Three changes that could affect your family’s future

Many of us rely on our calendar or phone to prompt important reminders for things like birthdays, meetings, and events. What if you also had helpful prompts to remind you it’s time to update your estate plan? You may be surprised that these “prompts” are actually happening all the time! 

Some include:

Family changes

A marriage, divorce, or new child added to the family by birth or adoption

Financial changes

The acquisition or sale of a business or significant asset or changing tax laws

Life changes

A job transition, a big move, or a change in health status

Any one of these changes could create an emerging desire to include a charity like CURE International as a beneficiary. It’s important to know that if too many of these “prompts” are left unconsidered, your will could become obsolete! Planning wisely can bring peace and ensure your loved ones are taken care of well.

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This article is from the September 2019 edition of Healing, the newsletter of CURE International