Pastors train at CURE Kenya

Rev. Earnest takes the pastors and church leaders through some important points to note during the training.

At CURE Kenya, we are always seeking to grow, looking for new ways to serve our patients, ways that address our patient’s needs fully and in the end bring glory to God. In an attempt to do this, we have many trainings on various aspects of our ministry. In July, we had a team of 29 pastors and church leaders from all over Kenya who were here because we partner with them on mobile clinics, outreach missions, church engagements, and school ministries to spread the Word of God to our patients. These amazing ladies and gentlemen help reach out to our return patients and even go the extra mile to find new patients who may benefit from our ministry. The pastors and church leaders come from all the 23 mobile clinic locations CURE Kenya is able to reach. These pastors came here to be trained on how to be effective in ministering the Word of God so that our patients’ spiritual needs are met.

This particular training is more of a refresher course. Last year, these pastors came to CURE Kenya and were taken through the three pillars of our spiritual ministry: Patient Ministry, Staff Discipleship, and Community Engagement. Rev. Earnest, who is the Senior Director of Spiritual Ministry for CURE, talked about the patients’ needs at every point of contact with CURE. When a patient comes to us they usually have one or more of the following needs: 

  • physically challenged
  • socially discriminated
  • emotionally stressed
  • spiritually confused
  • financially constrained 
Rev. Earnest makes introductory remarks and introduces the speaker.

“Every time you see a patient at a mobile clinic, they might have one or more of these needs listed. So what is my role in changing that?” Rev. Earnest asked the pastors and church leaders. 

To address these, we need to make sure that by the time we part ways with our patients, they go home physically healed, socially accepted, emotionally calm, spiritually clarified and financially empowered. These are the very first points that the pastors and church leaders were exposed to to set a foundation for all the things they would discuss. 

Rev. Victor, Spiritual Director at CURE Kenya, facilitates introduction of the partners, pastors, and church leaders.

“I feel so much humbled to see what God is doing through CURE hospital in transforming lives of patients, staff, and partners,” said Rev. Victor, the Spiritual Director at CURE Kenya. He outlined some of the reasons why this refresher training was happening: performance evaluation as partners (pastors and church leaders), revision of the purpose of existence, presentation of CURE Kenya’s strategic plan for spiritual ministry, encouragement of mutual partnerships, discussion of new methodologies for bettering patient and kingdom ministry, and development of an action plan. 

Rev. Paul, representative from MALDA, begins his teachings.

Rev. Earnest had the privilege to introduce his friend and colleague, Rev. Paul, who is a representative from Missions Afield Leadership Development Africa, or MALDA. MALDA is an organisation that has partnered with CURE to help equip pastors and church leaders with the necessary skills they need in their day to day business. Rev. Paul started the training by emphasizing the importance of sharpening the tools an individual uses at work every day. He brought about the subject of sharpening the saw and encouraged the pastors and church leaders to always have the desire to grow. One suggested way of sharpening the saw was to read as many Christian materials as possible and to have a library. “It is important for pastors to constantly sharpen their saws in order to spread the Word of God.” Paul said. 

The pastors and church leaders in attendance listen carefully and watch keenly what Rev. Paul is teaching and illustrating.

As you can already tell, this was such a fulfilling time for these pastors and church leaders. They came in contact with people who have been in the ministry longer and have experience in spreading the Word of God. They learned about the structure of the spiritual ministry at CURE Kenya, the process of reaching out and spreading the Word of God to our patients, and how to get the desired outcome at the end of the day. All of them left CURE Kenya feeling equipped with some new skills, and many felt like a fire had been reignited in them to do more. We are grateful to God for this. 

After the training, the pastors and church leaders take a group photo together before they part ways to return to their homes.

We spoke to some of the pastors and church leaders and they had this to say about the training: 

“I honestly didn’t know how to deal with people with disabilities, but after the training I felt like I had been given a new skill, and now I feel empowered to reach the physically disabled.” Esther, involved in outreach missions. 

“People with disabilities are also important, and God has given us the task as pastors to reach out to their social and emotional needs.” Pastor Julius, from an outreach clinic location

“I have been encouraged to go out and mobilise more people who are living with disability to seek medical care at CURE.” Pastor Rebecca

We are so grateful to these ladies and gentlemen for being willing to leave their homes to attend this training, and we are grateful to God for allowing us to be able to host them and share these important skills with them. We hope that God will continue to be glorified through the work that these ministers do. 

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