News & Stories John Arnold’s Story of Standing Tall

John Arnold’s Story of Standing Tall

John Arnold’s Story of Standing Tall

John Arnold, also known as “Adoy” to his dear family and friends, is full of character! He is jolly and friendly and very polite to everyone. But, even though he’s the kind of kid that you’d want to hang out with all day, he is still bullied due to his disability. He was born without his right foot due to amniotic band syndrome, and his left foot is clubbed and does not have complete toes. Currently, he is missing a leg and walks on his knees. “He ties a pair of flip flops to them so they would not be calloused,” Charrilyn, Adoy’s mom shared. 

Adoy before treatment and care.

Adoy’s childhood struggles have drawn him and his mother closer to God for refuge. They believe that God answered their prayers through a couple of missionaries who gave them gospel tracks. In a group photo, we found out that one of those missionaries was Bob Tebow who led them to the Tebow CURE Hospital.

During Adoy’s treatment at CURE, he and Charrilyn stayed with Seeds of Dignity (SOD), a partner organization that took care of their airline tickets from another island to Davao City. SOD also provided for their housing and transportation needs from the beginning of their treatment until Adoy got his prosthesis. At SOD, Adoy found a home where he learned more about the God who answers all of their prayers and provides for all of their needs.  We are thankful to work with organizations such as SOD to provide healing to families.

After a series of casting, surgery, and follow-up visits, Adoy waited patiently for his prosthetic leg. Thankfully, the Tebow CURE Hospital’s prosthetics and orthotics shop opened in February. Adoy didn’t get his prosthesis right away, but what made the wait worthwhile was the part that he played in making his prosthesis! Mike Hulland, Tebow CURE’s Executive Director, has an extensive background in building prostheses. He worked with Larry, our orthotic technician, to build Adoy’s new leg. Adoy got to see its construction first-hand and giddily cheer them on in their work. Mike gave him a tour of their workshop and even facilitated the fittings. 

Adoy gets fitted for a prosthetic.

“When I imagine my child standing for the first time, I couldn’t help but have joy knowing that our trip will be worth it!” Charrilyn told us when we first met her. True enough, Charrilyn could not hold back the tears of joy when Adoy stood on both legs for the first time. This was an answer to prayer for Charrilyn.

“I can finally stand! I can finally stand!” Adoy cheered as he walked on the platform. 

Since it’s his first time standing with both legs, he will need to learn how to balance and build muscle memory to walk upright. Mike took the time to sit and walk with Adoy in physical therapy, making sure that the prosthetic leg fit Adoy well.

Adoy standing tall on his new prosthetic and straightened clubfoot!

Answered prayers don’t usually come in big prosthetic packages, but they did for Adoy! He is grateful for his new prosthetic leg and is anxious to sing and dance and become a maestro just like he has always hoped!