A special thanks to WAY-FM

Last week, CURE partnered with WAY-FM—a family of listener-supported radio stations—to hold CURE’s largest radio fundraiser of the year. All week long, WAY-FM’s DJs helped spread CURE’s mission of healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God to the communities across the United States.

“It was exciting to see WAY-FM listeners–people from all over the country–come together and catch the vision and mission of CURE!” said CURE President and CEO, Roger Spoelman. “So many lives will be changed as we partner together to proclaim the good news of the gospel and bring healing to children and families affected by correctable disabilities.”

WAY-FM is a faithful partner of CURE International. Their willingness to support CURE’s mission has made a difference in the lives of children across the CURE network, and for some of WAY-FM’s DJs, the connection to CURE is a personal one.

Joy, CJ, Kelly, and Wally at CURE Kenya

Earlier this year, morning host Wally, afternoon hosts CJ & Joy, and evening host Kelly Corday went overseas to meet some CUREkids in person, flying to Kenya where they saw first-hand how CURE changes lives. CJ & Joy got to know a family that has endured incredible persecution for their faith, and rightfully dubbed them the “Family of the Year”!

Wally offered his encouragement, his special brand of humor, and his support to our patients. He formed a special bond with one patient in particular, Julius, who’d been deemed “cursed” because of a limb deformity. Wally says he loves radio because “he gets to share other people’s stories.” We’re so grateful that he met Julius and chose to share his story with the world.

Wally and Julius

WAY-FM also features The Brant Hansen show, starring CURE’s own Brant Hansen, along with his friend, co-host, and radio producer Sherri Lynn. Brant has visited CURE hospitals on multiple occasions and goes out of his way to use his influence to help raise support for the kids in CURE hospitals.

Brant, Joy, & CJ

We are so thankful for WAY-FM’s continued support of CURE’s mission. Their ability to reach a large group of people who follow Jesus and who are ready to be heroes to children in desperate need of medical intervention is so appreciated. Thank you, WAY-FM, for your ministry and your commitment to CURE, and thank you for partnering with us to heal children in underserved countries.