News & Stories Remembering Dr. Anthony Chisakuta and his legacy of serving children in need

Remembering Dr. Anthony Chisakuta and his legacy of serving children in need

Remembering Dr. Anthony Chisakuta and his legacy of serving children in need

It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Dr. Anthony Chisakuta. We grieve, but our confidence and hope are that he is in the very presence of the Savior he loved and served.

“I was told recently that Anthony Chisakuta is still remembered in the hospital where he used to work in Belfast. Anytime there is a complex child who needs surgery, they say, “What would Tony do?” shared Dr. Georgio Listroni, Medical Director at CURE Children’s Hospital of Zambia. “I am not surprised. He was with us in Zambia just a few years, and from the very first days he joined us, it was obvious that he was adding great value to our team. As we knew him better, we learned that he was not just an exceptional professional but also a great person with a heart to help children, teach others, and leave a mark on everyone having the opportunity to meet him. We all remember him coming to work with a big smile, even when we discovered he was going through the most difficult time with his health. With his smile, he showed us what it means to have trust in the Lord. Thank you, Anthony.”

Dr. Anthony performing surgery.

“Dr. Chisakuta started with CURE on April 1, 2017. He joined CURE because he wanted to give back to his country of birth and serve the Lord. He felt he had much he could offer not just to CURE, but the entire country of Zambia. He was attracted by what CURE does because he could not only improve the standard of care at CURE but also because of the fact that CURE believes in training the next generation of doctors. He was particularly interested in training others and giving back as he felt he had received much,” shared Peter Kyalo, Chief Program Officer at CURE International.

Anthony Chisakuta was born in Zambia on July 4th, 1958, and completed his medical training in Zambia before moving to Belfast, North Ireland, for further studies in anesthesia. The Society of Anaesthetists of Zambia shared on their Facebook page, “Dr. Chaisakuta was a great asset to the Society. He was a great mentor, a fountain of wisdom and strength and knowledge, and he was selflessly committed and invested in the growth of the anesthesia profession.”

Dr. Anthony (top row, far right) and the OR team at the CURE Children’s Hospital of Zambia.

Dr. Anthony Chisakuta leaves a wife, Emma, who is in Belfast and a legacy for us to continue in serving with a passion for excellence for the purpose of extending compassion and healing to the most vulnerable. He lived his life with purpose and conviction that impacted thousands and will be deeply missed.