Wenzyl Dejolde: Finding unity in diversity

I walk into my office and find a devotional book on my desk with a sticky note that says, “It’s your day tomorrow!” The note is a friendly reminder from a co-worker that I will be leading devotionals the next day. Although we have an online spreadsheet to remind the staff of their schedules, our leaders always double check to make sure that we remember our responsibilities as disciples at the hospital.

Staff discipleship is one of the main focuses of our spiritual ministry here at Tebow CURE. In fact, this is one of the reasons that drew Spiritual Director Wenzyl Dejolde to CURE’s ministry in the first place.

“CURE was introduced to me as a hospital offering subsidized surgeries to less fortunate children ages 18 and below. I learned that they hire and disciple staff to develop an opportunity for spiritual growth. It’s not only the ministry staff that’s committed to the spiritual ministry but the whole staff of Tebow CURE,” says Pastor Wenzyl.

When Pastor Wenzyl accepted the calling to be a part of the Tebow CURE Hospital, his primary goal was to disciple the staff and engage with the community to nurture patient and family relationships. He saw the need of the hospital, which is to “strengthen the staff, especially as we provide growth for their faith and their spirituality.”

One of his strategies was to implement a regular schedule of Bible study for each floor. Facilitators, who eventually grew into a deeper understanding of how to make disciples, were assigned to lead devotions. He faced a couple of significant challenges during implementation: First, staff members come from varying denominational backgrounds. Second, different positions come with different schedules. Nurses don’t always share a schedule with field workers.

However, Pastor Wenzyl saw a commitment among our staff members to serve Christ, and he determined to make it work. “We can organize ourselves and agree on schedules. We also found common grounds of faith expression.” He says that rather than dividing people by denominational lines, the focus is on “what the Bible says, where the Holy Spirit is leading, and the models of faith manifested by Jesus Christ through the Scriptures.”

A little after one year of Pastor Wenzyl’s service with CURE, the growth in faith of our staff members is evident in how they relate to other people on our team.

co-workers praying together

Joy shares her experience as one of the devotional facilitators: “Facilitating devotions is an avenue for me to understand co-workers with whom I rarely interact. Together we learn the Word and process how we can apply it in our lives. When people find time to study daily, they see how they are able to understand the Word like never before.”

The Lord is indeed at work here, especially through our co-workers at Tebow CURE. As we continue His work, we ask that you pray for His presence to be with the whole hospital as we follow His leading. Please pray for Pastor Wenzyl as he leads the team in sharing the gospel with our patients and their families through our daily interaction and the quality of care that we provide.