Healing Partner – Meet Flora!

God uses so many people to aid in the healing of our kiddos at CURE, and one of those people is Flora. 

Flora had to leave school after her first year of high school due to financial difficulties. Eventually, she moved to her sister’s house in a rural area. Because of her Catholic background, she felt comfortable approaching a sister of the church about finding work. They asked her to play with children, and she even started working with children who had disabilities. She did a great job connecting with the children, and they employed her to look after the disabled. For the last nine years, Flora has been doing this. “I’m liking it so much — I am happy about it,” Flora said of her job.

As part of Flora’s job, she works with children in their homes and the community. She helps with physical therapy and at times even does it herself! Through her organization, Sisters of Charity, she also helps connect kiddos to CURE Kenya for treatment.

Flora speaks four languages and can assist patients through translation. Swahili and English are the national languages in Kenya, but at times people from rural areas, like the area that Flora is from, are unable to speak either language. We see Flora around CURE Kenya several times a year when she comes with groups of guardians and patients for surgery. She helps patients find their way here and often sticks around, helping out where needed. “I like it here because the service is very nice,” Flora said of her times at CURE Kenya.

Thanks to Flora, our patients have assistance in finding their way to the hospital and have an easier time being understood when they get here. God knew that Flora could play a vital role in his worldwide ministry, and we are so glad that she answered his call and is helping patients and their families in Kenya.