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Sending Love and Encouragement

Sending Love and Encouragement

Have you had surgery? Has your child? Even if you were anxiously awaiting treatment, you were probably a bit nervous, scared, and unsure. So, you can understand how many of the children and parents feel that come to CURE hospitals for treatment. 

Part of the holistic treatment at CURE hospitals is addressing how the patient and family are feeling about their procedures and how they are dealing with the process. To provide comfort and encouragement, CURE staff members continually check on our patients and offer prayer during their hospital stay. However, hospital staff are not the only ones that have the chance to encourage our patients. CURE supporters can too!

Lonjezo having messages read to her.

Loriezo is a ten-year-old girl that was born with weak bones that break easily. Her condition was discovered when she was 2 months old. Lonjezo has visited CURE several times to treat her condition, and she has found much success. She enjoys reading supporter messages when she is at the hospital. “Thank you so much for your help and prayers!” – Lonjezo asked us to tell supporters. Her mother wanted us to tell them, “Thank you for your messages. I am very grateful for what you are doing. Her pain is gone now, and I believe it is because of your prayers.”

Hastings is a nine-year-old boy that was born with clubfoot. His condition was left untreated for years, and he experienced pain when he walked. Thankfully, CURE Malawi was able to treat his condition. Before he left the hospital, we read him supporter messages. He was very grateful and relayed the following message, “Please thank them for their prayers and encouragement, and to continue praying for me and treating other kids. Thank you so much for loving me. Tomorrow, I am going home!”

Hastings helping to click through his messages.

Mgwayisi is a thirteen-year-old girl that came to CURE for treatment for her right leg. The swelling and turning of her leg were unable to be healed through casting at other clinics, and Mgwayisi finally was referred to CURE for surgery. She was treated successfully and is getting ready for frame removal. When she read supporter get-well messages, she replied, “Thank you very much for the healing messages and encouraging words.”

Mgwayisi enjoying time to read her special messages from supporters.

Yamikani is a fifteen-year-old boy that came to CURE with a leg condition. He has struggled to walk and felt a lot of pain.  While being treated at CURE, we read supporter messages to him and he was encouraged. Yamikani asked us, “Can you tell them thank you for all the prayers, support, and for my messages? Please continue praying for me and my mother.”

Yamikani relaxing and finding encouragement from supporter messages to him.

These are just a few of the stories of children at CURE hospitals that love hearing from you! Would you like to send a message to a child at a CURE hospital? You can do it anytime by visiting CUREkids at our website on Click on CUREkids and then click on a child’s picture. You can read about that child’s healing story and send him/her a message. These messages are read to the children or parents, depending on the age of the child, while they are in the hospital. The patients and their families are amazed that someone they have never met before cares about them and is praying for their recovery. 

If you haven’t yet, please consider reaching out to a CUREkid by typing in a message and sharing some love!  Your encouragement and support is a gift to them, and the feeling you get by sending your message may just be a gift to you.