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The Unbelievable Love of God

The Unbelievable Love of God

Takondwa is an incredibly quiet boy who still somehow manages to make friends with almost every one of our co-workers here at CURE Malawi! His quietness is deceiving because Takondwa loves to sing. We first met Takondwa when his grandmother Cecelia brought him to meet our CURE Malawi doctors for help when Takondwa broke his arm. As many children do, Takondwa was playing in the backyard of his parent’s house with his friends. Things got a little out of control and one of his friends accidentally knocked Takondwa off the porch. Takondwa fell and broke his arm.

“I did not know where to go for help. I was so stressed,” Cecelia told us. “I wanted to give up but seeing him in pain was too much for me to bear.” With no medical services in their community, it didn’t seem like there was anything that could be done for Takondwa. They just did their best to alleviate Takondwa’s pain. 

Due to the pain and inability to do anything with his arm, Takondwa could not join his friends in school. Takondwa is a three-year-old boy that lives with his extended family consisting of his parents, grandparents, and aunts. Life as the youngest of many children is not easy with many in the house and so much going on! Thankfully, Takondwa has a loving, caring, and courageous grandmother in Cecelia! When a stranger saw Takondwa’s broken arm, he referred the family to CURE Malawi, and it was Cecelia who took it upon herself to accompany Takondwa to the hospital. 

“When I walked into this hospital, it didn’t seem like a hospital. It is full of love, hope, care, and I felt at peace. I have seen the unbelievable love of God,” Cecelia confessed to us. While our medical staff treated Takondwa’s arm, our spiritual team has been there for Takondwa and his grandmother to make sure their needs are met. Cecelia expressed that her time at CURE Malawi has both given her hope in the reality of God’s love for Takondwa and a boost to her faith. Now that Takondwa has had surgery, the pair will return home. Once he is fully healed, Takondwa is excited to start school with his friends, and Cecelia can continue to nurture her faith and share it with her beautiful grandson. 

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