Medical volunteer inspires scholarship

Ruth (HR), Stephen, Samuel, and Robin

Above: Ruth (HR), Stephen, Samuel, and Robin

“I learned about CURE from a Christian medical magazine in 2002. At the end of the article they said they needed nurse anesthetists. I was looking for a short-term, faith-based medical mission, and I felt God was speaking to me in this article about CURE and calling me. I called them right away … At the end of (the call) I was planning to go to Uganda where they had the greatest need for nurse anesthetists.” —Robin, Nurse Anesthetist and CURE volunteer

Robin has volunteered at CURE Kenya for a while now. She worked in theatre as a nurse anesthetist and also took part in some training as a facilitator. “I had always wanted to come to the flagship CURE hospital,” explained Robin. “I came to Kenya to help the nurse anesthetists learn how to perform peripheral nerve blocks for their patients. I love coming to CURE Kenya; I love the staff, the hospital, and the country!” 

During her multiple visits to CURE Kenya, she has had the opportunity to interact with many people, including Stephen and Samuel. “I met Stephen when I first came to Kijabe three years ago and he was cleaning the OR. I was impressed at what a hard worker Stephen was, and later he approached me and asked me to help him go to nursing school,” Robin said. 

Stephen is a born-again Christian who has mostly been involved in housekeeping work at CURE Kenya and even worked in the kitchen for some time. Stephen comes from a very humble background, but he knew deep in his heart that he wanted to go to nursing school. He expressed his desire to study nursing and was very determined to find a way to go to nursing school. Robin was very moved by this desire. 

Samuel is a nurse at CURE Kenya. He worked in the general ward for a while but met Robin while working in theatre as a PACU nurse. Samuel has always been interested in anesthesia. Meeting Robin was good for him, giving him a chance to learn from her. “Samuel would ask me lots of questions about my profession as a nurse anesthetist and even shadowed me a few times.  He was very interested in becoming a nurse anesthetist,” Robin told us. 

“I was so excited about giving BOTH Stephen and Sam a chance to become nurses and nurse anesthetists,” continued Robin. “I knew how eager and motivated they were to continue their education, how dedicated they were to CURE, and how much CURE needed them! I can’t wait to come to their graduations, meet their families and see how excited they are to reach their goals!”

Both Samuel and Stephen started school in March. We wish them the best of luck in their new endeavor, and we thank God for blessing Robin to be a blessing to these two young men and to CURE Kenya.

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