A Week of Hope and Healing with WayFM radio

“God works in the midst of the impossible. Let’s heal these kids despite COVID-19!” – WayFM DJ 

WayFM, a family of listener-supported radio stations based in Colorado Springs, raised the spirits of many Americans last week during their CURE International fundraiser. The combination of uplifting music and stories of hope and healing from children being treated in CURE hospitals inspired listeners to donate to support these children and send messages of encouragement to them.

This encouragement came at a perfect time for children with disabilities in Africa and the Philippines, where CURE hospitals are located. Since the global pandemic of COVID-19 hit, children who have already been waiting, some for years, are being asked to wait even longer for healing. They have been greatly encouraged by the support WayFM listeners have shown them.

Minga, at CURE Ethiopia, listening to a get well message from a WayFM listener in the United States during the fundraiser.

WayFM DJ’s saw the need for healing first hand, as some of them met CUREkids during a visit to CURE Kenya last year. During this visit, they met Faith and her family, and named them “Family of the Year.”  It is not only access to care for their children that these families face, but they fight many other challenging issues as well. While Faith rested in bed, her father explained to CJ & Joy how hard it is just to be a Christian in Kenya. His church services are guarded by soldiers on a regular basis, and a local church was terrorized by gunmen.

Click here to hear the brief interview with Faith’s father. 

Thank you to all the WayFM listeners that chose to become CURE heroes during this campaign. The fight to protect our communities from the spread of COVID-19 has had a big impact on our hospitals, and we need the public’s support now more than ever! The increased costs during this challenging time has made it difficult to sustain our hospitals. But, we find our hope in the Lord that He will faithfully provide, and are blessed to partner with WayFM to continue to heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God. 

Thank you!

“Backing away from the defensive and getting on the offensive” Click here to listen to a clip from the CJ & Joy Show.

WayFM DJ’s continue to inspire us, from their homes, through the radio.