News & Stories Tebow CURE Hospital dedicates third-floor expansion

Tebow CURE Hospital dedicates third-floor expansion

Tebow CURE Hospital dedicates third-floor expansion

Spiritual Director Wenzyl sprinkled holy water around the hospital as part of a Filipino Christian tradition.

Every Monday at the Tebow CURE Hospital, the staff gathers to start the week off with a chapel service, where we sing songs of praise and listen to God’s word. Then, we disperse to live out what we’ve learned as we serve our patients within our various departments. However, chapel on Monday, September 3rd, was no ordinary chapel.

Executive Director Michael Hulland gathered the staff for Monday chapel.

On Monday, September 3rd, the staff at Tebow CURE Hospital dedicated our newly-finished third floor. The third floor increases the hospital’s patient capacity, allowing us to cater to even more children in need of healing.

During our time together, we prayed blessings over those who will enter and leave through our hospital doors. We listened as guest speaker Gemaliel Reforma, who serves as a Contracting Auditor here at the hospital, proclaimed that blessings are “a result of God’s presence and love.” He spoke through scriptures in Acts 16:16-34, explaining how Paul experienced God’s blessings through God’s direction, strength in righteousness, and perseverance in suffering. Gemaliel reminded us that even as we desire our new building to be a blessing to others, it is necessary for us, as co-workers, to offer ourselves as a blessing so that others may truly find healing in Jesus.

Guest Speaker Gemaliel shared God’s word.

God’s Word reminds us that God stands with us as we serve here at CURE Philippines. When the hospital opened in 2014, we had 17 beds. The third-floor expansion increases our capacity to 30 beds.

Songs of worship resounded in the halls, and Spiritual Director Wenzyl Dejolde led a prayer as we walked throughout the hospital. Wenzyl anointed the space with holy water, which is a part of Filipino Christian tradition. The staff participated in the dedication by spreading rose petals and candies, which symbolized God’s presence, creativity, and sweet character.

Spreading rose petals and candies, which symbolize the character of God.

We offer our facilities to God and proclaim that what God has blessed, no one can curse. The third-floor rooms, beds, and offices are ready to be filled; as soon as the necessary paperwork is filed, we will welcome our new patients! While we wait, we continue to serve our patients with the existing beds on our second floor.

Your continued support of our ministry here at CURE Philippines means that you are a part of our growth in quality and quantity. Your partnership with us is a tangible representation of God’s blessing—a result of His love.

Like any true special event, the dedication ended with a feast!