves in hope with not only the promise and appearance of Jesus but more through His bodily resurrection. The words “He is not here, for He is risen, as He said” (Mat 28:6) hold the hope of Christianity for the world then, now, and for the eternal future. Through Him, we can have eternal life (Jn 3:16) and abundant life (Jn 10:10).

Jesus’ resurrection brings us hope.

  • Hope over the past: that our sins are forgiven if we confess and that our failures are no greater than God’s power to transform.
  • Hope for the present: that we are not alone but are loved and have a purpose.
  • Hope for the future: that we will be redeemed. Indeed our hope rests on the finished work of Jesus- Hallelujah!

As we embark on prayers, please be encouraged that Jesus not only came to bring hope but that He is our hope and indeed the “blessed hope” (Tit 2:13).

Earnest Kioko
Senior Director, Spiritual Ministry



Please pray for the containment of the coronavirus and for the health and safety of our co-workers, volunteers, visitors, and patients.

CURE Philippines

  • Pray for those fighting COVID-19.
  • Pray for our patients and guardians as they come to the hospital amidst stringent restrictions in Davao City.
  • Pray for our new Executive Director.
  • Pray for wisdom for our Senior Management team as they face important decisions.

CURE Ethiopia

  • Praise God that the COVID-19 vaccine is now available in Ethiopia
  • Pray for our patients in war-affected areas.
  • Pray for peace in the country of Ethiopia.
  • Pray for displaced people who are flooding to some towns – that they get help and settlement.

CURE Niger

  • Praise God for the people that accepted Jesus as the Savoir this month
  • Praise God for those who have been connected with churches and been discipled this month.
  • Pray for stability and peace in the country of Niger.

CURE Uganda

  • Pray for the ongoing construction of the ICU
  • Pray that the COVID-19 virus is eliminated and for the protection of our co-workers and patients.

CURE Kenya

  • Praise God for various ministry opportunities presented to us.
  • Praise God for our committed partners.
  • Pray for new believers to be shepherded and established in the faith.
  • Pray for protection against the third wave of COVID-19 that is sweeping across the country.

CURE Zambia

  • Praise God for the reduced number of COVID cases in Zambia
  • Pray for peace during the presidential elections
  • Pray for quick physical and emotional healing for our patients
  • Pray for continued grace over our surgeons and nursing staff as they continue to serve the children at our hospital

CURE Malawi

  • Pray for God’s protection from COVID-19 for patients, guardians, and co-workers
  • Pray for wisdom for our management team as we make decisions on how to best care for our patients and guardians.