News & Stories Brant Hansen’s Interview with CURE’s CEO, Justin Narducci

Brant Hansen’s Interview with CURE’s CEO, Justin Narducci

Brant Hansen’s Interview with CURE’s CEO, Justin Narducci

Justin Narducci started as President and CEO of CURE International on June 30th, 2020, and brings with him over 15 years of faith-based nonprofit and international business experience. Recently, Brant Hansen, radio host and speaker for CURE, sat down with Justin for an interview right before his move to West Michigan.

Justin, his wife, and three children have lived in California for seven years and are in the process of moving to Michigan to lead the CURE organization from the Mission Support Center. “We are excited to move to West Michigan to be with the team there,” Justin told Brant.

Justin started his career at the Boeing company in International Finance and Contracts and began formal ministry with a small organization serving East Africa. He moved on to lead the Lifewater organization for seven years. “It’s been a journey, but my heart has always been really soft to vulnerable children. We have adopted a child that was very vulnerable at one point in his own life, and that has been my passion to serve kids.”

Justin has visited a CURE hospital in the past and tells Brant a little about this visit to CURE Uganda. “It was a sobering experience. It is an oasis for those that are admitted – a piece of heaven on earth for them. They have a life-altering experience there.” He goes on to explain how witnessing the holistic care of the patients, both physically and spiritually, affected him. “You have practical surgery and spiritual care going on. The Spiritual Director was with our group and invited us to meet and pray with families. And, there were a lot of people there. It was full. The pastor that I was with went from bed to bed to pray with every family, and it took hours…I was emotionally overcome, and he just kept going. That is what these guys do every day – care for the whole person. It is very unique.”

Justin has only been with CURE for a few weeks, but already has his sights set on how CURE can serve more children. He understands that the need is great, and is excited that CURE has teaching hospitals that equip medical professionals from around the world with the skills to ultimately help more children. He wants to be involved in what God is doing in the world and is excited to be serving the kingdom at CURE International.

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