Balancing the Books and Playing with Patients: Meet Bertha

“Gaai! You have grown!” Bertha exclaimed to Elianda when she met him in the ward. 

Bertha may work in accounting, but she still finds time to care for patients. Bertha works in our accounts office and has a tender heart and a love for children. She takes every opportunity to spend time with them. Elianda is a boy that has been to CURE several times for surgery on his legs. A while back, Bertha and Elianda met in the ward. “It is very encouraging to see a kid you saw crying – smiling!” And, Elianda does smile! As we were taking photos, he kept making faces at the camera!

“Why do I work for CURE? For simple reasons like Elianda’s case,” Bertha explains. She went on to tell us that at times she feels worn out, but when she sees a kid like Elianda that she saw five years ago, healed and even born again, her day turns around! “He’s a grown, smiling boy!” she tells us. Often, she will go home remembering a certain name and pray for them. She explains to us that she does not just work here for the money – “money is never enough.”

It is no surprise that Bertha’s favorite thing about CURE is interacting with the patients. She tells us, “My favorite thing about CURE is the fact that I can relate to patients directly.” When work is stressful, and she needs a break, you will find Bertha in the ward playing with patients. “The only place I find solace is in the ward playing with patients. Anytime I go see a needy case, and there’s something I can do, I get psyched! The part of CURE that allows me to leave my desk and go encourage someone, I love!”

Bertha meeting with Elianda and his dad.

Having a growing relationship with Christ is an integral part of CURE’s vision for its staff, and Bertha embodies this. She told us, “The only thing that can make me grow is appreciating what the Lord has done — whether small or big — and that gives you faith to trust him for what you’re waiting for now.”

“Our tagline at CURE Kenya is ‘Healing Changes Everything,’ and I think CURE is a home where many generations will come to be healed and that will cause an uplift in their faith and connection with Christ,” Bertha explains. 

We’re thankful for the staff, like Bertha, who prayerfully does their work knowing that behind what they’re doing there’s an eternal purpose. Lives like Elianda’s are being changed for the better, and that truly is what CURE is all about.