February 2020 Prayer Guide

Practice Hospitality

Tucked away in the 12th chapter of his letter to Roman Christians, the Apostle Paul exhorts them (and us) to “Practice hospitality.” Often in our modern culture, we interpret those words to mean “Be nice to others” and possibly “be sure to offer a drink and appetizer before the meal.” But, Paul has something more in mind. Hospitality is about being favored, an outsider being treated as an insider. Through hospitality, a stranger is no longer a stranger but is known, enjoyed, and cared for, as those who are in the community would be cared for and accepted. Hospitality is to welcome a stranger with open arms and hands and hearts. Just like God our Father and His Son Jesus welcome us, we are to welcome others to live life together in hope and healing.

CURE is a place where everyone from the guards to the administrators to the nurses to the doctors practice the welcome of God. Children coming to a CURE hospital are not just welcomed to physical healing but are welcomed to a full life with God through His Son Jesus.

Will you pray for hope and healing for our patients and families? And, please pray for our staff as we practice the welcome of God.

Brian VanderArk
US Spiritual Formation and Ministry Partner Engagement Officer


CURE Malawi 

  • Pray for Malawi to be peaceful after the election results are issued this month.

CURE Philippines 

  • Please pray for the completion of our Strategic Plan for 2020-2024. Please pray for wisdom, strength, and discernment for every member of the management team.  
  • Please continue to pray for our coworkers who made a commitment to devoting personal time to reading the Bible with the aid of the One-Year-Bible-Reading guide. Also, please pray for those who were undecided to commit to devoting personal time to reading the Bible that they may positively respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
  • Please continue to pray for hunger and thirst for the Word of God among our coworkers so that we may really place a high premium on setting aside time to meditate on the Word of God, and that a deepening relationship with Jesus is a priority.
  • Please pray that each member of our staff would continue to relish the love of God so that they would overflow with God’s love and compassion to be offered to everyone who comes in the hospital.
  • Please pray for wisdom, strength, and strong resolve for the Spiritual Ministry Team as we complete the needed changes for our daily devotional guide to be implemented on the third week of March.

CURE Niger 

  • Praise God for 40 co-workers successfully completing the 20 lessons of Reaching Towards Objective.
  • Praise God for opportunities to preach the gospel to patients and guardians this January and for the people who responded to the gospel.
  • Pray for our patients that come from Tillabery, an area where there is a high concentration of terrorism. The Government of Niger has prevented the use of motorbikes in that area. So, patients are having difficulty reaching CURE since motorbikes are the easiest means of transportation for most of them.

CURE Kenya 

  • Praise God for the new year – 2020!
  • Pray for safe travel during our clinics and mission outreaches
  • Pray for new believers to be grounded in faith
  • Pray for strong relationships with our partners and donors this year
  • Pray for patient follow-ups in February and Spiritual Emphasis on March 18, 19, 20th
  • Pray for 2020 to be productive both spiritually and medically at CURE Kenya

    CURE Uganda 

    • Pray for the Chapel construction as it progresses
    • Pray for Yosef, who will be visiting this week from ErKo 
    • Pray for the Spiritual Director conference next week, for safe travel and encouraging time together
    • Pray for calm and peace as the communities of Uganda are in panic for the arrival of the devastating locusts in parts of North Eastern Uganda.
    • Pray for the political atmosphere of Uganda as we approach the elections
    • Pray for the donors from Canada who will be visiting this coming week
    • Pray for the construction of ICU and ward which will begin soon

    CURE Ethiopia 

    • Praise and thanks for the spiritual ministry team and new believers who came to Christ in the past month. Please pray for their personal growth in the Lord.
    • Pray for Dofte and Chala. They are patients and need their bodies to be strengthened.
    • Pray for the new Bible study series on the “Kingdom of God.” Pray for open hearts and increased attendance at department devotions.
    • Pray for the locust affected areas of North, East, and Southern Ethiopia.
    • Pray for the security of our patients in the Eastern and Western part of Ethiopia.
    • Pray for peace and safe passage for our patients on the road and for a means of transportation.
    • Pray for the preparation and wisdom of our strategic planning sessions

    CURE Zambia 

    • Praise for Blessing Precious Banda and Royd Phiri with newly born babies
    • Praise the sufficient rain we have received this season
    • Praise God’s grace as we reach out to the patients who come to the hospital
    • Pray for Lazarous Chibamba whose father passed away recently. Pray for comfort for the family.
    • Pray that for peace for our country. Our people are being “gassed” at night, making them unconscious. Please pray for protection.
    • Pray that God continues to use us for his glory as we reach out to patients
    • Pray for the recovery of our patients
    • Pary for our upcoming mobile clinic (in March).

    Prayer Requests are closed for this month.