God doesn’t create extras

A very long time ago, when I was in high school, my best friend Jerry’s dad worked for a small movie company located in our city. They made and distributed evangelistic films.

One summer, we got the chance to be in one of the movies. It had a storyline that involved teen pregnancy, drug use, and other cultural artifacts of the 1960s. It was called Fast Way Nowhere, which is exactly what happened to the film—along with my acting career.

Our part in the movie? We were “extras!” I think you know what that means. We were just background filler for the real action of the film. We had no lines and no real purpose except to fill in the scene.

Do you think that God, when He writes our story—or the story of the world, for that matter—creates any “extras?”

Do you think that there are people in the world who have no purpose except to fill in the scene—totally expendable and insignificant?

Would God make people to simply be background filler?

I don’t think so … and you probably don’t either, do you? 

Every person born in this world has been uniquely created in the image of God and has unlimited potential to influence the world around them. Even children born with a disability, through no fault of their own, have a unique and special purpose. Everyone is born with the potential to respond to God’s loving offer of salvation and the opportunity to be a recipient and carrier of God’s love.

an infant with hydrocephalus at CURE Uganda

Children born with disabilities are not extras—broken humans with no purpose. When God chooses to heal a child with a disability, it is an opportunity to point to that healing as proof of His love for all humans.

CURE is often found at the confluence of God’s healing touch and the point of the world’s greatest need. We are privileged to be able to repair physical bodies, to redeem broken relationships, and to remove what’s sometimes thought to be a curse. We use the amazing platform that God has given us of surgical intervention in order to earn the right to share the story of God’s eternal love for children and their families.

There are no extras in God’s “movie!”

Help us ensure that these beautiful children have a chance at a story that never ends—become a CURE Hero today!