News & Stories CURE Uganda’s 19th Anniversary!

CURE Uganda’s 19th Anniversary!

CURE Uganda’s 19th Anniversary!

CURE Uganda turned 19 years old! 

On January 19th, 2001, CURE Uganda officially opened. We have spent 19 years serving God by healing the sick and proclaiming His kingdom in Uganda, and this January, we celebrated! 

When staff have birthdays, the human resource team sends out an all-staff email on their special day. For CURE Uganda’s birthday, we did the same thing. Operations Manager Petwa Akol wrote back to everyone to share her thoughts about this special birthday with us. “Happy Birthday CURE Uganda! I thank God for how far you have come. 19 years of existence is not a small thing. Most organizations don’t live to see their first anniversary, but the Lord Jesus has helped you grow from strength to strength and from Glory to Glory. Thanks for being a place where the people of God are ministered too and the Great Commission is being fulfilled across all departments. I am grateful to God for the opportunity to belong here at a time such as this. May you forever remain a place where God’s presence and the fruit of the Holy Spirit is manifested among co-workers and patients at every moment.”

The celebration began with the CURE Uganda choir leading us in worship through several beautiful songs, including a new Zulu song “Jeso o na shwela khalvari” (Jesus Died in Calvary). Singing in a different language is a great reminder of God’s promise that one day, people from all nations, tribes, and languages will worship Him together. Afterward, Pastor Fred reminded us that “it has been God’s grace that has brought us this far. I’m so happy that this hospital has existed for a full 19 years of serving the Lord, saving lives, bringing people to the kingdom of God, and working together in fellowship.” 

Our Executive Director, Tim Erickson, followed by leading the staff in a reflection on God’s faithfulness. He shared how over the previous weekend, a young child needed emergency surgery for a shunt blockage, and how he observed the operating room team in action. He shared how he was moved by the amazing teamwork of everyone involved. “I had the privilege of being there with the team and watching the way they operated so efficiently together. It was as if it wasn’t even an emergency. I am amazed at how God has continued building this amazing work. It’s been 19 years of effort and progress, but it’s because God has a purpose in this place – that is to heal the sick, and proclaim the kingdom of God.” Tim reminded us of our integrated mission of providing high quality pediatric neurosurgery and spiritual ministry to our patients. That’s why CURE Uganda is unique. We believe God is at the center of everything we do. Tim reminded us to stand firm on the promises of God as we look to the future. 

Earnest Kioko speaking to the CURE Uganda team.

Additionally, CURE International’s Senior Director of Spiritual Ministry, Earnest Kioko, traveled from Kenya to celebrate with us! Pastor Earnest shared a message focused on our mission from Luke 9:2. He reminded us that at CURE, we see each patient that we serve as a Divine Appointment. Pastor Earnest and the CURE Uganda spiritual team led us in Holy Communion as we gave thanks to God for the gift of Jesus and remembered His covenant and what He did for us. 

Next, we had a special morning tea together, and later a delicious lunch as we continued the festivities. Feasting together is another way to celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness! We especially want to give thanks to the hard-working kitchen team who made these wonderful meals possible. 

We are thankful when we look back to see how God has worked His mighty purpose in this place.  We are excited for all that will be accomplished at CURE Uganda over the next 19 years, and we know that God will continue to be faithful!

“While we look forward to receiving during our birthdays, (CURE) you are reaching out to give. May you live long to fulfill God’s purpose for your existence – Healing the Sick and Proclaiming the Kingdom of God among us all.”  – Operations Manager Petwa Akol