News & Stories Tebow CURE Hospital celebrates third-floor grand opening!

Tebow CURE Hospital celebrates third-floor grand opening!

Tebow CURE Hospital celebrates third-floor grand opening!

For the nearly four years since Tebow CURE Hospital opened its doors, the elevators mysteriously “skipped” the third floor. Visitors would ask why, and over the years, the stories became more creative and even a little silly. We would joke, “Oh, that’s the employee’s secret disco club,” or, “That’s the penthouse suite!” After a shared laugh, we told the truth, which we think is even more exciting: “The third floor is for future expansion. Right now it’s an empty, bare space, but when it opens, we’ll be able to serve twice as many patients!”

Since Tebow CURE Hospital opened in 2015, the 3rd floor space has been quietly transforming.

This February, Tebow CURE Hospital celebrated several impressive milestones,  including our 3,000th surgery, our 15,000th clinic visit, our 4th Night to Shine prom, and finally, the opening of the 3rd floor to serve patients. The third-floor transformation marks the completion of Tebow CURE Hospital!

The need for healing in the Philippines is great. Resources to heal children with orthopedic needs such as bowed legs, clubfoot, broken bones, burns, and cleft lips and palates in the Philippines are still lacking. The Philippines Department of Health reports that the country is short 15,000 doctors and is unable to adequately meet the health needs of its residents. A recent study estimates that one in seven Filipino children (that’s 5.1 million kids) are living with a disability.

The health care shortage is a national crisis. Those most affected are the poor living in rural communities, where access to any kind of health care is scant. This is why our mobile clinics are crucial!

Tebow CURE is working hard to meet this national crisis head on. The third-floor expansion adds 14 additional beds as well as an in-house orthotics and prosthetics workshop, allowing us to serve even more children and their families.

The Tebow CURE Hospital is now complete!

On February 15, 2019, we celebrated the official grand opening of the third-floor ward. In attendance were representatives from local government agencies, members of local health organizations, as well as representatives from CURE International, Sacred Harvest, and the Tim Tebow Foundation.

As Roger Spoelman, President and CEO of CURE International, addressed the group of attendees, he emphasized that physical healing serves as a platform to share the Gospel. “We heal physically [in order] to have the opportunity to share the gospel. Last year we shared the gospel thru 80,000 presentations. 9,000 people made expressions of faith. It’s just the beginning.” Spoelman also stressed the importance of partnerships and warmly thanked those who have come alongside CURE, comparing our partners with the friends who lowered the paralytic man through the roof to Jesus for healing. “[Tebow CURE] cannot do what it does every day without partnerships. Thank you for your investment, not only in the facility but the internal investment you make into these children.”

Roger Spoelman, CEO of CURE International, explains how physical healing is a platform for spiritual healing at CURE’s hospitals.

Ten years ago, Steve Perry, president of Sacred Harvest, envisioned a CURE hospital in the Southern Philippines. He echoed the need for partnerships, lauding the service and efforts of Tebow CURE staff members: “All too often, we, the funders of great ministries like this, get a lot of the recognition, as though we’re the prominent ones. I think the most prominent members are each and every one of you who work here at CURE. The money that God has entrusted to us has no hands with which to pray with a little child. It has no arms in which to hug an anxious mother. It has no heart to share the internal love of Jesus Christ with another, and it has no skill in which to mend a broken life. You make it possible for our investment to have life and bear fruit.”

Steve Perry, president of Sacred Harvest, asks all of Tebow CURE Hospital’s co-workers to raise their hands, acknowledging that they are prominent members of the team God assembled to heal children.

Steve Biondo, president of the Tim Tebow Foundation, also encouraged staff who work at the hospital. “You are seeking in Jesus’ name … the desires of the afflicted as your priority and your focus. What are their desires? To be valued, to run, to laugh, to be a contributing member of society, to live in a community, to be recognized, to have a name. To be seen, and not be forgotten.” Biondo also made an important connection between the physical and spiritual healing that happens at the hospital. “Your work is done with such excellence that it gives the voice of the gospel amazing credibility.”

Steve Biondo, president of the Tim Tebow Foundation, encourages the staff’s “excellent work,” which gives the voice of the gospel credibility.

After all of the encouraging speeches, it was time to cut the ribbon, officially opening the third-floor ward for business. Earnest Kioko, CURE’s Senior Director of Spiritual Ministry, prayed for God’s blessing on the newest expansion of the hospital. He related it to the story of King Solomon dedicating the temple in Jerusalem (1 Kings 8): “After he built the temple, we know the work was finished, but Solomon realized that all was in vain unless the Lord blessed the work. The hospital is a platform of ministry, and we pray that lives, families, and faith will be transformed for the glory of God.”

Earnest Kioko (CURE’s Senior Director of Spiritual Ministry) prays for God to bless the newest expansion of the Tebow CURE Hospital.
Several out-of-country guests attended the ceremony, pictured here with the Tebow CURE Executive Director. From left: Gary Bellig (CURE’s Director of International Development), Michael Hulland (Tebow CURE Hospital Executive Director), Steve Biondo (President of Tim Tebow Foundation), Steve Perry (President of Sacred Harvest), Brian Van Hall (CURE’s Chief Operating Officer), and Roger Spoelman (CURE’s President and CEO)

A few of our most distinguished guests included Ann Rose, Alex, Jenalyn, and Daniel, who all assisted with the ribbon cutting. These four kids have all been patients at Tebow CURE Hospital and have all experienced healing.

Ann Rose, Jenalyn, Daniel, and Alex enjoy some food (and a little dancing!) after the ceremony.

Ann Rose is a typical pre-teen who loves to hang out with her friends and spend time on Facebook. She was unable to walk very far due to her bilateral clubfoot but was afraid to have surgery. She and her family decided to face their fears last year, and now, Ann Rose is clubfoot free!

Alex recently had surgery to release the burn contractures that were a result of burns he suffered when he was under a year old. He is still undergoing treatment, and we see him several times a week for dressing changes. He has become very comfortable with our staff, and now he’s like family!

Jenalyn broke her lower leg as an infant, and until she came to Tebow CURE Hospital, she was unable to have it treated. Her bone grew back together but at a right angle. After a series of operations, Jenalyn is standing tall, on two straight legs!

We met Daniel two years ago at a mobile clinic near his hometown. As he grew up, the small curves that appeared when he was a toddler became more severe and noticeable. Thanks to CURE and yet another partner, SIGN Fracture Care International, Daniel’s legs are now straight, and he’s involved in sports for the first time ever!

Ann Rose, Alex, Roger Spoelman, Jenalyn and Daniel became fast friends after the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Of course, no Filipino event is complete without a lot of food and good conversation! Once the ceremony formalities wrapped up, visitors and staff gathered to eat, chat, and tour the hospital.

No Filipino celebration is complete without food!
Visitors chat with Michael Hulland and Steve Biondo after the ceremony.

The theme of the day was definitely “partnership,” without which Tebow CURE Hospital would be unable to grow. This partnership goes beyond the guests in attendance; it includes all of you, our faithful supporters and prayer partners. Due to your generosity, we will be able to continue to reach those in need through our mobile clinics, word of mouth, and local organizations. Thank you so much for allowing us to continue to reach families in the Philippines!