News & Stories Finding Joy Amidst Struggle: Abel and Amos have the answer!

Finding Joy Amidst Struggle: Abel and Amos have the answer!

Finding Joy Amidst Struggle: Abel and Amos have the answer!

Abel and Amorth (Amos) have a strong and unique bond. They are brothers, and they both were born with brittle bone disease. With this condition, their bones break easily, which makes playing with siblings and friends a bit more dangerous for them. Think of all the times that you fell or knocked your knee on something while playing when you were a kid. Well, those types of minor injuries could create major fractures for someone with brittle bone disease. But, this reality does not keep Abel or Amos down!

When we met Abel, he was all smiles and giggles! This is unusual, not only because he has suffered from his condition but also because his community views him as cursed. “Everyone believes that the Devil has deformed him in the womb,” Abel’s father told us. Abel’s family has a genetic condition that makes them slightly shorter than the average Nigerien and unique in their bone structure. They are used to being different and the negative response that comes from it. So, Abel’s family is full of love and understanding for Abel and knows that being different does not mean being cursed.

Abel was brought to CURE Niger in 2014 when he was just six years old, and over the course of seven years, he has been treated to correct his bones as he grows. When he first arrived at CURE Niger, Abel was completely dependent on his family and needed to be carried everywhere. His legs were bent and fragile. Because of this, he has been through some rough times and tough surgeries, but he continues to spread joy around the ward even when he is getting ready for another surgery. 

Amos, at CURE Niger, ready for surgery.

In between Abel’s hospital stays, his younger brother Amos was born. Like many younger brothers, four-year-old Amos looks up to his older brother and wants to be just like him. “I want to have my legs in a cast like Abel,” said Amos to his mother when Abel returned from surgery. He has been to CURE Niger several times for his brother’s surgeries, and so he was not afraid when it was his turn for treatment. Abel’s joyful demeanor made the whole process less scary for Amos. That is the job of an older brother, to look out for the younger ones, and Abel is doing that job well.

Amos got through his first surgery and has been handling recovery like a champ. It helps to have his brother Abel by his side. Abel’s joyful attitude has been a great influence on Amos, and the nurses say that it is impossible not to get a good round of laughter in while having Amos nearby.

Abel taking a moment to spend with God.

Abel and Amos come from a Christian family, and their faith gives them hope and helps to keep them positive about their situation. They know that God loves them, and they trust that He is watching over them. 

Since Abel has been with CURE for several years, he has received a multitude of get-well messages throughout his various stays. Amos is looking forward to the same thing! Your encouragement and prayers make these kids feel like they have an even bigger family that loves and cares for them. Their mother, Boumpoundi, is so impressed that people across the world take time to write to her sons. Thank you for your support of these two precious boys and children like them. You are growing the kingdom of God!

You can send a get-well message of encouragement to a child, like Abel and Amos, at a CURE hospital. Click here to choose a child or two to encourage and send them an email message. It will be read to them by our Storyteller at the hospital.

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