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JV is Kneeling No More

JV is Kneeling No More

JV Boy couldn’t stand.

He walked on his knees through elementary and high school. For 14 years, JV Boy’s knees took him everywhere, even on motorcycle rides.

JV’s “Before” photo, taken just before admission to CURE.

“I packed lunch for him so he didn’t have to leave school in the middle of the day. It takes so much effort for him to go to places. Most of the time he stays at home. Kids used to bully him, and that would make him angry. I also used to get mad because I felt bad for him, but I just let others be. Some people are just like that,” said Rovilyn, JV Boy’s mom.

JV Boy and his family.

Even though she hoped for her son’s healing, the idea of getting him treated at a hospital didn’t cross Rovilyn’s mind due to financial constraint. She is a stay-at-home mom, and her husband, a fisherman, only works when fishing is in season.

One day, partners of Tebow CURE brought the good news of healing to Rovilyn’s neighborhood. JV Boy and Rovilyn were offered transportation to the hospital. They grabbed the opportunity, hoping that it would lead to JV Boy’s healing.

“We were really thankful for the opportunity since we couldn’t have afforded the treatment. It was a long process, but I’m happy that his surgery was a success. We found out about his diagnosis when we came to Tebow CURE, and they explained the process that needed to be done,” adds Rovilyn.

Hope Kim reads JV Boy get-well letters as he recovers

JV Boy’s healing took longer than expected because of infection caused by heat and poor sanitation in his home neighborhood.

“My neighbors didn’t believe that he could stand. Even my husband was nervous about the outcome. I was, too! I prayed to God. What could go wrong if you pray?”

Rovilyn persevered and took care of JV Boy, traveling the eight hours to and from the hospital when necessary. Her dedication proved worthwhile.

“When he came home without a cast, my community saw that he could stand. Then, they believed.”

Determined to stand for the first time!

Rovilyn never doubted that God could heal her son despite her neighbors’ unbelief. Her faith became a testimony to those around her.

JV Boy is back in school, but instead of walking using his knees, he now walks on his feet.

The path he once walked on his knees!

“I trusted the doctors and staff at Tebow CURE because I got to know them, and they got to know my family. I couldn’t afford my son’s surgery. Because of their help, my son doesn’t have to walk on his knees.”